An Unexpected Trip

The T.V. is turned off and having gone to bed the woman sighs loudly, stretches, lies back, and suddenly remembers she forgot to brush her teeth.

She rises with a groan while throwing her feet off the side of the bed. She was so looking forward to collapsing into a peaceful night of sleep that would leave her refreshed and feeling renewed in the morning.

Before returning to her bed she suddenly finds herself on the floor with the room spinning violently. What is going on? She is suddenly hit with a bout of vomiting that is so violent that it stands her on her head.

“Call an ambulance,” the Lord whispers in her ear as she violently retches and the room spins at top speeds. The phone is clear across the room and she isn’t sure she can get to it.

The room continues its spinning, the retching slams her against a wall but she manages to slowly crawl across the room with a trash can held close.

The woman is kneeling on the carpet clutching the trash can and the cordless phone lies next to her when the ambulance arrives. She can’t explain what happened, the dizziness is too much, the vomiting too severe.

She hears the siren blast suddenly and thinks, “Oh crap, this is serious.” Everything suddenly goes black.

She isn’t aware of the siren or the E.M.T. stating, “Her heart has stopped!” She isn’t aware when she is rolled quickly into the emergency room or the doctors working on her.

She has suddenly been transported to another world and while others are trying to save her life she stands in the most beautiful green pasture with translucent flowers bordering its fringes, having a discussion with the Great I Am.

Suddenly she awakens to a Doctor telling someone, “Get her a room. We’re keeping her.”

Scripture ref: 2 Corinthians 12:2


The Narrow Road – True Story

Running along the trail, his footfalls resound upward and leave a deep resounding thump, thump. thump like a drum beat in a cave. The birds stop their singing and take flight as he lifts his head and screams, “Why God? Why?”

Suddenly dropping to his knees, his fingers dig into the damp soft ground and sobs rip through him from a heart that seems to have shattered into a million pieces. Peering from beneath a nearby bush, a rabbit sits twitching his nose with big brown eyes watching Brian. Brain is unaware as wet leaves soak his jeans.

Feeling exasperation and anger, he flings his arms heavenward with shaking, clenched fists. He yells to God, “How can you love me? You can’t when you let this happen!” Falling face down, Brian sobs into his folded arms. The still of the forest absorbs his cries.

The rabbit has scampered to safety and the birds have taken flight as Brian lies on the cold damp ground confused, frustrated, heartbroken, and doubting how God could ever love him.


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“I have laughed and I have cried. I absolutely love this book!” Nell Dale

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Injured at Sea

The anticipation is high and the drive is long as the two friends head for the beach. There’s been hurricane watches along the Eastern coast but the hurricane is still out to sea far enough for no warnings being warranted.

Checking into the hotel and donning their swim suits they grab the beach umbrella, small ice chest with their bottles of water, sun screen, and towels.

The wind is blowing, the sun shines brightly, and the sea gulls are swarming near a couple flipping pieces of potato chips up into the air.

One lady smooths sun screen on her arms, legs, and chest while the other spreads their towels, pops the umbrella open and shoves the pole into the sand. They’re ready to play in the salty water and let the waves slap at their bodies.

The day has been filled with sand, sun, salty water, waves beating their backs, perusing a gift shop, a dinner of crab legs, a stroll along the beach, and a night of much-needed rest.

The next day is filled with the same anticipation of playing in the ocean. The waves are meaner and the water churning, but no restrictions have been ordered.

Being cautious the one lady, who does not swim, stays in the shallower water while the other one wades out deeper.  She jumps up to avoid the bigger waves knocking her over. She laughs joyously as a wave smacks her in the back and rolls over her head.

While swiping the salty water out of her eyes a large wave sneaks up behind her and smacks her, full force. It hits her hard. She is thrown forward, down and under, the sea churns around her and fighting to keep from drowning at the bottom of the sea she struggles.

Her knee suddenly twists, pops, and she tries not to scream as she claws her way along the sandy bottom fighting the churning water that’s trying to drag her back out to sea.

On wobbly legs she stands. Swiping at the water in her eyes, coughing, and taking deep breaths, she limps her way toward the sandy beach.

Standing at the water’s edge is the Life Guard watching her. The Man asks, “Are you okay? I saw that wave hit you.”

She coughs and then laughs nervously and replies, “That one hurt!”

“Are you sure you’re okay?” The Man asks again with concern written across His face.

She rubs her knee and states, “I think so, but I don’t think I’ll be going back out there for now. Thank you for checking on me.”

The waves rage on.

The next morning the beach is closed to swimming. The hurricane warnings are up.


Scripture reference: Isaiah 41:10  ‘Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’


The Homeless Angel

Rising early the woman grabs her list of the items she needs to get at the retail store. She rushes out to the car thinking about all the chores she has lined up and errands she has to run.

Pulling into the parking lot she glances at a man standing under a tree at the edge of the parking lot. He’s unshaven and dressed in heavy clothes, a stocking cap covers his messy brown hair and military style boots to keep his feet warm. His small hand printed sign asks for work.

