Characteristics of a Trafficker

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It’s human trafficking awareness month, and today we’re looking at common characteristics of a trafficker. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with this list… and share it with your tweens and teens. Be sure to encourage them to talk to you if they ever find themselves in a relationship with someone who shows any of these characteristics.

Common characteristics of a trafficker (male or female):
– Seems to come out of nowhere, with no ties to others in your community
– Jealous, controlling, violent
– Significantly older than the intended victim and those already in their grasp
– Makes promises that are too good to be true
– Encourages victims to achieve their goals by engaging in illegal activities
– Buys expensive gifts
– Vague about their profession
– Pushy or demanding about sex
– Encourages inappropriate sexual behavior
– Talks openly about financial matters. Makes…

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2 thoughts on “Characteristics of a Trafficker

  1. Good one. Ty.:)


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