The Praises of My People…

“The praises of My people reach the heavens and Me and My Father are pleased. We rejoice with the angels as thanksgiving is offered from those we cherish. There is much to be said for hearts filled with joy for there is so much sin and strife in the world.

Let not others rob you of the joy we give you. Stand fast on your faith for it shall carry you through the tough times. Much distention is in My church. False teachers are on the rise. Turn a deaf ear to those wolves in sheep’s clothing for they are not of Me.

Rejoice My children for your redemption is near. Your mansions are waiting and your loved ones await. Take heed of those who scoff. They are filled with lies. Their hearts are stone and eyes are blind.

Lift your voices in songs of praise and rejoice for your King is near.”

By the Holy Spirit 11-23-17

Hacking Barbie

ANNA WALDHERR A Voice Reclaimed, Surviving Child Abuse

Theatrical poster for “Cult of Chucky” (Copyright Universal Pictures) (NFCC#8)

Our society has become obsessed with technology.  Barbie dolls now come equipped with mechanical brains, and miniature versions of “smartwatches” are being marketed as necessary for a full and enriching childhood.

The technology tsunami is meant to keep our children on the “cutting edge” of progress, connect them electronically to the abundance of resources available online, and prepare them for a boundless future.

There is, unfortunately, a fundamental flaw in this theory.  Children need connection with live human beings.  Not only is technology retarding their social development, and alienating them from one another.  It is making them increasingly vulnerable to predators [1].

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Update on The Darkness Of The Carnal Flesh


Australia has now voted “Yes” for Same Sex Marriage, this did not surprise me as Jesus said that in the End Times it would be as it was in Noah’s Time, sadly we see the Signs all around us today, Evil is increasing .

Why do I not condone Homosexuality, for a complete explanation please see my link below, it may surprise you and there is another link on the Post that gives the full picture but to condense here…This is my Heart Focus…..

God Said it!

I Believe it!

That Settles it!

But even if I didn’t want to Believe it!

It would Still be Settled! 

Why does God  tell us Homosexuality is evil because He knows the Suffering, Heartache and Death that it causes and He seeks to Protect us.

Where does Aids come from? it has now been proven Medically not to be a Virus….

Romans 1:26-27…

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Why Remembering Matters…

May God bless all of our veterans.

The Artistic Christian

An elderly widow invited my family to the annual Veterans Day ceremony in our small community. We arrived on time – “on the eleventh day, at the eleventh hour,” to find the poor woman sitting all alone. Tears were streaming down her face as we sat next to her. ”It’s like everyone has just forgotten us,” she said.

We sat for an hour, and she showed us the bricks in the ground that were engraved with the names of her late husband and three children – all veterans.

But the saddest part of the morning was watching as several other old veterans drove up for the annual gathering. They hobbled in on canes, and their faces fell as they realized that their community had forgotten them completely.

We sat and listened to their stories of war, sacrifice, and living in the trenches. We prayed with them and for them, and…

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