God vs. god(little g)

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Him/him – He/he – His/ his – God/ god

Over the past few years I have noticed more and more how publishers are using “him” in reference to God. They’ve done it with each reference to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Maybe its been more than just a few years but I see it more and more and it’s even in some Bibles, and its time for me to sound off!

God is not god! (little g) God is above every god, He is the Almighty God that created heaven and earth and everything in it. That includes us humans. I think, I know He, not he, (little h) deserves our admiration, praise, worship and total respect in word, in action, and in writing!

It’s not only disrespecting who God by using a small g, but confusing in reading. For example: Two men are walking along having a conversation…

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Opportunity Knocked

Rushing around doing errands and trying to beat the heat of the day I stopped by the assisted living home to visit my 91 year old friend that I’ve been teaching to crochet.

Knocking and entering her room I was a little surprised to see her asleep in the chair. She has some serious heart problems and hasn’t been feeling well the last two-three days. I slipped out after leaving some home grown cherry tomatoes on her recliner. She absolutely loves my little tomatoes.

Then off to the bank I rushed and in a very short, “Good morning” I said, “Kim, (not her real name) do you like to read?” Within a few minutes of simple chatting I learned that she loves to read books, not Kindle, but books. By having a supply of books in my car I walked out having sold two of my latest books. Plus another teller will check out my books for the ones on Kindle.

Opportunities knock in some of the places we really don’t consider. With a simple question I made it known to not just one person in that establishment but several because of word-of-mouth. Then off to the hair salon to see if they need more books.

Take every opportunity you can think of to let people know about your book. Ya’ just never know how receptive some are. And that “word-of-mouth” thing, can prove to be profitable.

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Asking For Help

A Writer's Corner

In the last post we talked about marketing our book. By preparing, advertising, telling people about it, and plastering it all over social media we’re making people aware that we are writing a book and/or we have had one just released.

Part of that strategy is having others help you to do that, so I’m asking for your help. I’m going to have my last two books on here with a short description. If you would be so kind to share this with all your social media; Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, etc. I would really appreciate it. Links are provided. If you can’t share the pictures then just talking about the book and recommending it will also help. Also, on Amazon there’s a place for each book for a review. If you have read any of my books I would appreciate any comments you could make on Amazon’s review and…

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Marketing Options

A Writer's Corner

Glancing back through some of the tips and “hints” from some of my publishers I see where all talk about how to market our books. I mentioned before that I prefer doing book signings at book stores for a few different reasons.

Well, it seems the book store events have basically closed down. I also mentioned I had a list I compiled and out of the 20 or so bookstores I was able to get in touch with only one and sadly I have never heard back from them even after driving a good distance and leaving a book. (See why I don’t normally do that.)

So what are our other options for marketing our books? First of all before the book hits the public we should be talking with friends, making announcements at church, speaking up on all the social media, and getting as much viewing of our upcoming…

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God as Our Hero

A Writer's Corner

One day I asked the Lord if we could write a novel. “That would be kind of fun” I stated. I didn’t know if He would want to do that or not but as it turned out He did. Not all of us want to write a novel, not all want to write a text book, or an autobiography of our life.

Whatever we write there’s a few things we need to keep in mind and number one is to glorify the Lord. Number two is, we want to give people hope, and number three is, we want our story to be written in a way that the reader can relate to.

If we are writing a novel, for example, are our characters portrayed in a way that someone can say, “wow, that’s just how I feel!” Maybe your novel is about being a single mother or a single father…

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Other Than Books

A Writer's Corner

Around 1996 I created a small publication called, “Angels by Grace.” It was a variety of testimonies, poems, drawings, prayer requests, praise reports, book list, and support groups around the area. All the submissions were by abuse survivors. It started out small and spread to various states and included jails, Doctor’s offices, churches, Counselors offices, etc.

I think I mentioned this in a past post but what I’m leading up to is that I published it myself. I didn’t have to submit it to a magazine publisher, church devotional magazine, or anything like that.

I have never written any articles for a magazine nor done any research on how exactly that is done. Oops, I take that back. Remember the little magazine that was so popular several years ago? Guideposts. I’m not sure its still in circulation or not but I did mail them a short little blip kind of…

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A Newly Created Welcome

A Writer's Corner

Welcome to my new blog site. I am so blessed that you have chosen to join me.

Having finally completed designing this new blog I have been writing articles about my corner of this big ole world that includes talking about writing; be it books, articles, or just jotting down your thoughts in a journal if that’s what is on my mind when I start typing. I also cover publishing and getting published, as well as a variety of other topics that include what a writers world might look like. (At least what mine looks like.)

I’m not speaking from inexperience because I do have eight published books and have used a few different publishers. Polite questions or comments are welcomed in the comment sections of the articles I post.

I hope what you read here is helpful, insightful, and may even make you laugh at times. Welcome to A…

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Words or Pages?

A Writer's Corner

When we’ve decided on a publisher, there will be questions asked and requirements that must be met. You’ll be asked right off the top, how many words does your book contain? (This will be asked before a publisher will even accept your manuscript) If typing on Word Document that information is given all along as you type. The others I don’t know about because I don’t use them.

Another question will be the genre. Is your book fiction, non-fiction, Christian, romance, mystery, Humor, etc. and what age group will be your target? (Child, teen, adult, etc) You’ll also be given a chart with various book dimensions to choose from.

A chart will be given as to the style of font you want to use and what that particular publisher will accept. Most desire Times New Roman but will accept a few other style fonts. And all publishers I have used…

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Write From Your Heart

A Writer's Corner

Walk in any book store or into a library and the shelves are filled with books that range from cartoons to astrology and everything in between.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to write a book filled with graphs, or a book that is text for growing students, or even a small picture book for children.

We each have a message we want to share with the world. What really saddens me is to have an author that writes Christian books turn to writing worldly books. “That’s what the public wants,” is what I hear and it breaks my heart.

We can be tempted to change our genre because of low sales of our Christian books. I can honestly say, I have not had that temptation, but many do.

Someone suggested I contact various book clubs, so once again I looked up the various book clubs within my area and began…

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