She ignores him in her rush to get her items and go on with her day. She grabs the shopping cart and wastes no time rushing up and down the isles checking off the items on her list as she tosses one item after another into the cart.

Loading the items into her trunk she takes a deep breath as she starts the car and slowly backs out. Stopping at the stop sign she looks over at the man. There are no people around him, all the cars are parked near the front of the store, not at the far end of the parking lot.

He looks at her, and then away.

She drives down the road to the next stop light and hears the Lord say, “Go back and ask what he needs.”

“But Lord…”

“Turn around and go back.” He states.

She makes an illegal U-turn and pulls into the parking lot beside the man and rolls her window down.

He steps toward the car and looks intently at her.

“I don’t have any work for you but is there something you need that I can help you with?” She asks.

“Thank you, Ma’am. I need food.”

“I’m not going to give you money but if you’ll go into the store I’ll buy you what you need. Where are you staying?”

The rugged-looking man explains that he, his wife, and little girl were evicted and they’re staying with his wife’s mother but the mother refuses to let him in the house other than to go to the bathroom. He has a tent pitched in the back yard that he sleeps in. He then suggests a gift card for the store and that way he can get what his wife needs.

Contemplating what to do, the woman finally says, “I’ll get you a gift card if you promise me and God you will not buy booze with it.”

“I don’t drink or do drugs, Ma’am and I promise not to buy them.”

As she pulls forward she hears him say, “God bless you Ma’am.”

She quickly buys him a gift card and rushes back out. She rushes to the place where she spoke with the man. She doesn’t see him so she drives around the parking lot looking for him.

The homeless man is nowhere to be found. He just disappeared in a moment’s time.

I call him my homeless angel.

(True story)


Scripture reference: Hebrews 13:2

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”

The Spirit’s Alive

Cars line to enter the already packed parking lot. The sun is bright and hot but it hasn’t detoured the saints from coming. People are already standing at the doors waiting to enter the sanctuary and the women fan themselves as the men wipe sweat from their brow.

Music can be heard sifting through the rafters and seeping through the walls. The vibration can almost be felt in their feet as the excitement grows.

Suddenly the doors are thrown open and thousands rush to find a seat. The music reverberates through the room and hands have already started to clap, bodies are dancing between the rows of seats, and others are doing little jigs as they walk down the isles.

The music softens just a bit and through the loud speakers, as the stragglers search for a seat, a voice roars, “Are you ready to worship the Lord?” The crowd roars, “Yes,” and the drums, guitars, and key board roars over the crowd.

Praise songs are sung, the music is ear-bursting loud, but nobody complains as they dance at their seats, raise their hands high in the air, and give the Lord their praises through the words of the songs.

The Man isn’t seen but He’s watching and listening.

The devil runs as the room is filled with His glory.

The drums quiet, the keyboard softens, and the voices fill the room in hushed reverence. Tears are filling eyes, heads are bowed, and the sound of “Holy is our Lord God Almighty,” is being sung softly.

A Wind blows across the room and suddenly the heavens are opened. Standing before the King is a choir of thousands and their voices are joining with the saints in this room.

Shekinah glory fills the room. Heavenly light flows through the room. Some fall under the Power, they cannot stand, and yet they worship.

As the song ends, Jehovah Elyon’s eye’s fill with tears of love and joy.

He has been magnified.



Revealed! The Democrat Power Play is in Serious Trouble – Christine Blasey Ford has Overwhelming Credibility Issues

by Greg Holt

Inspirational Christian Blogs

By Greg Holt

(The Olive) The Brett Kavanaugh circus is a trial in search of a crime, sound familiar?  The Mueller witch-hunt, hoax, whatever you want to call it is an attempt by Deep State players to discredit and bring down Trump – all based on unverified and false information.  In the same manner, the Leftist attack mob is determined to stop Brett Kavanaugh from being appointed to the Supreme Court, no matter what it takes.

All claims of sexual misconduct of course need to be taken seriously.  At the same time however, there needs to be clear evidence that a crime occurred – there is not a shred of credible evidence at this point.

The accuser, Christine Blasey Ford has done a spectacular job of making herself look bad, and has serious credibility issues.  Ford cannot remember the year the alleged attempted rape happened, or where it happened, or how she got home.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but if something were that traumatic, wouldn’t she remember some details?  Then there is the fact that this alleged incident happened over 30 years ago, and she is first bringing this up now when Brett Kavanaugh is in the process of being confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States?  Seems more than a little fishy to this writer.

When Christine Blasey Ford was asked to testify on this matter, (remember she felt compelled to write the letter about this alleged incident) she refused to testify.  While the Democrats are crying foul on every aspect of the hearings, Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley even went so far as to offer to fly committee staff out to California to meet with Mrs. Ford – she again refused.

Let us also not forget that concerned patriot Senator Dianne Feinstein sat on this letter for two months!  Obviously that was done on purpose so that the Dems could hopefully derail the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings until after the midterms.

