The Future is not Child’s Play

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“My children, My children, there are times when society sees the future as sweet and blissful – as a child playing with no cares or insecurities.

The future is not in the hands of man. The future is not child’s play. My coming is sooner than many expect and it will not be a time of joy and games for those who do not believe.

My children have their security through My promises. Be ready. Light your candles and stand ready. Be blessed in knowing that the Lord your God shall be with you in times that are difficult for all.

Lean not on your own understanding for the future is in My hands, not mans. Go in My peace and filled with My joy. My return shall bring you home.”

Given by the Holy Spirit – 12-14-08

Scriptural references: Ex. 20:5 – Duet. 4:24, 6:15

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They have Plugs in their Ears

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“There is much to be said and many shall not listen for they have plugs in their ears and stones for hearts. The evil within your world shall not abate until I have brought My new earth. Those in paradise shall mount up behind Me and we shall do the battle of all battles.
Listen to Me My children, hard times are near. You must cling to Me through prayer and supplication for the enemy knows he shall win over many who now profess belief. He wears his prey down until they are so weak they cannot stand. His purpose is to rob, steal, and kill! He will attack any whose faith is weak and there are many with weak faith.

My warriors are guarding My children who are faithful and stand firm. Those with little faith need strength yet do not turn to He who is Strength. Be on…

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There is only One God

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“There is one God and only one God. I Am the I Am and any who say otherwise are fools. I am Truth and truth is what I speak. All others are liars. Listen to Me you fools, you who think there is no God. You shall reap what you have sown.

There are those who say they believe there is a God and yawn as they speak their blasphemous lies. You have no clue what is ahead in heaven or hell.

For those who are My children shall also reap what they have sown; love, compassion, reaching out to those who have less, the poor. My children have My Light within them where others have a soul of darkness. They know not what lies ahead for them for many close not only their eyes but their ears. Excuses shall lead them down the wide road. Deception shall be their…

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Fists Turned to Heaven

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imagesCAEFIDNM“The Almighty God which art in heaven sees all that is within heaven and earth and even beneath the earth. His Grace is poured out for all who will accept it yet there are those who refuse and will even blasphemy His name. Those who love Him have the assurance of an eternal home with Him and those who reject Him shall see the fires of hell for all of time and beyond.
God’s love goes beyond human understanding and it is a shame that although He gave His only begotten Son for the sins of all mankind they reject that shed blood. It is a shame that the enemy of God has such powerful influence in men. It is a shame that so many have turned fists to heaven and swear by their own gods. Their god is self. If they refuse the Son of God there is only…

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Let the Nations come to Him

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“The Lord God Almighty, Holy is His Name. King of kings and Lord of lords His Name shall last forever. Bow before Him all ye in worship and in praise for He is above all gods. There is none above Him. Holy, Holy, Holy is His Majesty on High. All the world is at His feet. All bow before Him.

Let ye O’ nations come to Him in humble submission. Bow your heads in shame for your demise is soon to come. Rivers shall dry, the seas recede. The heaven open and all hell shall bow in humble adoration for His presence shall bring you to your knees.

Let not the serpent cast his spell for all will see the end of all time. His teeth marks shall leave their marks yet those who believe will have the nail marks upon their hearts. No man can withstand My power. No…

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