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I’ve created another new blog in addition to the ones I now have.


The cover picture of the gal is me so many times during my writing, and in fact it was in setting up this new blog. I’m not the brightest light bulb in the pack when it comes to technology.

I’ve already put two posts on it for your enjoyment.

It will be various articles coming from my experiences in writing fiction and non-fiction as well as dealing with publishers and just a whole bunch of good stuff. Hopefully it will be informative and encouraging as well as humorous in some spots I’m sure. I guarantee it will be honest and transparent.

I hope you will check it out and click on the follow tab. Your comments and suggestions will also be greatly appreciated.

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I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories – “A Ruined Reputation”

Note: I won’t be posting any more of my “I Am – Devotional Style Short Stories” due to the fact that I will be submitting the full manuscript to my publisher tomorrow. I hope you have enjoyed the sampling I have given and will look forward to the book when it comes out.


A Ruined Reputation

            Its Memorial Day week-end and people are honoring the military men and women who are serving and have served, and those who have given their lives for the freedom of the country.  The pools are filled with children laughing and splashing. Grills are filled with meat cooking and the air is filled with the joy of families and friends in back yards playing in sprinklers and tossing balls.

            Bertha has been gone for the day visiting with her family and returns in the late evening. As she slowly passes by the old widow’s home she notices three big pick-up trucks parked in her driveway and wonders who would be visiting the widow.

           She slowly drives on, making sure to notice each and every home and what might have been going on in each during her absence. She’s known as the neighborhood gossip and people are well aware of her vicious and deceptive words.

           The next morning is Sunday and rising early she’s dressed and ready to head off to church. She always attends church and is the first to let everyone know what a good Christian woman she is.

As she drives past the old widow’s home she slows her car to almost a stop as she gasps out loud. “Well I’ll be!” She exclaims. Two of the big pick-ups are still parked in the widow’s driveway and two men are getting into the trucks. As they start their engines she stomps on the gas and speeds away before they can see her.

Entering the church she immediately grabs her friend, Gertrude, by the arm and drags her off to the side away from others.

“Gerty, you won’t believe what I saw this morning!”  She looks around and lowers her voice. “You know the old widow that lives in my subdivision?”

“Yes, You’ve mentioned her before. What about her?”

“Well! You’re just not going to believe this!” She leans in closer to her friend.

“She had, I don’t know how many, men spend the night with her last night!”

“Whaaat?” Gerty exclaims.

“Shhh, not so loud! When I passed her house this morning coming to church I saw men getting in their trucks, right there in her driveway!”

Bertha reaches up and straightens the bun at the back of her head and exclaims, “Well, I never! She had to have an…” She stops and frantically looks around and then cups her hand next to her mouth and whispers, “A regular orgy in that house!”

Another woman walks up to the two women and asks, “What are you two whispering about?”

Bertha quickly checks the surroundings to see if anyone is listening and then expounds on what she witnessed at the old widow’s home. Before long, there are several women gathered in a corner of the room and the story is told over and over. Of course the details are expanded on in each telling.

Sunday school class is let out and as the widow walks down the hall to join the worship service she notices many of the women discreetly point at her and whisper as she walks past. Not being aware of what was told previously she merely shrugs and keeps walking.

Her close friend approaches her and pulls her to the side. “I need to tell you something.” Her friend says and proceeds to tell her the “orgy story” that has quickly passed through the women’s group.

The widow bursts out laughing and laughs so hard tears come to her eyes. Her friend is confused. “This is horrible! How can you laugh?”

The widow cannot contain her laughter and rushes to the ladies room. When she comes out of the stall her friend is waiting by the sink. The widow chuckles and washes her hands.

“Are you going to tell me what this is all about!?”

The widow then explains that her neighbor had several people over and rather than block the street with so many cars he asked if some could park in her driveway and she agreed. A couple of out-of-town friends came and left their trucks parked in her driveway overnight.

She bursts out laughing again and when she can contain the laughter she says, “Oh my! At my age? If I had one man it would be a blessing, but an orgy?” She bursts out laughing again and rushes back into the stall.



James 1:26 – “If anyone among you thinks he is religious, and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this one’s religion is useless.”


There is a game, and I don’t know the name of it, but several people stand in a line or in a circle and a story is told to the first person in the line. That person then tells the story to the next and on down the line the story is told. By the time the story reaches the last person in the line one would never know the original story told.

That is exactly how gossip is! Someone sees or hears something without knowing the facts of the situation and then tells it to someone else. By the time it gets around to others the story has been so distorted that it can, and many times, will destroy the person it has been told about.

As Christians we are to keep our mouths shut and our ears closed to gossip! It is hurtful, it is damaging, and it is sin! Had the woman in the story been a fragile personality it could have destroyed her and her fine reputation.

If you don’t have the facts, if you were not there, it is not your business! Walk away and keep your mouth closed!








Hang in There!



