The ‘Good Old Days’ Of the ‘Slippery Slope’

For the most part, Americans have shunned God, spit in His face at every opportunity, even as He’s blessed this country

By Rob Pue, Publisher – Wisconsin Christian News

Were you expecting a “Red Wave” on November 8th?  Why would you think that?  Did you forget about the presidential election of 2020?  We were still using the same, easily manipulated electronic voting machines.  Even after the “People” demanded a redress of grievances for an obviously stolen election on January 6 of ‘21, it was the PEOPLE who were persecuted and prosecuted.  Congress never addressed “Election Reform” in any way, so we still had mail-in ballots, an abundance of questionable absentee ballots, and ballots mysteriously showing up after election day.  And in this age of computerization and electronic ease, it’s still taking more than a week, in some areas, to complete the counting.  How stupid do they think we are?  Nevermind — they know how stupid we are.

Even when millions were outraged at the arrogant election steal of 2020, and after presenting irrefutable evidence of such, the People, being brainwashed by the Mainstream Media and just plain tired of it all, just gave up and gave in and accepted the usurper in the White House as being “legitimate,” but with an asterisk.  But that was not the first time our elections were rigged — just the most blatant example.  Our elections have been maniupulated for decades.  It’s no longer who is “elected,” but rather who is selected.  And in case you don’t realize it, we the People, aren’t doing the selecting and haven’t for years.  An obvious example might be the junior senator from Illinois who suddenly became “president” after having done nothing whatsoever, other than learn to lie convincingly.

And yes, today, I’m speaking of politics — something we’ve been trained to believe that Christians are supposed to keep their grubby hands off of, especially so-called “pastors.”  Today’s modern American Pastors wouldn’t speak on anything that could even remotely be considered a “political” issue if their lives depended on it.  Actually, they do depend on it…as do the lives of the sheep they’re supposed to be leading.  Not to mention their children and grandchildren.

As go the pulpits, so goes the nation.  Our pastors’ lack of courage to address the vital issues of the day, and teach their people what the Bible has to say about all these matters is THE sole reason our country is now in total collapse.  Forget the “slippery slope” we were on in the 1980s and ‘90s.  We’ve long since descended into the abyss.  That “slippery slope” is now just a pleasant memory of days gone by… we only WISH we could go back, and have the guts to do something to avert the disaster that is 2022.

You cannot separate “Church” and “State” in a nation that was established by God’s mercy and grace, and whose Founding Fathers not only knew this, but enshrined the Word of God in our country’s sacred foundational documents, carved into stone in our nation’s capitol, built into legislation they passed and worked hard to ensure God and His Holy Word would be studied and revered by children of future generations.

But here we are.  Now, we go to church on Sunday, daring not to speak a word about so-called “politics” to anyone, and then go vote on Tuesday, looking to the Republicans as our Great Saviors.

Honestly, I’m done using the verbiage of the Establishment State.  Let’s call things as they are.  Instead of “Democrats” and “Republicans,” let’s use the proper terms: “Communists” and “Politicians.”  Because that’s what we’re really dealing with and it’s time we acknowledge it.  I’ve heard people call the Democratic party “demonic,” and I have no doubt it most definitely is.  But the other wing of the demon is still part of the same demon.  Some may honor God with their lips, but when are we going to learn that none of them can be trusted, any more than we’d trust a telemarketer?

Show me some FRUIT and then they may earn a bit of my trust.  Simply having the letter “R” after your name means nothing to me, and it shouldn’t mean anything to you.  The lesser of two evils is still evil — and the Communists and Politicians have earned my disdain.  If you don’t feel the same way, I feel sorry for you that you’re so mislead.

“Democrats” and “Republicans;” “Left” and “Right” are nothing more than buzz words used to divide us.  Even when the so-called “good guys” have held majorities in office, very little good has come of it.  Not only do they NOT advance the righteous agendas of God — they don’t even fight for the very things they claim to stand for while on the campaign trail.

And isn’t it amazing how these people go to DC and suddenly get a six-figure income for working less than half a year; but they actually become multi-millionaires or billionaires before they leave office — if they ever do.  How does that happen?  And why doesn’t anyone ever really ask those questions?  Not to mention, the hefty pensions they receive for the rest of their lives if they ever do retire or are somehow “voted out.”

