A Newly Created Welcome

A Writer's Corner

Welcome to my new blog site. I am so blessed that you have chosen to join me.

Having finally completed designing this new blog I have been writing articles about my corner of this big ole world that includes talking about writing; be it books, articles, or just jotting down your thoughts in a journal if that’s what is on my mind when I start typing. I also cover publishing and getting published, as well as a variety of other topics that include what a writers world might look like. (At least what mine looks like.)

I’m not speaking from inexperience because I do have eight published books and have used a few different publishers. Polite questions or comments are welcomed in the comment sections of the articles I post.

I hope what you read here is helpful, insightful, and may even make you laugh at times. Welcome to A…

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Words or Pages?

A Writer's Corner

When we’ve decided on a publisher, there will be questions asked and requirements that must be met. You’ll be asked right off the top, how many words does your book contain? (This will be asked before a publisher will even accept your manuscript) If typing on Word Document that information is given all along as you type. The others I don’t know about because I don’t use them.

Another question will be the genre. Is your book fiction, non-fiction, Christian, romance, mystery, Humor, etc. and what age group will be your target? (Child, teen, adult, etc) You’ll also be given a chart with various book dimensions to choose from.

A chart will be given as to the style of font you want to use and what that particular publisher will accept. Most desire Times New Roman but will accept a few other style fonts. And all publishers I have used…

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Write From Your Heart

A Writer's Corner

Walk in any book store or into a library and the shelves are filled with books that range from cartoons to astrology and everything in between.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to write a book filled with graphs, or a book that is text for growing students, or even a small picture book for children.

We each have a message we want to share with the world. What really saddens me is to have an author that writes Christian books turn to writing worldly books. “That’s what the public wants,” is what I hear and it breaks my heart.

We can be tempted to change our genre because of low sales of our Christian books. I can honestly say, I have not had that temptation, but many do.

Someone suggested I contact various book clubs, so once again I looked up the various book clubs within my area and began…

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Adding Pictures

A Writer's Corner

Those of you that have bought books from me are aware that I place a book mark and business card inside the book. The book marks I designed and took to Office Max to have made up. The business cards I also have printed but a different company.

When designing either, I have to decide if I want color or just black and white and take into consider not only the cost, but the aesthetic appearance. Will it be more effective if it is in color?

Black and white is always much cheaper, be it a photo or a book mark or business card. And this is true with books. When I wrote I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories and put a few of the stories on the blog it was easy to add a picture and didn’t cost anything, plus I think it added something to the story…

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Suckered Again?

A Writer's Corner

There are a few facts that new authors may not be aware of when trying to sell our books. Some are good and some are not so good. We are at others mercy, and sometimes that’s good, and sometimes that’s not so good.

We’ve worked hard, found a publisher, paid our hard earned money, went through the production process, and now we have our masterpiece in our hand. We’re thrilled! We’re proud and excited, and when that first sale comes, we’re elated and inspired.

I was told by a book store to send them a copy of my book for their scrutiny before allowing me to do a book signing event. This can be pretty common and I can understand that they want to see the product before allowing someone to sit and sell something they may not approve of. But, I don’t normally do that.

Why? Thanks for asking.

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Are Our Words Counting?

A Writer's Corner

So many times I have wondered if what I write really counts. Is anyone truly getting anything out of the words set before them?

I click on my blogs to respond to comments, to see how many have taken the time to read what I’ve written and am amazed when I see that others in many other countries have read my words.

This morning I saw 14 from United Arab Emirates. I don’t even know where that is! I’ve never heard of that place! Praise be to God that others, that I know nothing about, are hopefully being encouraged or maybe even introduced to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Germany, Australia, Nigeria, and India were also listed. I do know that in some of these countries Christians are being persecuted or banned from speaking their faith.

What an awesome discovery to learn that our words do count! We take…

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…As Unto the Lord

A Writer's Corner

Sunday when I was standing before the congregation giving examples of a few of the stories in I AM I was trying to tell them that the book is a compilation of true-to-life stories that we may have experienced.

I could not spit out the word, “compilation” for the life of me! My mind just went blank when I tried to use that word. Why I have a hard time remembering it is beyond me and I thought later, “I’m sure glad I write better than I speak.”

But isn’t that true of so many of us? We can pick up a pen or sit before the computer screen and type, and the right words just flow. But stand us before a group of people and suddenly the words leave us. Not all of us, there are those that have no problem with speaking before audiences and the words just…

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