A Mystery to Me

A Writer's Corner

I stated in the last post about how I really liked this publisher. The staff appointed for various divisions of the production were great. They were helpful, made suggestions, and in the end produced a nice product.

We don’t always find that with self-publishing. This particular publisher not only lined up book signing events that I could accept or reject, but gave me helpful tips on advertising, created a website exclusively for my book, made a trailer for my book with one million views on T.V. Let me design the cover, and the royalty checks came regularly. They, to me, seemed to go above and beyond. I could not have asked for better.

Things were going smoothly and my books were selling at book signings.

Having been up late the night before I was kind of dragging the next day and not feeling like doing much. Actually I was bored!…

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A Gift With Imagination

A Writer's Corner

Having a new publisher for this book has been a blessing. I don’t recall the title I had chosen but I learned there was another book with the same title so we decided to change and “my team,” at the publisher, came up with “Pursuit.” It fit perfectly for the story line and when it was time for the cover design we worked together to create it.

I thought, and still do, the beach chairs lined up on the beach is perfect. Each chair is a different color and each chair is representative of each main character in the book. Each of the main characters are different in their thoughts, actions, jobs, etc. The post card depiction fits perfectly also. I thought that was pretty cool! We want our covers to depict what is inside and the front cover design should be created to stand out over all other books…

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A Whole New Ballgame

A Writer's Corner

I found that writing a novel is quite different from what I’ve written so far. Laying Down my Net had characters but I knew them because the story is a true story. I just had to come up with fake names for them.

With this novel it was a quite different in that jobs, various characteristics and personalities, likes and dislikes along with family ties had to be created. The writing part of it wasn’t so bad because, like I have said many times, the Lord gives me a part of the story as needed. But I still have to do my part in the thinking through and bringing it all together. If I get off track He brings me back.

Many times I would go off to the lake during the week when it was empty of people and sit on the beach with my legal pad and write…

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Money or Planting Seeds?

A Writer's Corner

I’m skipping ahead for this post because it is what I call “The rubber hits the road.” It goes back to motives. It is something, as difficult as it is to write, that anyone hoping or planning to enter a writers world must know. It is not to discourage you but give you an inside look at the real business of publishing. This part of that business is not fair to authors but it is a fact!

Three things are involved. You the author, the publishers, and the retailer. None operates without the other unless you sell your books yourself and cut out the retailers, but your are still left with a publisher. Without the publisher your book will not be printed!

When a book goes out to the world, for example, through a bookstore. The bookstore takes a % and sends the rest to the publisher. The publisher takes…

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Lord, Can We…?

A Writer's Corner

After two non-fiction books and a serious, “In your face book,” the Lord said, “Are you ready to write another?” I groaned and whined a little. “Lord, (whiny voice) we’ve been doing all these serious books and I’m kind of worn out. Can we do a novel maybe? I’m really sick of all this serious stuff.” (sniff, sniff)

And “Pursuit” was being born.

As usual, when I sat down to this computer I had absolutely no idea what would be written. The past 2 years have been filled with a book being released, book signing events, and just every day life.

To start another book was both exciting and daunting. Daunting because I eat, sleep, and breathe whatever writing project I have undertaken. Which means no sleep, a quick sandwich, and a mind that never stops. He didn’t give me a clue as to what kind of story it would…

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Don’t Take It Personally

A Writer's Corner

By now I have three books published and I’m busy doing book signing events at various bookstores in the area. There are some days I sell none, but have met people and have made a list of e-mail addresses from the drawing, to notify of my next event.

This is kind of fun because I’ll look up and someone will be standing there that came to my last signing event and we usually will get into a short conversation about whatever book they bought or whichever one is my latest. Kind of like an old home week. Its nice to know people will let you know when they enjoy your book and better yet, when they show up at your next event.

We will on occasion create “followers” if they really enjoy our books. But I have found, like I’ve stated earlier, “It takes all kinds to make a world.”…

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A Writer's Corner

A summary, of sorts.

The stories have been written. The publisher selected. The editing has been done, the manuscript has been sent and accepted and the tax form sent. (Yes, you will pay the govt. taxes on all books sold and if you do not send a tax form you will receive no royalties!) Those are the first steps we have taken in our dream of seeing a real book with our name on the front.

We wait.

After some time has passed we get the formatted copy to go through and check for any mistakes. We read our story again and check everything and make the necessary corrections and send them back to the publisher.

We wait some more.

The Publisher makes the corrections and sends us another formatted copy of our book with the corrections made and we check to make sure all the mistakes we sent are…

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