Books for Inmates

I have donated several books to them.


The Gift of Compassion

The Gift of Love

Your generous donation provides vital books to inmates in jails, prisons and rehab centers nationwide! All donations are tax deductible and will be used for printing and shipping thousands of books; offering hope, healing, and comfort to a nation of people hidden from society but not hidden from God!

Thank you for being a part of this life-giving ministry outreach. In partnering with us in this mission, you are partnering with Jesus and helping to set the captives free!

The Gift of Comfort

To Donate go to: Scroll down to the ‘Books for Inmates’ image as shown above. Click on the donate button and write ‘prison books’ in the comment section, when it takes you to the fill-in page.

Please give confidently and with a joyful heart. This author is not taking anything from the proceeds of her first three…

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A Farewell Salute to America’s Greatest President from Arutz Sheva in Israel

God bless Israel and God bless America.

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

To those in my family who could not understand why I would support such a man as Donald J. Trump, perhaps if they loved Israel the way I do, and the way my father taught me to love Israel – those members of my family might begin to understand.

The reader must know that these family members are Secular Jews. They don’t believe in God and couldn’t care less about Jewish history or the Nation of Israel.

I always thought it to be ironic that the Lord would allow me the privilege of leading my father to the Throne of Grace on the very night he died. Ironic – because he grew up in an Orthodox Jewish home in Boston, MA.

But maybe not ironic at all; my father knew the history of the persecution of my people and he knew the Old Testament very well. He attended Hebrew High…

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“…They shall follow like sheep…”

Note: This was given to me by the Holy Spirit 7-26-10 and it sure seems worthy to repeat with all that happened today with this phony inauguration and this past year. Listen closely for the Lord has spoken.


“When those who refuse to turn from their sins there is a price to pay. It is society that allows the leaders of their countries to take control. They shall follow like sheep or stand as warriors protecting and guarding the rights of my children. If they follow those who look not to the Lord Almighty they shall perish in their ignorance for those who know me their eternal life is not in jeopardy. It behooves my children to hold the leaders of their country responsible for their actions. (emphasis mine)

Take heed leaders your leadership shall be judged. (emphasis mine) Follow not the creeds of the world. Eternity is not based on worldly creeds although whom you choose to follow will determine your eternal destination. There are those who believe there is no hell. Follow the path that leads you there and you shall have a rude awakening, which shall be too late to turn back. Once the gate is before you, you shall see the blazes with Satan welcoming you. It pleases him to be the host of his party and you shall eat at his table, not mine.

Repent ye people who follow the wide road. Repent leaders and seek my face for I am the Shepard. I shall not lead you astray.”


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Is America Starting Down the Path of Nazi Germany?

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

On January 6 of this year, we were set up yet again. The storming of the Capitol was blamed on Trump Supporters. We knew that the majority of the perpetrators of this act were Leftwing ANTIFA members. They were bused in on the dime of demonically inspired George Soros.

The victory of our President in 2016 (and yes, I will continue to call him our President) enraged the Left, but none more then Geopolitical Boogeyman, George Soros. He has been scheming for 4 years. Having Satan as the head of his team helps him to come up with new ways to cheat, steal, lie and kill – the end game of course being the total destruction of America.

“You are ofyourfather the devil, and thedesires of your father you want todo. He was a murderer from the beginning, anddoes not stand in the truth, because there is no…

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Let’s do it!​ brings you another gospel song. This was written by Marijohn Wilkin and Kris Kristofferson. This is my 93 year-old Mother, Nita Talley. Recorded in August, 2019 at Nita Talley’s apartment in Memphis. Mama, Belinda Leslie, and me. We recorded several songs in 2019. We can’t do any more until Mom gets out of quarantine.


Looking to our Lord and taking one day at a time will get us through this madness that’s happening all around us.


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BIDEN’S MIGRANT CARAVAN HEADING TO THE U.S. HE SAYS “Hold On Guys – This is not a Good Time But Be Patient – I’ll let ALL of You In

China Joe is determined to destroy America.

Absolute Truth from the Word of God


WATCH: Biden’s First Migrant Caravan Is Already Thrashing Its Way Across Central America

A large horde of migrants is making its way through Central America hellbent on getting to the United States in time to capitalize on Joe Biden’s plan to amnesty millions of illegal aliens. They better hurry. Biden is reportedlyplanning to introducean amnesty bill in his first 10 days in office.

Video from The Hill shows migrants streaming across Guatemala’s border with no regard for the country’s immigration or health restrictions.

Todd Bensman, Townhall writer and fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, reports violent migrants traveling in the Honduran caravan hurled stones and clashed with Guatemalan forces after…

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25,000 National Guardsmen to be Vetted by FBI before Inauguration: Someone is Very Worried

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Waiting until the 11th hour to “vet” the 25k National Guardsmen who are to “keep the peace” at the illegal inauguration of ‘China Joe’ Biden seems suspicious to me. By that I mean that it makes me wonder if someone tipped off the powers that be in Washington, that they might be bringing in soldiers who are loyal to our President Donald Trump.

And I’m just wondering about the criteria the FBI will use. If they are looking at whether the troops are Dems or GOP supporters – is that legal? And secondly, I would bet that the greater majority are Conservatives.

What a conundrum for the Dems, huh?

Or it may be simply erring on the side of caution, though I doubt it. I do believe that the majority of the guardsmen are Trump loyalists, so this should be interesting to watch as it unfolds in D.C. on Wednesday.

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Absolute Truth from the Word of God


Timing is Everything: How Facebook Permanently Removed Me From Their Platform Today


Right before the tentative illegal Inauguration of ‘China Joe’ Biden, FB sent me this official “BAN” of My Presence on Their Platform:

I am in the process of moving my thousands of articles from the last seven years to a private domain. If there are any particular articles which you want to save – please go into my WP and print them out now.

It is possible that WordPress may follow suit in banning me.

My husband, Timothy Ungurean is still on Facebook. If any of you would like to “friend” him, please do so and he will accept.

If I disappear, you will certainly know why.

Brethren, I will see all of you in heaven.


Keep focused on our Lord and His Word.

In Yeshua,



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