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The Dream (32.)Moving Along

As stated in the last post pastor and 5 volunteers accomplished quite a lot yet there is still more to be done. There was some caulking that needed to be finished, and was, as well as several other needs taken care of. When I arrived pastor had another man volunteering to help him.

I wonder if maybe some of the men may be reading this because I had stated before how pastor was having to do everything himself and “that just ain’t right.” Suddenly he is getting the help he needs and if the men aren’t reading this then it must be the Lord telling them to get off their duffs and give pastor a hand, and they are! Thank you guys and thank you Lord.

Walking up to the carport, pastor and the man are talking about some measurements for the laundry room ceiling. That is one of those repairs that has been left to be done and apparently today is the day to get it done.

I have a dear lady friend that came to visit for a few days from out of town and she is always faithful to help me with whatever project I’m working on, which in this case, as you know, is the flower garden in the front of the ministry home.

We got the mulch straightened out and I planted the 2 Hosta’s that needed to get in the dirt. They look perfect in the spots I put them, after we were able to fill in a good portion of the area that pastor wanted fill dirt for. Digging holes and using that dirt is a blessing. I always use black dirt in the new holes for newly planted plants.

We were then able to make a clearing for the walkway. (mulch had covered the whole area) It still needs to be leveled but I had several square cement pavers under my deck at home that I no longer need and brought them with us. I lined those up to see what they would look like. We’ve decided to use those with pea gravel/rocks around them as the walk way for now. We still need to have the steps to the front door made. So I’m having to work around that.

Pastor and the other man were busy inside. I asked him to come outside to see what I had done and showed him while explaining the next steps. I explained the edger blocks are next, then I’ll level for the walkway, then we’ll do the gravel. (Lord, please don’t let some kind hearted man want to get gravel and spread it before I can get these next steps done in order)

Once pastor approved of the work done and agreed to the plans for the next step my friend and I left before my handy man arrived. I haven’t talked to pastor so I can’t report on whether the gas stove is now connected or if the water line to the refrigerator ice maker has been installed or what else was done. Pastor and the other man were going to be there working all day so I’m sure much was accomplished. I’ll have an update on everything by the week-end and will be sharing that with you next time.

I am so grateful for the help pastor is getting and the work that is being done. He’s really hoping to have 90-95% of the inside renovations done by June. That’s a pretty big dream but hey, the Lord says dream big.

I’ll be there tomorrow afternoon for the delivery of the cement edge blocks and the forecast is still rain! Not just Saturday, but Sunday and Monday, too.

Will I get my project done by June? We’ll see.

Blessings to you.

Into the Light Ministry

The Dream (31.) Happy Days are Back

Yesterday pastor had volunteers at the ministry house helping and they accomplished quite a lot. When I met with pastor this morning he was upbeat and grateful for the work that had been done.

The outside of the home, as you may have noticed from the picture I posted, needed a good cleaning. One of the men pressure washed yesterday and it really looks nice now. While he was washing the outside men were putting up ceiling fans, a new attic drop down stair unit now replaces the dangerous old ones, light switches and electric sockets have been fixed or replaced, and the molding and trim is finished except for a little caulking here and there.

I was approached after church by a couple and was told they were going to Home Depot to buy several bags of mulch for the front flower garden. Gerri and I met them there and I showed them what I wanted and they proceeded to buy them as we left. They said they would deliver them to the house for when I’m ready to put it down.

This morning when I arrived they had not only bought the mulch, but had spread the mulch too, “to save Sue that much work.” Gerri was shocked when I told her because she thought “She’ll blow a gasket!” But I didn’t. I think it was a nice gesture BUT, I need to undo what was mistakenly done, like covering the entire area that pastor was going to fill in with dirt and covering where the walkway will be. No big deal because I’ll be going today to just move the mulch to another area where it’s needed. I’ll now be able to plant the Hosta’s I have that are beginning to fade due to out growing their pots and maybe even plant a couple more Rose of Sharon in the back yard that I have in a pot of dirt.