More information on Christine Blasey Ford comes to light

The case for Christine Blasey Ford’s credibility is going from bad to worse. In this writer’s opinion, the accusations have no merit, and this is merely a very nasty smear job meant to destroy a very good man and his family.

It has been revealed concerning Christine Blasey Ford:

FBI investigation of Kavanaugh

The Democrats and Christine Blasey Ford want the FBI to investigate this alleged incident with Kavanaugh – there is one little problem here, an alleged rape attempt is not a federal crime so the FBI does not have jurisdiction in this.  This is a matter for the local and county police to look into, except that there is nothing to look into.  The other issue is that – it is blindingly obvious that while Ford desires an investigation into Brett Kavanaugh, she most definitely does not want anyone investigating her, remember Ford erased her online presence.  Doesn’t this college-educated professor understand that an investigation would unearth the facts concerning her as well as Kavanaugh?

Imagine if you will this scenario:

A woman walks into a police station and demands a crime be investigated.  When asked about the crime she replies to questions – no, I have no idea when this happened, I don’t know where it happened or who was all there, but I know it happened.  Uh yeah, ok.  Then the woman states that she is also not going to discuss this with investigators.  Would anyone take her seriously?

This lynching of Brett Kavanaugh that was instigated by Christine Blasey Ford does need to be taken seriously.  The stakes here are extremely high, and there is much to lose here.

What is at stake in the Kavanaugh hearings?

The Democrats are once again playing games, deadly serious games, but games nonetheless.  The Dems are attempting to change the narrative and Brett Kavanaugh is a very definite threat to that ideological change the Democrats are so desperate to make.

1) The Democrats are afraid of Roe vs. Wade being overturned, not likely to happen anyway.  The Leftists want an abortion friendly judge appointed to the Supreme Court who will uphold “women’s rights.”

2) The Democrats also want a judge that aligns with the Left, in other words a judge that is not a constitutionalist meaning he or she is perfectly willing to legislate from the bench rather than interpreting the law through the lens of the Constitution.

3) Kavanaugh would be much more likely to side with Second Amendment rights verses the Leftist’s desperate calls for gun control, so Kavanaugh is a no-go.

4) Kavanaugh is likely to side with free speech and the rights that go with it.  A Left leaning judge would be supportive of hate speech laws, and the power of the government over the rights of We the People.

5) Kavanaugh will interpret the Constitution as written and the Democrats can’t have that.  The progressives want a judge that views the Constitution as a living breathing document, so it can therefore be reinterpreted to conform to the times.

It also bears mention here that the entire liberal playbook, as well as the Democrat’s criminal activity is at even greater risk of being disrupted and found out.  A Supreme Court that leans to the Right is not at all good for the Dems.  The Supreme Court should be solely focused on their primary job only – the interpretation of the law as it relates to the Constitution.  There should be no Left or Right bias, but there is.

A Democrat victory in successfully opposing and stopping the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh would only strengthen the Democrats as they attempt to change the narrative in a huge way, thereby influencing Americans in the way that they see and perceive the various issues.

The Democrat narrative

  • Murdering babies (abortion) is good, it’s a woman’s right to choose
  • Islam is a religion of peace and they deserve a place here in the U.S
  • Open borders are what is best for this country, all people deserve to come to the U.S.
  • Transgender and homosexuality are normal and natural
  • God MUST be removed from society
  • Conservatives MUST be silenced
  • More government is better
  • Socialism is in the best interests of this country
  • Any opinion that conflicts with the Left’s opinion is hate speech
  • Democrat’s can commit any crime and get away with it, Republicans and all others must pay
  • Schools must teach revisionist history, as well as the fact that America is bad
  • Free speech not sanctioned by the Left cannot be tolerated. (Banning of Alex Jones alone proves this)

I imagine some of you are thinking this writer has run off the rails, but I assure you all the information in this article is relevant to Brett Kavanaugh.  Everything is intertwined, and it is very complex, Democratic manipulation is very well thought out, and very well executed – do not forget for one second that the better part of the feckless American media is on their side, not ours.

Just as President Trump is a major threat to the Democratic Party, so too is Brett Kavanaugh in his future as an associate Supreme Court Justice.

Everything the Democrats do is aimed at increasing their power, nothing is ever done for We the People – that is the mantra they present, but if you believe this, you are a fool.  In the Democrats minds, We the People can go to Hell, as long as the Demoncrats get their way, and can continue to run the U.S. into the ground.  All the while the Dems are paving the way for the One World Government – while enriching themselves, it’s all good.

Since 2013, Christian news magazine The Olive Branch Report has featured the insightful writing and reporting of Greg Holt. His writing has been featured on American Prophet, American Clarion, Eagle Rising, Capitol Hill Outsider, Sons of Liberty Media, Rev. Austin Miles, and others. Greg is also the Publisher and Editor of Inspirational Christian Blogs.

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