“Not this early, Lord! Oh come on, it’s four thirty in the morning!”

Yep, that’s what I was thinking when I was awakened this morning with words flowing through my head.

Yesterday was one of those days that I just didn’t feel like writing. I had gotten up early to take a friend to have her surgery and the rest of the day was shot.

Last night I came to the computer and sat down thinking I need to start a new chapter and the umph just wasn’t there so I played computer games.

I told my roommate, “I think I’m losing interest” to which she looked at me shocked and said, “Or you’re just tired.” Maybe that statement I made wasn’t what the Lord wanted to hear so He jerked my fanny out of the bed predawn to prove Who is writing this!

“Give me the words and I’ll type them.”

As a result I have just finished an entire chapter and because I have an appointment I won’t be going back to bed.

Pray I can stay awake through this very long day. 🙂

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