That nice wooden bird house I bought now has two big holes in the bottom where cottin’ pickin’ carpenter bees got to it. They sure didn’t waste any time! So I’ll be making repairs on that. What really thrills me, besides the work inside that is being accomplished, and even more being done today, is that the cement edging blocks are ordered and will be delivered Friday afternoon. Thank you Lord we didn’t try to load them on pastor’s pick-up and wrestle with that job.

The handy man is coming today so hopefully we’ll have the gas stove hooked up and in position and the water line for the refrigerator ice maker, well that may take some time due to where it has to come from to where it has to go. We’ll see.

Things have really picked up again and if we can keep this kind of pace it will be time to start with the administration part of the ministry, but we aren’t there yet.

Will I get to finally start playing in the dirt again with putting the cement edging blocks down on Saturday ….or will the 60% chance for rain keep me grumbling at home?

See ya’ next time.

Blessings to you,

Into the Light Ministry

The Dream (30.) Kittens?

Not being an early bird, as the saying goes, I woke early and was up and out the door within thirty minutes. Today was an important day. We were expecting a delivery and I needed to be there early. Arriving, pastor was already at the ministry house working inside.

We walked through some of the rooms and he told me about a list he has made of what he wants to get done. Pointing to the broken shower door he explains someone has exactly what we need, the size, frame and all, and is willing to donate it. Hallelujah. After having to replace mine and how expensive it was, that is a real blessing.

He also told me he has five men coming later this week to help him install the ceiling fans, clean duct and heating covers, finish (hopefully) the trim and base boards, and a number of other items that need to be done. A window repairman is scheduled to come look at what needs to be done about some windows and using my landscaper to cut and weed eat the yard. He’s offered to do it free as his contribution to the ministry. Yet another blessing.

Walking around the back yard I pointed out where I plan to plant the other Rose of Sharon bushes and as we walked on the other side of the old storage shed, that we plan to tear down, pastor points out a large hole. “We have a big ground hog in residence and it looks like he’s made another hole.” I chuckled because Gerri and I have seen him several times out the kitchen window while working in the kitchen. I wanted to name him but once the old storage shed is torn down he’ll be moving on. He has his home under it.

I felt more encouraged as we talked and as we stood at the front flower bed I explained my plans for how I will use the edger blocks for the flower garden. He totally surprised me when he said, “Call me Monday morning and I’ll meet you at Home Depot and we’ll get the blocks you need.” Praise God and hallelujah. Now I am encouraged! 🙂

Just as I started to do a little dance the delivery truck arrived. While pastor was talking with them I went to the side of the house to get the hose to water all the flowers. It was not as I had left it! Instead of neatly rolled to make it easy to stretch to where I need it, it was an absolute tangled mess where someone (I’m sure I know who) had just thrown it helter skelter and the next several minutes was spent untangling the mess. Grrrr A hose roller upper thing will be bought next trip to Home Depot!

We checked the manufacturers numbers to make sure we were receiving the cherished items we had ordered and paid for and now sitting in the kitchen is a brand new side by side refrigerator, a brand new dish washer, and a brand new gas 5 burner stove. Oh they look soooo pretty, especially after seeing the old ones.

They are not yet installed because we need to run a water line for the refrigerator ice maker, get a gas cut off safety thingy that was not present, and pastor will install the dishwasher. But the good news is he is willing to hire someone who can do the gas hookups and water line as well as other jobs we need done. And I know just the man! (My handy man)

So after fighting so much frustration these past weeks I am pleased to say, things are really looking up for this week and next. I’ll be playing in the dirt once again, more will have been completed inside the house, and I can still do a happy dance.

Oh, and hopefully the tiny kittens hiding behind the shed will find a happy home.

Blessings to you.

Into the Light Ministry

The Dream (29.) Mistakes are Made

In creating any new ministry there will be mistakes made. Why? Because we all are human and if it is a ministry that we, as a church, have not done before, it is started as a learning experience as we go. We found that out almost from the beginning.

