The Dream (45.) Taking a Break

Well folks, I’m being more or less forced to write when I can in July. We have the 4th of July celebrations coming up and very soon after that I will be having Cataract surgery. If anyone has had that particular eye surgery you are already aware of all the pre-surgery prep and follow up appointments, and don’t forget the million or so eye drops that have to be administered afterwards.

The surgery is really no big deal but with all the preprep and after care, plus blurred vision for a few days I’m afraid to try to find the keys on this computer. No, I am not one of those that can read a book and type at the same time. Mine is more a hunt and peck style although I do have a little speed after writing for some time but I do have to see the keys or you would think some drunk got a hold of my keyboard.

I haven’t been over to the ministry home since I finished the garden edging. We’ve had rain each day for the last few days and expecting more each day through the 4th so there has been no need for watering the plants.

We had visitors at church Sunday so pastor was visiting with them and I had no chance to get any kind of an update on any of the renovations that may have been done and he hasn’t returned my call as of this writing so I have no idea if or what he has accomplished the past two days.

I hope to see you all back as soon as I can find the computer keys again. If not, thank you for supporting my blog, the ministry with your prayers and donations, and have a safe and blessed 4th of July celebration.

Blessings to you;

Into the Light Ministry

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The Dream (44.) Keeping On, Keeping On

Friday I was at the ministry home for several hours. If you remember I had told you how I had finished the right side of where the steps are going in the front flower garden. I think I even posted a picture.

I’ve held off doing the driveway side on the left of the future steps so as not to have a hindrance for whomever would be installing the steps to the front door. I’d hate for him to be tripping over the cement edging blocks.

That’s been a while back and I have done my best to try to keep weeds from infiltrating that side of the garden from the space allocated for a walkway. It hasn’t worked, and on a previous visit I couldn’t believe how much grass and tall, plus short, weeds had sneaked into the mulch. No way could I control it at this point.

Friday I loaded up my car and off I went to take care of the problem. First off I planted another Rose of Sharon that I needed to get out of the pot or transplant it in a larger pot. I had chosen a spot in the back yard and shovel in hand I hit the dirt, and I hit the dirt, and I hit the dirt. It was like trying to dig a hole in a cement patio!

I’m a tough old gal and I did it! I not only got the Rose of Sharon planted with a nice cement “curb” around it but I also got the entire left side of the future step weed free and the cement edging completed. It turned out very nice and is a barrier to future grass and weeds sneaking in. Pastor said he wanted to finish the inside before he starts outside. (building the steps) Weeds don’t wait.

When finished I entered the house and the cabinets look nice but not all the doors are on and those that are still need adjusting. I thought that had been completed since my last visit. Pastor usually goes on Monday and Tuesday to work so I’m guessing that will be completed when I return and I don’t know what else he may have accomplished today.

This whole process, and it is a process, is one step at a time but we’re keeping on, keeping on. Eventually the inside will be done and we can head outside to tackle the trees that need removing, the steps to the front door, and tearing down the old shed. As for my part right now, it’s done. I just go to water every few days to keep everything happy and healthy and pull a few weeds that insist on popping up.

What will I find next visit? Ya’ just never know.

Blessings to you;

Into the Light Ministry

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The Dream (43.)Should I Cut Back?

I’m finding its getting a little bit harder to write about what’s going on within the Into the Light Ministry Home. We’re getting closer each week to completing the renovations but we still have a ways to go.

This is a home with a a nice size yard, partial privacy fence, a couple of large trees that need to be removed. The one in the back yard is rotted and really needs to be removed and one in the front yard has all these little balls that cover the yard and driveway (Sweet Gum tree?) and are a danger to anyone who steps on them. Its like trying to walk across a yard full of marbles and since safety is a large factor, that tree’s gotta’ go!

Inside we still have sliding glass doors to replace, an attic with little if any insulation, cabinet doors that have now been hung but need to be adjusted, front steps and a walk way that is yet to be done, (the rest of the concrete edging to be finished for the front flower garden once the steps are installed) A shower door that has to be replaced, a vanity that needs to be replaced, and – okay, I think you get the picture. We are getting closer, I think.

With the heat wave we are having, as I have said before, I want to make sure all the new plants stay healthy and happy. I went this morning and to my chagrin found my hose strung out to the back yard. It was partially rolled on the hose roller-upper —-with a nice hole ripped in it!

When Gerri showed up early in the morning to finish up the laundry she found a river flowing to the street. Someone from the day before left the outside water running and with a nozzle on the hose the pressure built so great that it burst a hole in the hose.

