A Gloomy Day in Georgia

A Writer's Corner

Having taken a couple of days of rest and trying to get my head screwed on right for writing a novel that I have no idea where it is going or how it will end I think today will be a good day for digging back into it. I hope so anyway.

We’ve had two days of rainy, gloomy weather and today is at least dry so far but a gloomy kind of overcast. I guess that’s good for all those who celebrate Halloween. I don’t! In my opinion it is satan’s day and in no way will I celebrate the dark side. We are to be light not depict darkness with witches costumes and little devil’s running from door to door. But that’s just my opinion.

With our temperatures dropping down to 34 degrees tonight I have a couple of plants, big plants, in big pots, that I need…

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Suspense Growing

A Writer's Corner

After spending a quiet day of rest and relaxation I decided to begin the next chapter in the new book while it was quiet and peaceful last night with no interruptions. Reading the last chapter, so as to be sure to start where that one left off, ideas began to form in my mind.

A lot of ideas. “Okay Lord. Get me out of your way so I will write what you want written.” I sat praying and then started typing and things seemed to be going pretty smoothly but…

A new twist in the story began appearing. I’ve been told by past publishers and editors that if a story has too many twists and turns, several characters, and various events that it can become confusing to the reader. Its almost like trying to put an invisible jigsaw puzzle together and the reader will lose interest.

I finished the chapter…

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Back in the Groove

A Writer's Corner

After writing about my woes I’m happy to say the week-end was nice! Nice, yes, but there was one little unexpected glitch. I decided I needed to see if my gas fireplace was working due to winter cold just around the corner. It’s remote controlled so I grab the remote. I press the buttons – no little clicking sound telling me that the fire is about to pop up through the logs, nothing!

The non-Christian language wanted to spill forth but I was able to contain it. Thank you Jesus. I don’t have to ask for forgiveness and repent of the foul language spilling forth from these lips.

I decided to wait and just take care of it at a later date and went off to bed. During the night and in my deep sleep, I hear a voice that says two simple words, “remote control.”

The next day I…

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The Plumber

A Writer's Corner

The last post I was pouring out my woes to you and things were not looking up. It seemed it was one thing after another and this is the time of year when my big bills come rolling in and must be paid so I was hanging onto the Lords promise to meet all of my needs and now with a new roommate that I’m helping the checkbook might squeal a bit.

We got the smoke alarms taken care of and the T.V. fixed and my handy dandy handyman came yesterday evening and plunged and plunged and plunged and used the “snake” on the guest house toilet all to no avail. “I’ll have to come back Monday with a fifty foot snake and remove the toilet and run the snake the full length.”

Not good news and in the meantime my poor roommate is having to traipse upstairs to use…

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When it Rains it Pours

A Writer's Corner

And I’m not talking about the wet kind of rain. I’m not sure if the enemy of God is really mad because I brought a woman home that was having difficulties and she’s now living with me but it seems one thing after another has happened since then which was just last Friday.

We got my roommate moved in, things put away in my guest house and she was able to get a bit settled and things were going great. She loves her new home and we get along beautifully. We went to church, had a nice lunch and sat around getting acquainted.

Tuesday night we had a nice dinner, sat out on the deck chatting and later parted ways to our own domains and went to bed only to be abruptly jerked straight up in our beds to the screaming of all the smoke alarms in my house blaring.

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Fall is Here

A Writer's Corner

I took this picture in Tn. when I lived there.

Yes, the leaves have started falling, the 98 degree heat is gone, and now I’m in a sweat shirt because it’s 62 degrees! I do love seeing the Lord’s handiwork in the changing of the leaves but I do not, do not like cold weather!

When the Lord moved me to the middle of Podunk nowhere Wyoming He said I would be there a year and a half. I was there through two freezing, and I mean freezing, below zero winters and one 80 degree summer. I absolutely hated having to dig out from blizzards, shoveling snow, and freezing my butt off even with three layers of clothes on. Praise God for Georgia weather!

At least cold weather is good for something, like writing, and ridding us of those pesky mosquito’s. I’ve been able to add a couple of chapters…

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The Lord at Work

A Writer's Corner

Wow, the last few days have been a zinger. Meaning good, but busy. It should never amaze me how the Lord works but at times it does. He’s always at work behind the scenes in our lives regardless of whether we are aware of it or not.

Sunday was a normal get up, go to church, come home, eat lunch, take a nap. It was during my nap part of the day that the phone rang and with that one simple phone call a whole new chapter in this writer’s corner of the world will be beginning. A new chapter, but not in the new book I’m writing, but in my personal life.

Over the years the Lord has used me and my home to help hurting women. I’ve had several move in with me and give them a safe place to heal, be ministered to, and get on their…

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The Juices are Flowing

A Writer's Corner

Not just the words that have been flowing today while writing another chapter to my new book. I was up late last night even after posting that I had just finished another chapter. The words kept flowing and yet another chapter was written before retiring at 3:00 a.m.

The real juices started flowing when I spotted a large Artichoke with my name printed clearly across its petals while grocery shopping yesterday. I couldn’t believe such a large fresh one was sitting right on top of the other scrawny ones. It had to be there just for me!

I grew up in central California, at least the first twelve years of my life was spent there. We were in the Monterey, Carmel, and Salinas area with Casterville close by. Casterville, and surrounding areas, has all sorts of produce crops and Artichokes is one of them. I assume they are still grown…

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Fingers Tapping

A Writer's Corner

No I’m not listening to music. After Doctor appointments, Dentist appoints, Car repairs, trimming bushes and trees, a 2 week visiting guest, and traveling two different states, I rose kind of early this morning and thought about taking a lounge chair and going down to my beach to have some quiet time with the Lord. He said we’d get rest doing that but when I looked at the outside thermometer it read 62 degrees and the wind was blowing. I don’t think so!

Almost my back yard.

So instead I went to Walmart. Okay, I could have gotten quiet before the Lord in my living room but my 90 (now 91) year old friend at the assisted living facility that I’ve been teaching to crochet, joined several others and packed up her bags and much like passengers on a sinking ship bailed ship due to, sadly, many problems with the…

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Ahhh Cool Weather

A Writer's Corner

(I took this picture in Murfreesboro, Tn. when I lived there)

For how many weeks did we have 90+ weather and couldn’t stay outside for more than 10 minutes without breaking into a sweat? The weather people on T.V. said we have had the hottest summer ever! I can sure believe it! No yard work was able to be done except the early morning hours, if then.

I’m loving our 65 degrees today! Yahoooo. I was able to finish up the trimming of Crepe Myrtles, and a large rose bush that needed trimming desperately. The yard is being covered in dry leaves, but my yard man will take care of those.

In the meantime, I’m hoping to get back to the new novel I’m writing. It is definitely getting interesting. As stated before, I have no clue where this story is going but the main character, “Amy,” is making progress…

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