We were all gung-ho and excited about starting, looking at all the possibilities, and how best we could glorify the Lord. As time passed we began to encounter unexpected problems, which in reality, is to be expected even though we were unaware of just what those unexpected problems would be. For example, the couple we hired that I spoke of early on.

Then we had what pastor kindly called, “bumps in the road.” The furnace, windows, a stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher, that all need replacing plus so much more. Some expected, others not. The renovation needs have piled up and although a good bit has been done it is slow going and much left to be done.

When we first started, it was during the Covic hysteria and people were out of work so volunteers were ready and willing to lend a helpful hand, but now those same people have jobs and their focus is work and family. Oh, we still have a few that are willing to help here and there but nothing like it was at first. Pastor is doing almost all of it by himself and that just ain’t right!

People are still being loving through their donations of physical items. We received more towels, a much needed shower curtain, a couple of sheets, and when I walked into the home a week ago I was surprised to see furniture in the living room. Some generous person took the time to buy outdoor patio furniture.

That confused me because we are not extending the small patio so why patio furniture? Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate their generosity but patio furniture is not living room furniture and I realized that was what it was supposed to be used as! I’m hoping that pastor will suggest to this generous couple (if it is a couple) to exchange the patio furniture for living room furniture. Like I said, we all make mistakes and with the Lord’s help we have been able to rectify what mistakes we have made and hopefully this mistake will be rectified also.

Pastor was at the house today and was able to get more of the trim and base boards done as well as changing out a few of the electrical outlets. I have not been able to do any more than water the flower garden due to no edging. I have found that I will be forced to go with the paving stone blocks due to grey scalloped edging, that I had decided I wanted to use, cannot be found or ordered. Red just won’t cut it!

So that decision has been made and now its just a matter of purchasing them and getting them hauled over to the house. I can’t wait to get to work on that and then I can do the mulch. The largest section will then be complete and I’ll have to start on the other end where pastor needs to fill in with top soil.

A slow process? Oh yeah! And once again I have to remind myself it all takes time and cool my heels on letting frustration take hold. Any new ministry, especially where a home is purchased or renovations of a store front, a room, a church, or anything else that has to be done to prepare for whatever ministry is to be done within, is going to be quite an experience!

I’ll see you next time with news of a new delivery. Hmm I wonder what it is?

Blessings to you.

Into the Light Ministry

The Dream (28.)The Need is so Very Great.

The time that we have had without running back and forth to the ministry house has been a time, for me, has been catching up on everyday tasks around my own home. We have gotten some rain so no need for me to go water. I’ve had time to grocery shop, buy myself a tomato plant, and do the usual things like laundry, etc.

I was told by my handy man about another ministry much like ours and I am absolutely amazed at the work they do. Yes, its helping women rescued straight out of the sex traffic horrors. The Sacred Roots Farm Ministry is much more than what we are planning on doing. Into the Light Ministry is a transition home. The women have previously gone through a year long program before they come to us. That ministry is a working farm and there is no time limit for the women and their children (if they have any) to stay to heal and recover. Milking cows, feeding chickens, and horseback riding can bring amazing healing.

These types of Christian ministries is desperately needed in Georgia. (All across the country actually) Georgia is one of the top sex traffic states. Last report we saw we have gone from number 1 (Atlanta) to number 3 in the U.S.A. and ministries such as this one and ours is less than a handful in this state. Out of Darkness is yet another one. (Atlanta)

From the very first when Pastor and I spoke about starting this ministry I have felt an urgency. Once we actually began the plans and searching for a house the urgency seemed to increase. Now that we have the house and have been doing the renovations it has caused me much frustration (not happening fast enough) and I have to keep reminding myself, “its all in God’s hands and in His timing.” I’ve had to do that this week while pastor is having himself a great time wading out into a flowing cool stream and casting that fly rod. I hope he and his honey had a big old trout dinner. I can hear that crackling campfire and smell those trout frying from here. Its making my mouth water. They both deserve the time away and I pray safe journey back home tomorrow.