I was not a happy camper! So today, in 95 degree heat, I was trying to fix the hose so I could water. Flex Tape, I learned rather quickly, does not work on hoses. Long story short, 2 trips back and forth from my house to the ministry house (14 miles one way) and another trip to Home Depot, I was finally able to water and replace the hose with the hole in it.

Hot, sweaty, and tired, I came home. And yes, it took me a couple of hours to cool down, in more ways than just from the heat. I must tell you that there’s more going on than just a hole in a hose that causes me to limit what I feel comfortable writing. I’m finding myself getting more frustrated, anxious, and sleeping less which makes it more difficult to write about what’s happening. Starting a new ministry isn’t all its cracked up to be.

I’ll be praying about writing only once a week instead of twice. We’re getting closer to starting on the administration type things that have to be put in place before we can bring any women into the home. Once the renovations are done then we have to furnish the home and get our “ducks in a row” regarding rules, regulations, do’s and don’t’s, jobs, etc. etc, etc.

Will the Lord continue to help me write these posts or is it best to cut back?

Stay tuned, and I’ll let you know.

Blessings to you.

Into the Light Ministry

The Dream (42.) Wilted

For most of last week we were sweltering from above normal temperatures for this time of year and from what I understand we, in Georgia, are not alone. Saturday evening I drove over to the ministry home to water the plants and found a couple of the Azalea’s wilting, oh so thirsty even though I water regularly.

Looking at the sad bushes as I poured water on them and the other plants I thought about how we, as Christians, can also become wilted in our faith. So much evil in this world and the only way we can become “watered” is by going to the Holy “well;” Jesus and His word, for the “Living Water” to sustain us.

Walking into the home my spirit wilted just a little more. I was so hoping to see the living room cleared of all the outdoor patio furniture but there it sat. Looking down the hallway I see some of the mattresses and box springs, each piece a full 18 inches deep, all stacked neatly in a bedroom on top of one of the “Psych. beds”. (Yes, the 2 beds are still there.) “Do they even make sheets that will fit?” was my thought as I turned my attention to going back outside to roll up the 100 foot hose before leaving.

Pastor came today and finished the cabinet doors and painted the cabinets to match the doors. That wasn’t planned originally but after painting the doors, the paint was a different shade of white than the pure white of the cabinets. I don’t know at this point if he was able to hang the doors back up today or not, but I sure hope the dishes and kitchen ware are paint free.

Gerri is busy finishing up washing the blankets and sheets. Holy cow are there a mess of both! She’s spent 3 whole days just washing all that stuff. After all of that work she examined what she’d washed —– and wilted!

The sheets, most of them, and a couple of blankets, are ending up at the Animal Shelter near us. Many of the sheets have big bleach splotches from whomever donated them originally. Some of the blankets were so yucky we didn’t even want to wash them and ended up in the trash, and a couple that were kind of okay went to keep the fur babies warm.

I’ll be going back this evening to “drown” the plants. We’re expecting 101-102 temperatures for the next 2 days and then 90’s and I’m determined to not let those plants wilt in this heat wave.

What will I find when I return? Will the plants be okay and patio furniture gone?

See ya’ next time for the answer.

Blessings to you;

Into the Light Ministry

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The Dream (41.) The Lord Has Turned the Heat up!

Boy howdy has He ever, and in more ways than one. We spent Tuesday at the ministry house working, and thank you Lord for air conditioning. Gerri was scrubbing cabinets down, the outside of them was covered in grease and grime. Having taken my step ladder she was able to reach the upper parts that she couldn’t reach the day before.

I donned my hat and sweat band and finally got after the cement edging blocks that have been stacked in the front yard where I was told they’d be moved and weren’t. Hoping none were stolen (praise God none were) I began moving them into the carport out of sight. After attempting to put some in the wheel barrel that was left behind I had to resort to carrying one at a time due to a very flat tire on the wheel barrel, and all in 95 degree heat with a heat index of 105.

Thankfully pastor showed up and helped me move the remainder blocks. I’m proud of him, he didn’t get on me for doing, “what you shouldn’t do!” He’s learning. 🙂 Once we finished I helped him load the back of his pick-up with the kitchen cabinet doors that he was going to spray paint a second coat on in the shade in the back yard. A truck full is easier than lugging 2 at a time around to the back of the house.

How he stayed out in that heat the rest of the day is beyond me. I had to go inside several times before he arrived just to cool down and then back to carrying one block at a time across the yard.

