A Warning to America from a Former Muslim: They Are Coming to Kill You! (Video)

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

I began weeping as I watched this woman begging Christians in America to repent and to fast and pray. She is a born again believer – turned from Islam to Jesus. She is telling Americans that we are at war and we don’t even know it.  She is telling Americans that there are at least 5000 ISIS members in the U.S. right now!

This is TRULY a call to prayer and fasting. This is a call to repentance!

Message from Her: IŞIK ABLA

I made my choice. What about you?
I came to a point that I had to make a decision. Whether I have to please Christ or people. Whether I had to open my mouth to expose evil or stay quiet and watch the devil at work. There is a price tag to please God. There is also a…

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The Sounds of Joy


“O’ My children sing your songs of praise. Clap your hands, dance and sing for your voices are music to My ears.

Let all My love fill your hearts, let your music echo throughout the land. Bring praise and joy to all who hear, rejoice upon the land. Carry your tunes far and wide, bring your love to heaven. Bind the spirits who do not rejoice, send them packing with your lovely tunes.

Let not darkness invade your hearts, let not the evil one rob your songs. Lift up your hands in surrender to Me, for I am He who loves to hear the praise of My loved ones dear.

What joy it brings into your heart when love is shown, when love is received. Call out to God in all your joy, let not despair bring forth sorrow for I am with you in all you do.

Rejoice My children, rejoice.

The angels dance upon the clouds, throughout the universe all will cheer. For when your voices raised in love all the angels sing. Let not the times that you are in, the wars, the cries, the times of tears, lead you down a path of pain for you are closely in My hand.

Rejoice O’ children of the Most High God, He awaits the music to fill the sky. Sing loudly, stomp your feet, clap your hands for evil does not like joy.

Praise ye O’ loved ones, your God is listening on the throne. Ring out your words of praise to Him to loves to hear the sounds of joy. Sit in silence for a moment’s time, reflect upon all He’s done. From the cross He came to you to fill your hearts with glee. Rejoice My children for you are free.”

By the Holy Spirit 1-19-07

Scriptural ref’s: Ps. 150



Use Your Gifts to Change the World Wednesday – Be Your Minister’s Armor Bearer

His Perfect Timing

“Humble yourself before God and he will exalt you” (1 Peter 5:6)

Yesterday, as my husband and I sat with my sweet mother-in-law for what seemed like endless hours, waiting for my father-in-law to come out of open heart surgery, a friendly face arrived.  He stayed with us for over four hours and listened endlessly to whatever we said with a pleasant smile.  There was a tireless caring and concern in his demeanor. He refused to leave until the surgery was over, and then escorted family members into the critical care unit to see my father-in-law.  Before he left, he held our hands and led us in prayer. After hugging each of us, he was on his way.

Although comforting sick members and their family is one of a minister’s duties, it occurred to me that he probably had other duties that he fell behind on while he was sitting…

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Foolish as a Puppet


“The worldly ways are as foolish as a puppet on a string. It is not the Holy One who manipulates the strings of those who walk in darkness. The worldly ways are not the Lord’s ways and when eyes are set upon the ways of the world they are blinded to the Light of time.

Seek ye not the kingdom of God and your destiny is guaranteed but not as the Lord would like to have it. Thy kingdom come, Thy will done is foreign in the world of those who speak of status, riches, and those cherished possessions. The cherished possession is the King of kings and Lord of lords for when you possess faith and love for Him you have possessed eternal riches.

Seek ye the kingdom of God and all shall be yours now and forever more. Let not your pride take hold for pride is the tool you place in the hands of Satan.

Cherish the tools the Lord your God places in your hands and heart. His tools do not rust. They brighten and last longer with daily use. Rust ruins not only the mind but the heart, for rusty tools are of no use. They are worthless in the kingdom of God.

Let your heart be as a sponge dipped into the fresh everlasting Water. The Water of life sustains through all the storms of life. Keep your faith, allow it to grow.  Let the silliness of the world flow off of you like the rivers fall from cliffs.

Your heart will receive much more when dipped fully into the Water, not so when only a partial corner. Let your heart fill and overflow. For more can be accomplished when the sponge is full.

A dry, dead heart seeks only those things seen. Be not blind to the ways of the Lord. He is the Light and Light can/does dispel darkness.