The Saturday before Easter Mary took me on a long trip. We went to visit our older daughter and our son-in-law, and our three adorable grandchildren. Their home is around seventy miles away from our house.

I know that seventy miles from home doesn’t seem like a long trip to most of you, but anything further than our mailbox is outside of this hermit’s comfort zone. I was somewhat hesitant about getting in the van after our last trip to look at a new neighborhood that is being built nearby didn’t turn out so well.

Unlike the newer smooth-driving minivans with wheelchair ramps, we have a big not-so-smooth-driving Ford van with a hydraulic wheelchair lift. My wheelchair weighs about three hundred and fifty pounds, and I weigh about a hundred and sixty-five pounds. So the lift has to raise and lower over five hundred pounds. Using the controls, Mary lowers the lift so my wheelchair can back onto it. She then raises me to the level of the van where I can then back in. Our van and the wheelchair lift are twenty-one years old, but both work well. Usually.

It was difficult for me to look around the new neighborhood because, like every other muscle in my body, my neck muscles are extremely weak, so with every turn of the van, my head swung back and forth. To people following us, I probably looked like a life-sized bobble-head figure. But, other than having a neck ache when we returned home from our brief excursion, everything went fine. Mary just had to get me out of the van and get me back into the house. If it were only that easy.

After raising the lift halfway, I saw a panicked look on her face. “The lift is stuck!” After she pushed the up and down buttons over and over, I concluded the obvious – I’d be spending the rest of my life stuck in the van. We taught our girls never to call 911 unless it was a real emergency. This situation wasn’t like a heart attack or a car accident, but I knew that Mary and her eighty-six-year-old mother were not going to lift me and my wheelchair out of the van. Mary called 911 and explained the situation, telling them not to hurry, but…

Within minutes I heard sirens in the distance, and they were getting louder and louder. As I sat there hoping that God would somehow keep our neighbors from hearing the sirens and seeing the flashing lights, a big firetruck parked in the street and an ambulance pulled in the driveway. Just ten minutes after Mary made that “no need hurry”call to 911, six men and a woman were standing in front of me scratching their heads.

I have an old manual wheelchair in our garage, and they were able to lift me out of my wheelchair and plop me in that wheelchair. They were then able to lift my heavy wheelchair out of the van and transfer me back. We are so thankful for first responders, I just wish they didn’t have to use sirens and flashing lights. I don’t know for sure, but I think some of my neighbors might have gotten a glimpse of me for the first time. Mary got the lift repaired the following day, and it works great now.

This was actually the second time we had to call 911 because of this wheelchair lift malfunctioning. The first time was a scary situation. About five years before this incident, on our wedding anniversary, Mary and I decided we would pretend that we were a normal couple and go to see a movie. Everything went fine until we exited the theater and saw the pouring rain. Thankfully, our van was parked only about a hundred feet from the doors of the theater. Handicap parking is great. I turned the speed of my wheelchair all the way up, and we made a mad dash to the van. Mary quickly opened the doors to the van and grabbed an umbrella to hold over us as she operated the lift. She’s the best!

Within two minutes I was on the lift being raised up to the level of the van where I would quickly back in, and we’d be out of the rain and on our way home. It didn’t quite work out that way. We heard a popping noise when she was raising me up. “That can’t be good,” I thought.

The lift went all the way up to the level of the van, but there was a two-inch gap between the lift and the floor of the van. This has never happened before, the lift is usually flush with the floor of the van. But, my wheelchair is great, I can roll over high thresholds and other minor obstacles like toys that our grandchildren have left lying around. I figured that getting over a two-inch gap would be no problem.

However, I failed to realize that the lift and the wheels of my wheelchair being wet would make jumping this gap really difficult. I still had the speed of my wheelchair on its highest setting, but couldn’t get over the gap and into the van. I tried again and again. I would inch my way to the front of the lift then quickly pull the joystick back. But when the small back wheels hit the gap, the big wheels would start spinning.

I kept trying. The rain increased. Umbrellas don’t work very well when the wind is blowing. We were soaked. “A few more tries and we’ll go back into the theater’s lobby and wait for the rain to stop,” I told myself. I tried again, and the strangest thing happened, something I couldn’t even imagine. Apparently, the engineers who designed this wheelchair lift didn’t envision this happening either.

When I pulled back on the joystick, the small back wheels got stuck in the gap, and the big wheels began spinning just as in previous times. But, instead of the wheelchair going over the gap and into the van, the floor of the lift shot out from under me, sailing over the parking space next to us and landing against a curb. The boy inside of me thought, “THAT WAS AWESOME!” Then, that pesky rational voice in my head quickly took over, wondering: “If the floor of the wheelchair lift just went skidding across the parking lot, what was holding my wheelchair and me three feet up in the air?”

I glanced over at Mary who looked like she was in shock: “Bill, don’t move.” She obviously forgot that I was paralyzed. Trying to remain calm, she explained that only the outside edges of the tires of my wheelchair were resting on the narrow angle iron that used to support the floor of the lift. If my wheels had not been perfectly centered on the lift, the wheelchair and its occupant would have fallen to one side or the other. It turns out that the only thing holding the floor of the lift to the narrow supports was a strip of double-sided tape.

