The Medicine Cabinet

What’s in your Medicine cabinet?

New Hope for Dry Bones

I remember, when I was much younger, seeing some show on TV that showed people snooping through other people’s medicine cabinets.  I can’t recall any details of the show but it involved someone getting mad at someone for looking inside their medicine cabinet.

Then, of course, they looked in someone else’s medicine cabinet and thought it was fine.

Well, I got the idea that looking in medicine cabinets must be the thing to do.  So I started snooping around in them.  Usually there was toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair spray, combs, bobby pins and hemorrhoid cream.

I didn’t understand what all the to do about looking into the medicine cabinet was all about and lost interest.

Still, if I have company over and they are in the bathroom a little too long, I get uncomfortable thinking they may be in there snooping through the medicine cabinet.

See, when I invite someone over…

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The Ransom

With a quick kiss on the cheek the husband leaves for work. The kids have stepped onto the school bus and the breakfast dishes are tucked into the dishwasher. With a sigh she pours herself a cup of coffee and sits down at the table.

The morning news is playing on the T.V. and something being said catches her attention. She grabs her coffee mug and quickly walks to the remote and turns the volume up. A woman is shown. Her hair is in disarray and her dress has dirt on it. As the camera closes in on her face she tells the reporter that she was kidnapped.

“I told the guy I had no money and I have no one who has any money. They said they took me for a ransom.” Tears slide down her face.

“Do you know where they took you?” The reporter asks.

“I’m not sure, but it was an old cabin in a wooded area. I kept telling them I am alone and nobody is going to pay a ransom for me! But they wouldn’t listen!” She shakily swipes at a tear.

The camera turns to the reporter. In the background are heavy woods and he points to the woods. “This is where Sara was found, at the edge of those woods. The police are searching the woods as we speak.”

Turning back to the woman, he asks, “How did you escape?”

“It was really rather strange.” The woman replies as she pushes a clump of hair off her face. “A Man showed up. He seemed different from the others.”

“Different, how so?” The reporter asks.

“He was clean-cut. He had a beard and what took me by surprise are His eyes. They were soft and He was so gentle and I saw compassion in them.”

The reporter excitedly asks, “Did He say anything? Do you know who He is?”

“He held out His hand and took mine. He said not to be afraid. His touch, His touch is so loving. He told me I am never alone and that He paid my ransom. I was free to go.”

The camera focuses on the reporter as he exclaims, “Ladies and gentleman, this is a very strange story! This woman has been kidnapped from her home, held in a cabin in the woods, and a strange Man tells her He paid her ransom and sets her free. Unbelievable! We will follow-up on this very strange story and keep you updated as more details come in as to who this strange Man is! For now, this is Rob with CNN in the field.”


(Sue’s version) 1Timothy 2:5-6



Stand Strong

Exasperation, frustration, and nerves that seem to be stretched like a rubber band, the woman trips as she turns with a pot of hot water. Juggling the pot just so, so as not to slosh any of it on the wee child at her feet, she sucks in a breath of relief that none hit the child.

The day has been long and tiring. The kids have fought, argued, and cried. The dish washer sprang a leak and flooded the kitchen floor. The laundry is piled high, and the microwave broke. Her husband expects a nice dinner on the table and a chilled glass of wine when he walks through the door from work.

She’s ready to scream.

Through dinner she listens as he expounds on his day. Instead of screaming, “What about my lousy day?” she smiles weakly and pretends she’s listening.

Pulling the hero pajamas onto the last of the kids she tucks him in bed and with a quick prayer and a good night kiss she clicks off the light and gently closes the door.

Leaning against the hall wall she fights the tear that tries to escape.  Exhaustion has set in and all she wants is a long hot bubble bath. A cherished time alone.

Her husband passes her in the hall and without looking at her, he states, “I’m going to bed!”

She doesn’t reply.

The water is running hot and the tub fills quickly. Bubbles are already forming high and fluffy. Sticking her foot into the water she slowly slides into the tub and leans back with a long relieving sigh. Closing her eyes she slides a little farther down in the hot welcoming water.

She doesn’t see the invisible Man reach down and gently touch her ear. She sighs and a smile creases her lips. Her revelry is interrupted when she hears distant music. She cocks her head slightly trying to figure out where its coming from.

She opens her eyes, no one is there, she closes them, and lies quietly in the water listening. “We’re waiting on the Lord….” The voices are so soft and seem miles away and she can’t make out all the words.

“We’re standing waiting on the Lord….”

“Stand strong while we wait…”

“We’re waiting on the Lord. Stand strong, stand strong….”

The song ends and her eyes flutter open. Sitting up she grins. I just heard the heavenly choir. Thank you Lord for helping me to stand strong, she thinks as she steps out of the tub and begins drying off.


(Sue’s version) Psalm 91:2

Giving Thanks

Those of us that spend the holidays alone have nothing to complain about. Be thankful for every blessing, large and small. Happy Thanksgiving.

Unshakable Hope

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on our many blessings. Mary and I have so much to be thankful for. You might be thinking, “but you have ALS, you can’t eat turkey, dressing, and mashed potatoes with gravy. You can’t even eat pumpkin pie with a good cup of coffee for dessert…” Yeah, I think the same thing every year, it’s a real bummer sitting there watching family and friends eat Thanksgiving dinner while the “food” pump next to my wheelchair delivers formula into my feeding tube.

More frustrating than not being able to eat is not being able to speak when family and friends are gathered around our tble. I try to chime in using my computer’s Text-to-Speech app, but it takes me so long to type my thoughts that usually the group has changed subjects two or three times by the time I finish typing…

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Now That’s Faith!


The sun is beating down. Sweat pours down men’s sides, down their faces, rags are dug out to swipe the sweat from their eyes as the crowd closes in closer and closer and closer.

A woman leaves her chair and with disgust she thinks, “This has got to stop and I’m going to do something about it right now!” She peeks out the window and can hear the crowd and see many gathered together.

Leaving the comfort of her home, in pain she crawls slowly toward the crowd. She has to stop and crouches over as pain rips through her body. Taking a deep breath of determination, slowly she claws her way through the legs, around robes, and ignores the stench of dirty feet.

She looks up and moves robes to the side and with a sigh crawls the next few inches to where a Man is standing. With her last bit of energy she reaches up and grabs the tassel hanging from His shawl. She wants to cling to it with all her might but is thrown back as though lightning has struck her as soon as she touches it.

The Man turns suddenly and shouts, “Who touched Me?” The woman lies sprawled on the ground at His feet.

“Who touched Me? I felt My power leave my body.” The Man states.

The crowd goes crazy and someone shouts, “With all these people how do we know who touched you?” The Man looks down and sees the woman sprawled on the ground. He kneels down and gently lifts her up and cradles her in His arms.

Now He knows who touched Him.

Her eyes flutter open, she sighs as she gazes up at Him.

Her infirmity is healed.


(Sue’s version) Matthew 9:21