Difficult times are on the horizon. A heart filled with love can overcome the evil within the world. Let your heart seek what eternity offers. That is the only Light that is needed.”

By the Holy Spirit 12-19-09

Scripture ref’s: 1Jn. 2:15-17



Suspense at the River


Having left his family behind the man runs along the river and needs to stop to catch his breath. Breathing deeply he looks about while listening to the chirping of the birds. The breeze rustles his hair.

Stroking his beard he walks to the edge of the water. It’s late afternoon and while leaning forward and breathing deeply he  listens to the sounds of nature as he thinks, I better get moving. It will be dark soon.

Taking another quick deep breath he begins to run. Suddenly he hears footsteps behind him alerting him to a possible danger and he glances back but sees no one. He continues to run and has to stop again to catch his breath. He has no idea how far he has run but feels an urgency to accomplish his mission. He kneels down and takes a long drink of the cool clear water. He splashes a little on his face, then continues to run.

Running farther along the shore he slows his pace as he glances back again. The sun has lowered in the sky. Shadows begin to appear along his route and chills skitter down his spine. The footsteps behind become louder, closer, more threatening, yet he isn’t afraid.

Glancing back he suddenly stumbles over a branch lying on the ground and falls into the river, just at the edge, not the deep water. Someone grabs him. He fights, he struggles, he lashes out. His strength is giving out but he continues to fight the stranger and has decided he will fight to the end. He feels his life depends on it.

Water blurs his vision, his hair strings across his face, his beard is soaked feeling heavy on his face, his muscles are weakening but he won’t give up.

No words are spoken and the night melts into the dawn. He’s weak but still determined. The fighting, the wrestling, has continued all through the night. It’s taken its toll on his body. He feels a sudden jab to his hip and groans loudly but continues to wrestle the stranger.

With one last determined spurt of energy he swings at the stranger and grabbing him by his sleeve he wrestles him toward the sandy shore. The silence is suddenly broken as the stranger begs for him to let him go. He won’t let go! He grunts and breathing heavily he grabs the stranger by the shoulders. Shaking him he looks directly into the strangers eyes and yells, “I won’t let you go unless you bless me!”

(Sue’s version) Gen. 32:22-31



Blessings to you.

Stand Strong


“The wolves are hungry and on the rampage. Their teeth are bared; their noses sniff with the scent of all who turn from God’s precepts.

Oh My children, bow in humble adoration for what is to come you shall escape. Your love, faithfulness, and obedience will be rewarded. Those who turn away have no concept of true pain and suffering. Their fates are beyond imagination and the Lord your God sheds tears of sorrow for they know Him not.

Praise Him, give honor and glory to His name for there is none greater. The suffering that shall come cannot be reversed. He has spoken and deaf ears and stone hearts reject all that He is and says. They shall regret their decision. Pray for them for their suffering shall be great on earth and eternally.

Let not the world steal your joy, your peace, or your salvation, for that is the goal of the wolves who lurk about waiting to pounce. Stand firm My children, let not the stone hearted misguide you. They are lost – you are not.

Reach out in love and if your love is rejected, dust off your feet and move on for there are still those who sit on the fence of destitute and salvation.

Be at peace and walk in My ways for I am the I Am.”

By the Holy Spirit 1-7-17




A 16 Year Old Boy’s Vision of the Tribulation

I, like Geri, believe this to be authentic because I have had similar experiences as this young man. I praise God for His Grace and Mercy! We have the choice to experience what the Lord has shown this young man or not. The video is an hour long and well worth the time spent watching.

Thank you Geri for sharing it and may God receive all the praise, honor, and glory.




Sacrifice is Living for Christ

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New Year:Be My Vision

“There are those who believe they are living the life of Christ. They believe they are sacrificing when they are not. Self sacrifice is Jesus on the cross not an hour in church instead of a boat ride on the lake or giving up a ball game on T.V.

Sacrifice is living for Christ.

Putting self aside to do His will no matter what that may be.

Many think they hear the call of God only to serve their own soul desires. Let not man put his own desires above He who created them.

Sacrifice is more than words.

It’s a heart desire to do as He commands. Love one another as He loves you, put others above self, and give as He gives. He blessed each yet there is no appreciation. Many see not the blessings He pours out on them. Many give credit to humans yet humans cannot…

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