After examining my precarious state, Mary determined that she could not lower the lift because the small back wheels were stuck in the gap and lowering the lift would dump me out onto the parking lot and the three hundred and the fifty-pound wheelchair would likely land on top of me. She called 911, and some big firemen showed up, crawled over the back seat, and pulled me into the van.

I am so thankful for things like wheelchairs, wheelchair lifts, and especially for this computer that allows someone like me to communicate and type blog posts. But I’ve learned the hard way not to put faith in technology or any man-made things.

Was God holding me and my wheelchair up when the floor of the lift shot out from under me?

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

It was so strange to be sitting in my wheelchair three feet up in the air with seemingly nothing under me. But, because the outside edges of the two big tires were resting on the narrow angle iron, there is a natural explanation for my wheelchair being suspended in midair. Therefore, I can’t claim that it was a miracle that the wheelchair didn’t fall when the floor shot out from under me.

However, Mary and I believe that this was a miracle because God has been “holding us up” throughout the twenty-two years of my having ALS. Just when we need assistance, He sends family or friends or, in this case, firemen, to help us.

We know that the life of faith can often feel like we’re suspended in midair. There are times that followers of Christ can feel like God has left us hanging. This is where our faith, trust, and hope in Christ are tested and strengthened.

Hang in there. God has not forgotten you.

“Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” (Isaiah 41:10)

I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories – “A Hidden Agenda”

Spring has sprung rendering its beauty with the trees full of blossoms, the flowers in bloom, and the birds chirping their happy songs. The peace and tranquility of this small neighborhood is suddenly disturbed on this quiet afternoon. One can hear the sound of a woman in pain.

The neighbors have complained because of her raucous behavior. The police have been called numerous times, but no one seems to be able to stop the woman from her rantings.

She stands in her yard and screams obscenities at people as they pass. Children are shuffled into their homes, and the adults shake their head in disgust and frustration. Hospitalization helps her for a time. The medications render her a zombie leaving her walking in a daze so she stops taking them.

The diagnosis has been deemed to be a mental illness and with proper medication she seems fine. But beneath the surface something else is at fault but no one wants to address it.

Once again as she stands at the edge of her yard and screams profanities when she suddenly sees a Man approach. He looks at her intently. Her ranting ceases.

The Man takes a step closer to her, she fearfully steps back. A hidden part of her knows who this Man is and is afraid. The hidden part is what causes her problems. The Man addresses the hidden part and with all Authority given to Him by the Father, He commands, “Come out of her!”

Her mouth opens and the evil spirit pleads with the Man. “We know who You are. Don’t make us leave.”

“Come out!” The Man forcibly demands and the woman is suddenly shaking violently and drops to the ground.


Luke 8:29 “For He had commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man. For it had seized him, and he was kept under guard, bound with chains and shackles; and he broke the bonds and was driven by the demons into the wilderness.”


We can break the bonds and chains of oppression, depression, and just plain old “stinkin’ thinking” by using the power and authority that Jesus Christ has given His children. The mind is the playground for the enemy of God; the devil. The tendency to overlook the spiritual aspects of some mental illnesses is an injustice to the victim. Prayerfully, we must welcome the insight and revelations that the Lord will give in these circumstances. Seek Him and He is faithful to reveal the root cause.






Just a Snippet



‘In the last days,’ God says, ‘I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.” Acts 2:17

Many people get dreams and visions mixed up or are not sure just what it was that the Lord gave them. Sitting on the couch, wide awake in the middle of the day I was suddenly transported into hell in a vision. The Lord has taken me into hell to show me what part of it is like as a message to His children as well as unbelievers. (Been There – Not Going Back post)

On other occasions I have been sound asleep in my bed when in a dream my Dad is chasing me, a two year old child, through the woods yelling, “A bear is going to get you.” That was during the early years of my healing process from the abuse I was being subjected to. Many times the Lord would reveal various issues and occurrences in dreams and then heal them.

Be it a dream or a vision the Lord is giving us a message. (be aware the devil can also give us a dream. Visions come from the Lord) In dreams we can’t always assume it means what we think is pretty obvious. Vision or dream, we must ask the Lord for His interpretation and “dream books” with their pat answers, doesn’t cut it.

Last night I had, what I call a “snippet” dream. Very short but with a definite message. My little Beagle dog in this dream usually represents the Holy Spirit in my dreams.

In my snippet dream my little dog was running and I was chasing him and calling him. I had a dog collar and a leash in my hand to put on him.  When I caught him I started to put the collar on him and it was much, much too large, but I decided to put it on him anyway. He popped his head right out of it and darted away.

I woke up immediately and puzzled, I asked the Lord, “What does this mean?”

In a very clear and concise voice,  I heard –