Gerri and I sorted through the bags of blankets and bedding that was left behind and she began washing piles of it. By the time the first load was in the dryer and another started washing I was pooping out fast from only 3 hours sleep the night before and the heat and humidity, plus I was hungry.

She turned the washer and dryer off and we came home, had a bite to eat and she went back to do more laundry and I went to bed. She came home about 5:00 with wonderful news as she drug herself over to the couch. She was pooped!

A visitor came that had never seen the home before and when she saw the outdoor patio furniture in the living room she immediately stated, “I want that furniture! “You do realize that is patio furniture?” “Oh yes! It’s perfect for my patio and I love it!” She knows pastor and told him the same thing.

Gerri is washing and drying more of the stacks of bedding today. I’m staying home and out of the heat. It about did me in yesterday. In checking the sheets she’d washed she discovered they do not fit the mattresses.These mattresses and box springs are really, really thick! The sheets only go down the sides by half.

Now what do we do with a bunch of non-fitting sheets?

Will we finally be able to get rid of the patio furniture and get real living room furniture?

Tune in next time to find out.

Blessings to you,

Into the Light Ministry

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The Dream (40.) A Long Drive

It is very hot here today and after a sleepless night I stayed home to stay out of this heat. We’re close to 95 degrees with the heat index between 101 and 105. That’s too much for this “elderly” lady, so Gerri went to the ministry home without me this morning to begin washing the blankets that were left behind.

Pastor had left to go see a woman that is called “Granny.” She is over a home similar to what we are doing and has been doing it for 30 + years. What a valuable source of information she has to help us get started and succeed. It was a long drive since her combined 3 homes are on the South Carolina border and from Gainesville, Ga. to there? Oh yeah, that’s a long drive.

When Pastor returned he was almost giddy with all he learned. Gerri filled me in on some of what he reported but I’ll need to hear the full story at another time. While he was gone there was another volunteer at the house and the washer and dryer had not been put back in place as yet so Gerri was able to clean both of them inside and out.

Once finished with that she moved on to cleaning the outside of the kitchen cabinets while Mr. volunteer was putting the base coat on the cabinet doors. They were so yucky that we had to take all the doors off and strip them. So those should be ready to paint hopefully tomorrow or maybe next week. There are a lot of them since drawers are included.

The refrigerator has been turned on and now cold drinks can be enjoyed while working. A bathroom sink was freed up from a huge ball of hair that was down in the drain and a light fixture installed in the hallway.

Its nice to be able to give you a positive update and with the info. pastor gleaned from “Granny” to be able to look forward to a more positive means of helping these women. Having already tested and tried rules, regulations, and boundaries in place, knowing what works and what doesn’t work, what to look for, etc. is absolutely an asset to any ministry such as this.

As I’ve stated early on, this is new to pastor and even though I led support groups for 14 years and had the Angel Ministry and then Elah Ministry for several years, there is much with this ministry that is new to me, also.

The one thing I do know is, that I for one, will follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit in every step. That is the only way the support groups, individual ministry, and all that my ministry did was through seeking the Holy Spirit for advice, what He wanted taught, purchased, who came to me for ministry, and who He sent to move in with me, etc.

This is a learning process for both pastor and I, but with the Holy Spirit’s guidance we can do it and do it as the Lord wishes it to be done, if we seek Him and listen to Him. Tomorrow the washer and dryer will be back in their “cubby hole” and we’ll be there in the morning to start doing laundry.

Will there be more good news?

See ya’ next time and blessings to you.

Into the Light Ministry

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The Dream (39.) Blessings Galore

I talked with pastor and as usual his schedule is packed. We had the guest pastor speaking for Pentecost Sunday and pastor also had a funeral last week and another this week along with meetings and all the other pastoral duties. So only a small amount has been accomplished this week as far as the renovations are concerned.


I learned that if we decide to go with cement style front steps and use cinder blocks he has been offered the blocks free. What we’re talking about is using cinder blocks to form the steps and then the blocks are covered with regular cement to hold everything together.

Now we need to find someone who knows how to do that and if, since cement is supposedly in short supply, we can get someone to donate the cement and the labor, that would be a huge blessing. I am very familiar with mixing cement and pouring, leveling, etc. but pastor is a man, God bless him, that does not believe women should do “men’s work.” Grrrrrr Plus I don’t know how to do what we’re considering doing so I won’t push it. 🙂

We also have someone that will soon be installing the shower door replacement, and someone to paint the cabinet doors that have been taken down in the kitchen. The two bathrooms have been painted now so we can get in there and get those cleaned and hopefully install a new vanity in the master bath.

Are you ready for the big drum roll?