Now, we’re supposed to believe that a majority of voters actually CHOSE to re-hire those who shut down businesses and churches; forced us to wear bacteria-laden facemasks to enter a store, school or use public transportation; conspired with Big Pharma to push a series of KNOWN deadly, de-population shots and show proof of our jab status to enter restaurants, travel or stay in hotels…

Forced these shots into adults lest they lose their livelihoods; forced these shots into our children, rendering them sterile, with serious life-long illnesses and killing others; purposely destroyed our energy independence, causing massive spikes in costs to operate our cars, trucks, trains, planes and ships — not to mention heat our homes; purposely neutered our US military, leaving us virtually defenseless at a time when they’ve ALSO led us to the brink of hot, kinetic war…

Opened our borders to foreign invaders and handed them, on average $4000 a month in “benefits” along with free housing and food, while our senior citizens subsist on $1200 a month; brainwashed our kids to hate their parents and their country; brainwashed our kids until they develop “gender dysphoria — a phenomenon that has risen by 4000% just in the past two years alone; pumped pornography into our schools; cheered sodomites as the most “courageous” among us; have blatantly stated they’re pushing for Marxism, Democratic Socialism and Communism…

Thrust us into an economic depression; have attempted to force us into the Green New Deal; have stolen children from parents; labeled parents who care as “the most dangerous threat to our democracy” — those “domestic terrorists;” imprisoned without charges, without bail and without representation all who dare voice dissent.  Sent billions of dollars to Ukraine — one of the most corrupt countries on Earth and the epicenter of money-laundering for the Globalists, Communists and Politicians.

I could go on.  Suffice to say, the United States of America has become the laughing stock of the world.  We’re now officially a third-world country…. just as Barack Hussein Obama intended, and is now implementing in his “third term.”

In some political races November 8th, the Politicians beat the Communists — but only by less than 1%.  In other races, the Communists beat the Politicians by similar margins.  If we’re to believe these numbers, presented to us by the Mainstream Media, which 85% of Americans say they do not trust, then this country really IS divided.  And perhaps it’s true.  Maybe they really HAVE brainwashed half the country to believe that evil is good and good is evil.  If that’s the case, it won’t take much longer before every thought of every person is only evil all the time.

This didn’t have to happen.  Things didn’t need to be this way.  If only we’d stood up — in the “before times” — when “all” we faced was that “slippery slope.”  I’ve been warning of this for nearly 25 years now.  A few understood and saw this coming too, and some took action.  Most thought I was nuts.  Especially the pastors, who will have nothing whatsoever to do with me and absolutely HATE our truth-telling newspaper, Wisconsin Christian News.  I guess you can lead a person to the truth but you can’t make them think.

Again, this all goes back to the destruction of the American Church.  As goes the Church, so goes the Family.  As goes the Family, so goes the Nation.  Or a simplified version, which I mentioned previously: As goes the Pulpit, So goes the Nation.  Either way, it comes down to worldly, carnal compromise, cowardice from the pulpit and the invasion of our “churches” by demonically-influenced lost souls, who were never counseled, discipled and trained for the work of the ministry, but rather simply catered to just as they were, in their sin.

This was followed by the “seeker friendly” movement in which pastors began to tailor their sermons to soothe the consciences of the lost sinners, allowing them to remain in their carnal lifestyles and unrepentance.  So instead of pastors preaching the whole Word of God leading to the salvation of souls, pastors have allowed the unrepentant sinners in the audience to dictate what was preached from the pulpit, which of course, is apostasy.  Reverence for God was lost in the process.  Respect for God and Country is dead now.  Biblical illiteracy is rampant.  Only a small remnant remains, as described in Matthew 7:14.

The Remnant has been shouting 2 Chronicles 7:14 from the rooftops.  Even the cowardly preachers will quote it, in their hypocrisy.  But it has little to none effect anymore… it’s become just something we say, with no intention of ever really doing: “If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

I’d also recommend studying Deuteronomy, which contains the wisdom of the final words of Moses.  But as you do so, understand that we are now in the place where the people of our land have forgotten God.  We’ve done exactly what Moses warned us NOT to do.  For the most part, Americans have shunned God, spit in His face at every opportunity.  Even as He’s blessed this country with abundance and wealth, luxury and ease, as He’s not only given us all we need, but abundantly more than we need, we have pridefully cursed Him, denied Him, and followed false teachers in our churches who preach doctrines of demons.  Thus, we have so-called “Christian” churches now promoting sodomite “marriage,” “drag queen” performances and pagan ceremonies of all types.  We’ve set up idols to Satan in our cities and towns, we’ve allowed the murder of our children, first through abortion, now through the death shots.  And we’ve done so with pride.

While most Americans still claim to be Christians, few have any depth of knowledge of God’s Word, and few truly follow Christ.  If we did, we’d be causing “no small stir” in this nation; we’d be turning the world upside down for God, as the early disciples did, rather than blending in to the carnality and ignorance of the heathen.

Now that our US Justice system and every 3-letter agency has been openly weaponized against Christians, the “chilling effect” of that will only thin the remnant further… even fewer will now be willing to resist the devil, for fear of imprisonment, persecution and losing their “stuff.”  I’m happy to tell you, I am one who will stand firm ‘til the end.  I’ve stood firm through all that’s happened so far, and I plan to finish the race well, even if the Communists and Politicians require my head in a basket.  What do I — or any of us who truly follow Christ — have to lose?  Philippians 1:21“For me to live is Christ, an to die is gain.”