In the meantime I’m getting a bit of rest too, but my mind is zeroing back in the direction of what I need to do to get the flower garden done. We still have the front steps and a walkway to install and pastor needs fill dirt to fill in next to the driveway before I can do anything with that end. I’m waiting for his return to get his opinion on whether to use the scalloped edging or blocks, plus all that still needs to be done inside.

I am excited though about a new delivery coming next week. Will it be delivered as promised?

Come on back to see what all the excitement is about. I hope to see you then.

Blessings to you.

Into the Light Ministry

It’s a jungle out there

bluebird of bitterness

Sid was a petty criminal who’d had many run-ins with the law. He needed a job, but because of his record, no one wanted to hire him. Then a pal tipped him off that the local zoo was hiring, and that they had a good record of hiring people in Sid’s situation, so he went to check it out.

The zookeeper told Sid he needed someone to impersonate a gorilla. “Our gorilla was our main attraction,” said the zookeeper. “But it died a few days ago, and it will be months before we can get another one. All you have to do is wear this gorilla suit and eat bananas and keep the visitors entertained.”

The job sounded easy, so Sid agreed. He put on the costume and did his best to act like a gorilla, beating his chest and climbing trees and swinging from branches. He was so convincing…

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The Dream (27.) Gone Fishing!

Since my last post we all have been quite busy. As I stated before pastor has his plate over running with responsibilities and has not been able to work at the Into the Light Home for the past week. The man amazes me with all that he does. He’s like the Energizer Bunny whose batteries never run down. But they have this time, and so I think the Lord told him its time to take a break. He announced Sunday morning that he and his wife are going trout fishing. He was teaching her how to cast off their back deck and we all had a good chuckle because she proudly announced, “and I caught one.” Gerri popped up and said, “Yeah, a tree trout.”

While they are relaxing, and hopefully catching some nice sized trout, I have been playing in the dirt. I mentioned getting all the debre raked up and hauled off and now it was time to start digging holes and getting those Phlox in the ground and thankfully just in time.

Most plants are potted in dirt, not these. It was some kind of sandy kind of stuff I haven’t seen before and even though I watered them all the while they were sitting outside in my yard, they were dry as a bone and several of them were dying, to my horror!

I spent Monday working around the numerous small roots left behind and buried from those crappy shrubs we pulled out. I found two that were larger that I had to dig out. But I am not only a determined woman I am persistent and I got all of those medium sized potted Phlox in the ground and almost drowned them to keep them alive. The flower garden is really starting to look very nice and even two ladies at church have complimented me on it, even though there is still work to be done to complete it. That is always so nice to hear.

I did get frustrated this morning when I hauled one of my hoses over to the house to be able to water everything. The faucet is on the far end of the house and of course my hose would not reach as far as I needed it to and there’s too much to water with my big water can. Grab a bucket and start watering everything the hose wouldn’t reach. Why is it that a simple job always turns into a fiasco?

Problem solved though for next time. I beat it to Walmart and bought a 100 ft. hose!

Another problem was solved tonight. The shattered shower door at my house is now replaced with a whole new set of doors. Not cheap but I will not give the enemy the satisfaction of complaining. I’m blessed to have a handy man I can call and things get done, as well as the Lord meeting my needs financially and otherwise. Thank you Jesus.

With pastor off enjoying his time away I’ll have to wait on a decision of straight cement scalloped edgers or using the blocks for the flower garden, but that’s okay because we all need a rest.

Have a blessed week and see you next time.

Blessings to you

Into the Light Ministry

The Dream (26.) Spooks in the House?

I apologize for running late on my Into The Light Home post but it’s been a heck of a week so far. Sunday night Gerri was up late and while doing whatever she was doing when she heard a slight thud coming from the bathroom. She has a suction cup thing on the shower wall that on occasion will come lose and fall. Thinking that’s what the thud came from she paid it no mind.

