Lord, Can We…?

A Writer's Corner

After two non-fiction books and a serious, “In your face book,” the Lord said, “Are you ready to write another?” I groaned and whined a little. “Lord, (whiny voice) we’ve been doing all these serious books and I’m kind of worn out. Can we do a novel maybe? I’m really sick of all this serious stuff.” (sniff, sniff)

And “Pursuit” was being born.

As usual, when I sat down to this computer I had absolutely no idea what would be written. The past 2 years have been filled with a book being released, book signing events, and just every day life.

To start another book was both exciting and daunting. Daunting because I eat, sleep, and breathe whatever writing project I have undertaken. Which means no sleep, a quick sandwich, and a mind that never stops. He didn’t give me a clue as to what kind of story it would…

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