So, sorry folks, you didn’t get the “red wave” you were hoping for.  Sorry to have to tell you that you’ve been chasing after the wrong Savior… Meanwhile, for those who can understand…Philippians 4:4-7“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

Prepare for persecution, and pray without ceasing.

© 2022 Rob Pue


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Download the APP

If you accept Jesus into your life and heart everything you have ever done wrong will be forgiven at that time

By Bruce Mewett

Up until just a few years ago the word APP was probably never used – it is amazing how it has taken over.

Today in the 2020s and beyond it has become the normality – it has taken over entirely.

All these fantastic search engines are available “Free Christian apps – Christian apps for Bible studies – Christian apps for adults – Best free Christian apps for adults” – and the list goes on Infinitum.  Of course, all the thousands of others covering a myriad of subjects are mind-blowing.  Who would ever have thought it?

There’s an app pretty much for everything these days so it makes perfect sense that there would also be some very helpful apps for Christians.

Well, in Jesus’s time here on earth there were no apps.  He (Jesus) preached the word, and healed the sick and dying.  He caused a lot of ruckuses but most people flocked to Him.  He was the most amazing person to come out of the lowly town of Nazareth ever.

Our God is a mighty God – and He didn’t even have a mobile phone – His attributes and His Word are still broadcast today in a million different ways across the globe.  God does not change.  Who He is never changes.  His attributes are the same from before the beginning of time into eternity.

Before creation, God was already there – before even time God was already there.  He is mighty, self-sufficient, independent, loving, righteous and the list goes on.

Phil Wickham sang this amazing song – his version of Amazing Grace.  Love this verse:-

“Who breaks the power of sin and darkness?

Whose love is mighty and so much stronger?

The King of Glory, the king above all kings”

No matter what you have done or who you are or how guilty you feel, God isn’t mad at you.

He is SO willing to forgive you, He died for you to pay the ultimate price for your sins and mine – all you have to do is hand your life over to Him,- the change in your life will be absolutely astronomical – I know – believe me! – I was so lost in sin – you just couldn’t take it in!

Forget what the world is saying about God and also forget what you are telling yourself about your failures and what a complete mess you have made of your life.  Tune into His word and believe what He says.

It is so easy to listen to what others say about you and it is so easy to believe them.  Your feelings can change from moment to moment – and the world out there will love to tell you you’re just not good enough for God – you are way too “out there” for Him.

Well, believe me when I say that God has seen it all there is absolutely nothing he hasn’t seen, heard, or dealt with.  My personal life can jump up and scream how true that is – If He can forgive me then He can forgive anyone!

Well, saying all of that – Just how are we able to even come close to God?

In Romans 3:22 – “We are made right with God by placing our faith in Jesus Christ. And this is true for everyone who believes, no matter who we are.”

That’s pretty awesome if you ask me – NO MATTER WHO WE ARE OR EVEN WHAT WE HAVE DONE!!

And it all revolves around what Jesus did on that cross all those years ago.  He took the scourging, the nails, the sword in the side, the crown of thorns, the mocking, the jeering, the spitting, the insults!

WHY?  Because of His love for YOU! – Yes YOU!

God will forgive you completely and freely if you come to Him, confess your sin and accept His Son Jesus’s amazing gift of freedom that He paid on that wicked cross all those years ago.

In Romans 8:38-39 “For I am sure that neither death, life, angels, rulers, things present, things to come, powers, height, depth or anything else in all of creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord”

How incredible is this verse?  Read it again and again – take it into your very soul and let it take your life and mold it to our everlasting father.

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for good and not for evil. To give you hope and a future. CALL UPON ME AND COME AND PRAY TO ME AND I WILL HEAR YOU. You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with ALL of your heart.”

How about that for a promise!  I will hear you says our Lord and God – seek Him with all of your heart.

If you accept Jesus into your life and heart everything you have ever done wrong will be forgiven at that time.

What a great honour it is to write this blog.  Being a child of the Great King Jesus I have had this honour to share my faith here in my blog to you my readers.

If you are in pain, if you are suffering with huge regretfulness in your life (like I was) or maybe overloaded with guilt or shame can I in all sincerity point you to the one who can heal you of all of this – Jesus Christ!

When you read this blog may you get a huge taste of God’s never dying never ending love for you.  May you reach out to His love and take into your life His unflinching and undying grace that saves.

May God go with you this week and, personally, I look so forward to writing more and more blogs as I share with you just How God is working in my life.

If you can, please share with me your own thoughts and maybe too if you have any questions that I may be able to assist with, please contact me.

God’s richest blessings be with you this coming week

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Bruce Mewett

Bruce Mewett

Faith in God is believing His Word over anything you may see, hear or experience. Married to SueAnn and living in Newcastle NSW Australia – We both love Jesus – he is our strength, our Hope and our Redeemer.

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It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S.A. today.

It’s Thanksgiving in heaven every day.

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“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His steadfast love endures forever!” ~Psalm 107:1

Happy Thanksgiving Day Forever!

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