It wasn’t the suction cup hitting the shower floor! Walking into the bathroom to get ready for bed she discovered the glass shower door had completely shattered and the glass piled in the bottom of the shower! There was no earthly reason for an entire glass door to shatter into a million pieces. There were no cracks, small holes, or any defects what-so-ever to cause this.

As Christians we all know there is an enemy of God that hates us with a passion. You can believe this or not but both Gerri and I have been being obedient in doing what the Lord is calling us to do and when we Christians are serving the Lord, trusting Him, and being obedient to His call, satan doesn’t like it! On occasion he will manifest himself through demonic activity in various ways, like shattering a perfectly fine shower door at 1:00 in the morning.

The second manifestation took place the very next day. We had been to the ministry home working and when we came home Gerri was standing at the front of the car and I was unloading items from the back when I hear a loud crash. “What was that!?” I asked looking toward the front of the garage.

On the floor was a foot long rod that had been on the far back side of a shelf with items in front of it. Gerri watched as that rod lifted off the shelf and slammed to the floor hitting a couple of metal buckets. It did not roll off the shelf! It was thrown off the shelf. We looked at each other and I said, “Somebody isn’t happy.”

I really don’t care if you think I’ve lost my marbles or not. The enemy of God makes himself known, and his anger known, if we’re just aware of some of his tactics. There is no question in our mind what has taken place between the shower door and the “flying” rod and he has been bound from any further manifestations.

My wonderful handy man showed up that evening and the shower door is being ordered and will be replaced, and we move on. What is meant for evil (supposed to scare us to death – but didn’t) God will turn for His glory.

With all that said, I spent this morning cleaning up the mess I raked out of the flower garden and have prepared to get to play in the dirt some more tomorrow morning. The border is marked and I have bags of dirt in my car and 2 flats of Phlox that will finally be planted. Pastor has finished a few rooms with the trim and base boards but with 2 weddings and a funeral the rest will have to wait.

Next step is getting the edging. Will we use cement scalloped or blocks?

Come back next time to see.

Blessings to you.

Into the Light Ministry

The Dream (25.) -Don’t Touch The Towels!

I spent two days working on the flower garden for the Into the Light Home and as I was leaving pastor said he’d like to have flowers around one of the trees in the front yard. That put me on a search for plants that need mostly shade. I found some and the third day I got to play in the dirt some more.

While getting all dirty I remembered a place on the way to Helen, Ga. that sells all sorts of yard decorations, handmade bird houses, and the best ice-cream! So Saturday I used the excuse of wanting to go there to get a bird house for my garden at the ministry house, but what I really wanted was a double scoop of their chocolate ice-cream in a cone. Long story short, Gerri and I came home with a cool bird house, a small cement fawn deer, and a belly full of chocolate Ice-cream. That’s the first time I’ve driven almost 45 miles for an ice-cream cone. 🙂

I spoke with Pastor Sunday telling him what I got and he said he’d be working at the house today. Boy howdy did he ever! Gerri met with him and we learned he’s still working on the trim work, he’ll be putting new ceiling fans up, we had a donation of some much needed items delivered today, and praise be to God he had two fellas helping him.

He said he worked all day and during their conversation he leaned toward her and whispered, “Don’t tell Sue, but I had to use one of the new kitchen towels in the drawer. It was hot working in there and I was sweating and needed to use one but I’ll be sure to wash it.”

I guess he remembers me yelling, “Don’t touch the towels!” And yes, she told on him. (I’m laughing)

Pastor and the two helpers got a lot done today but there is still more to do. We thank the Lord for the help, for all the work that has been completed and we are so much closer to completing the renovations than we were in the beginning. We’ve come a long way, and thank God we aren’t where we used to be.

See ya’ next time.

Blessings to you.

Into the Light Ministry