Booo to Lousy Dad’s.

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I don’t go to church on Father’s Day. Like many others who have had a lousy Dad I don’t want to hear all the beautiful stories of what others had that many of us didn’t. I don’t need the reminders of what I should have had, but didn’t.

There are those who had mean, alcoholic, abusive fathers. There are some of us that were abandoned and left to never know a smiling face of a father, or share the laughter and shouts at a ball game with Dad, or hear how pretty we are without roaming, pawing hands.

There are some of us that knew the harsh words and the sting of a belt across our back, legs, or butt. Some of us may have known all of the above as well as violent sexual encounters over and over and over with this man who was to love us, protect us…

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2 thoughts on “Booo to Lousy Dad’s.

  1. Dad issues last a very long time. Thinking about the state of dad’s in my life is not too uplifting to me for sure. My biological dad is in my life now, but I carry the rejection in my heart from the 7 years he was not…I felt abandoned and blamed myself (11 years old). I join you in honoring God as the best Father EVER!


    • So many of us blame ourselves for what happened but we are NOT to blame. I’m sorry that you had to experience that and I pray the Lord will heal your heart. Give the rejection you feel to Him and He’ll replace it with His love. Blessings to you.

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