Taaaa daaaa – The Biggest blessing, (to me) is the “psych. beds” are leaving! Praise God and hallelujah. Someone has donated 6 brand new box springs and 6 brand new thick mattresses that are too thick for the beds. They come almost to the top of the metal headboards on the two beds we have. Which means new beds!

God is so good!

We’re not sure right now what we’ll do with the 2 beds but we will either sell them or donate them to another ministry that would be thrilled to get them, or maybe a homeless shelter or a family that needs them. I’m sure the Lord will tell us where they can go to be a blessing.

Please pray we are led by the Lord to new beds that are NOT metal beds!

Did we get the washer and dryer moved? I forgot to ask after hearing about the mattresses and box springs.

More good news coming next time. So stick around. See ya.

Blessing to you.

Into the Light Ministry

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The Dream (38.)An Angel’s Work is Never Done

Ain’t it the truth! I don’t know how they do it, the angels that is, (I’m no angel!) but they seem to guide us, guard us, and even step in to give us a helping hand without our even knowing it. That’s been my kind of week.

I had the idea that Saturday morning I would go to the ministry home and water the plants and then haul the rest of the edging blocks into the carport and get them out of the front yard where any passer-by might take the notion to add some to his own garden for free.

But when I woke up Saturday morning I suddenly felt that I have neglected my own yard for way too long while working at the ministry home. Now I don’t know if it was an angel or the Holy Spirit that put the gabash to my original plan or not, but I found myself having 26 bags of Cypress mulch loaded into the back of my SUV at Home Depot.

That took care of the biggest part of Saturday for me. Donning my sweat band, my Acapulco hat, jeans, and a top that would allow me a little suntan I got to work. And I worked all day. I have several large flower gardens around my home and 26 bags of mulch covers only about half of what I need to cover. With a sunburn I finally finished and only 25 more bags will finish the job for this year.

Having said all that is getting around to telling you that I haven’t spoken with pastor about what he has accomplished today, if he was working at the house. I did notice the broken down old riding mower that was in the back yard has disappeared the last time I was there. I know not where it disappeared to but good riddance.

The washer and dryer were still in the middle of the floor my last trip over to water but other than that, I haven’t a clue what all he has accomplished since my last visit. I know he’s been busy and I have been tied up with various appointments also. Sunday we had a guest pastor for Pentecost Sunday so there was no chance of any conversation with pastor.

I wonder what I will find in the next few days after the rain goes away. Yeah, we’re predicted rain the next 3 days, so no trips to go water flowers or to finish my task of mulching my own gardens.

Will the washer and dryer be back in their closet and ready to use? I hope so.

Blessings to you and see ya’ next time.

Into the Light Ministry

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The Dream (37.) Renovations Continue

It seems as though the renovations are taking forever to get get done but as I’ve stated before, any time a new ministry is started that involves a home, office, or whatever it takes time to get the repairs and changes done.

We’ve made much progress and yet there’s more to do. I just came back from watering the flower garden. We are having 90 degree heat and rain has been sparse this week. Walking into the home I stopped just inside the door.

Holy cow! It reminded me of when we had just started. The washing machine and dryer is sitting in the middle of the floor, a long piece of equipment that cuts the trim corners stretches along a side of the room, a huge box filled with trash is among the scattered outdoor furniture that will be used as living room furniture, and the door-less cabinets are exposing the dishes we have put away. The counter tops are loaded with this, that, and the other. I won’t even attempt to try to clean up that mess.

Seeing the washer and dryer in the middle of the floor gave me hope though and I soon discovered the laundry room has been painted and its ceiling has been finished. Yay. Now maybe we can reinstall the washer and dryer and get the left behind blankets, sheets, etc. that we originally found piled in black bags in the laundry room, washed and put away.

Walking into the master bedroom I see the other “psych. bed” has been put together and graces one corner of the room. The shower door still needs to be installed, but all in due time. One of the wire basket towers is sitting near a wall. I was assured there will be a dresser and/or chest of drawer in each bedroom.

I’m pleased to see more has been accomplished even though the living room and kitchen area looks like a hurricane hit it. That’s to be expected. We’re moving forward and that’s what counts.

After watering the plants I cleaned up a bunch of trash left in the carport and headed for home. Sunday, when I see pastor I will learn what else he accomplished while there this past Tuesday. I did see a ladder by the old shed and noticed an air hose roll up thing was gone that was attached to the shed.

Is that an indication that the old shed will start being torn down now?

See ya’ next time.

Blessings to you.

Into the Light Ministry

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