Yay – Good News!

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All day, well most of the day, I have been washing rugs and hanging them outside to dry, cleaning house, bathrooms, mopping floors, etc. It sounds like fun, I know. NOT! Come 4:00 p.m. I turned the T.V. on to see what our governor has decided to do about lifting the coronavirus restrictions for our state.

Before anyone shuts me down, gets mad, wants to yell obscenities at Governor Kemp, I want to thank him for using not only the medical advice, statistics for our state, etc, information he has been given, but using common sense.

Yes, hallelujah, he has opened our state! But with some restrictions especially for the elderly. Those over 65 years of age, those in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and senior care homes are told they “have to be sequestered until June 15th.”

I fully understand that we must protect our elderly even though my…

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What COVID-19 Has Taught Me Now

Very well said and words of wisdom.

the grizzle grist mill

It has amazed me throughout this pandemic how loud the media has shouted and how quiet the church has remained.

It’s been eerily quiet, except for shouts, concerns and finger-points of who should do what, when and how.

It has amazed me how quickly the whole world has given up their freedom and personal rights, even here in America, under the guise of health, security and even “common decency.”

It has been eerily obvious, except for the shouts, concerns and warning signs thrown up by those who recognize this is not what the Constitution provides.

Maybe you’ve not read that part recently.

Let me refresh your memory…

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among…

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Blessings Galore

A Writer's Corner

The last couple of days have been pretty interesting in a couple of ways. I’m getting a little impatient and that is not always a good thing. We need to take into consideration what others might be experiencing and our patience can be tested through that thought process.

I’m still waiting for the cover design for my new book, Amy’s Quest. That’s becoming a little harder as days and weeks pass, but I already know the people doing it are having to do it from their homes (that can’t be easy) because of this freakin’ virus stuff. I won’t get into that because I just get mad with all the “cooked books,” lies, deceit, etc. being spewed to continue to scare the heck out of everyone and keep them scared and controlled.

Enough on that…

On a happier note I feel ten pounds lighter! I thought I was going…

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I’m infected!

Mitch Teemley

Flower bedThis is my flower bed (or will be once I actually plant some flowers).

DeckThis is my backyard deck (yes, hello, I know it needs refinishing).

LawnAnd this is my lawn (I mowed it yesterday, I swear).

Quick Quiz: What do all three of these have in common? If you answered, “They contain organic, carbon-based substances grown on Earth,” you’re wrong—the deck is coated in non-organic polyurethane (well, OK, it used to be). Also, thoseimage spiky little balls (did you notice them?) are not from Earth. They are the cell-pods of an attractive and otherwise harmless-looking alien vegetation called a Sweet Gum tree. Its perfidious pods are commonly referred to as “gum balls” or “spiky balls.” But their correct name is COVID 18.

Note the resemblance to their sister organism, commonly called “*%$#@!-ing virus!”

How to determine if you’ve been infected by COVID 18:

  • You can no longer actually see…

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What Happened to Common Sense?

A Writer's Corner

People just dumbfound me! It doesn’t matter what political party you belong to, who you love, who you hate, what nationality you are, color, or religion. Where has common sense gone?

Our Georgia governor has worked very hard to follow the guidelines for combating this corona virus that has come down from the higher ups in Washington, D.C. and last night he announced, after careful consideration, that some businesses will be allowed to open this Friday, April 24th, 2020 in Georgia.

Personally I think he is doing the right thing. People are hurting, people are losing everything, families are being destroyed emotionally and financially, and the economy is tanking. And yes, people are still sick. I get it! So please don’t give me your bleeding heart stories.

I am also aware that the numbers given by the fake news media is to boost their ratings, inject fear, and to control…

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Ain’t Keeping me Down!

A Writer's Corner

I’m tired of this virus and all the various reports about how many have it, how many have died, and how we must wear masks and stay inside! Some of it, in my opinion, is blown far out of reason and common sense.

I saw a report where anyone, yes anyone, that has died during this pandemic is automatically recorded as Coronavirus as the cause of death. Excuse me but old age, heart attacks, someone falling and breaking their neck is NOT related to this virus. The one article I read also stated that those increased numbers are done deliberately so as to get more government aide for that state. That’s just wrong! Do it legitimately or don’t do it at all!

Okay, I have vented, forgive me but I just watched some of the news with all the Trump bashing and virus stuff I had to turn it off…

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