Joe Biden is Sick


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Answering A Friend’s Objections To Voting For Trump | Dr. Wayne Grudem (VIDEO)

I had not heard of this man but having watched it – he is truthful, humorous, and VERY knowledgeable. It is an hour but WELL WORTH THE WATCH!

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Pastor Jack Hibbs had this wonderful brother in Christ, Wayne Grudem, who is a Theologian who holds multiple doctorates and has written numerous books; come to Jack’s church to help Christians understand why he supports Donald Trump for President of the U.S.

I pray that this video will reach and change the minds of many Christians who maintain that they cannot vote for Donald Trump.

Father God, I pray that this man’s words about why he supports and votes for President Trump will be received and will change the minds of many “Never-Trumper” Christians. Help them to see that it is the Issues and Policies which are of utmost importance. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


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Violent Rioters Throw Rocks, Attack ‘Jews for Trump’ Convoy: JEWS and BLACKS Should Know Their Place in Politics, Right? WRONG!!! THIS is No Longer the America in Which We Grew Up

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

People have been sending me articles about the “Trump Caravan” of my Jewish people being viciously attacked by lawless, mindless Marxist BLM and ANTIFA. The friends wanted me to write about this.

I cannot tell you how many times I have looked at these videos and read about these attacks. I have become so sickened and angry; I would start a piece and then back away. The fury inside of me was just too much. “Tomorrow, I said to myself…….tomorrow.”

You see, to me this was just another reason to physically attack my people. The scary thing is this – self-hating Jews such as Soros, many in the Illuminati and much of the staff of The NY Times are most dangerous to the Jewish people. They are lauded for their hatred of their own people and they have POWER.

These are not REAL Jews. Somewhere in their lives, they decided…

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Honey, You’re in the South!

What a fun day we have had. MOONSHINE FESTIVAL in Dawsonville, Ga., “just down the road a piece” from me was starting today and we went. Join us in a little afternoon fun…

That’s a real distillery
One of the craft booths had this pillow for sale.
Lots of old time cars and these “bubble” signs. (I guess that’s what you call them.) They had several tables and booths for auto parts, hub caps, etc. I guess they’re hard to find for some of these old classic cars.
That’s REAL moonshine fudge. Gerri tasted some Apple Pie Moonshine fudge. “Ohhh my, it does taste just like moonshine!” I wish I had taken a picture of her puckered up face. LOL She did buy some fudge but regular without the moonshine.
A man built this wooden car and it really runs. He must have used some scrap wood – notice the door that was used for the roof. I’m playing the obvious stow away.
I’ll bet that causes some heads to turn on the road.
Oh you’ll love this. Yes, that’s real eatable fudge. The lady said NOBODY will even sample the Biden fudge and that’s the 2nd batch of the Trump and she’s almost out of it, yet they both taste the same. Go Trump!
Just a cute Fall display for this craft booth that sold some jellies, jams, and whatever.
This is Trump territory and we could not, would not, pass up buying our favorite President’s flag to hang in my yard. I sure hope I don’t get my house egged but if I do, my good neighbor to my left will too because he wanted one, too. Every time Gerri and I see a Trump sign in someone’s yard we yell, “Good people!” Can’t say that about my other neighbor.
“Good people” live here. (My house)

I hope you enjoyed the festival and thanks for joining us in a fun day. See ya’ next time.


Are We Being Led Into a Planned Second Wave of Covid (MUCH Stronger) With Rolling Lockdowns? A Leaked Memo From Canada Predicts Details of NWO Bringing World to Its Knees

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

I urge the reader to watch this 19 minute video to understand what is being alleged by a Canadian Whistle blower. I repeat “alleged” but I agree that this is quite plausible, considering how the world has already been paralyzed by Covid since March of this year. I feel an urgency to allow the reader to see what is being said and to form their own opinions about this.

This is not meant (from me) to bring fear, but only to bring more clarity as to what may be happening in and to our world. I have embedded the video and the text from the memo.


Is this leaked info really Trudeau’s crazy COVID plan for 2021? You decide …


I want to provide you some very important information. I’m a committee member within the Liberal Party of Canada. I sit within several committee groups but…

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Doctors for Truth: Tens of Thousands Medical Professionals Suing and Calling for End to COVID Tyranny

They all can’t be wrong! Enough is enough.

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

A few days ago, I wrote about a very brave doctor from Germany who is speaking truth about the Covid-19 tyranny and how it must stop. Dr. Heiko Schoning was in London speaking his mind about the so-called pandemic and was arrested and thrown into jail. He was released and returned to Germany.

If you missed that article, I will post the link here:

“DOCTORS FOR THE TRUTH” Doctors from Europe for the TRUTH About Covid-19: Watch Leader of Group Arrested in London – This is INSANITY

I am not certain if the enormous group of doctors and nurses who call themselves “Doctors for Truth” is part of Dr. Shoning’s group or not. I pray that if they are separate groups that they come together – Strength in Numbers…….


Doctors for Truth: Tens of Thousands Medical Professionals Suing and Calling for End to COVID Tyranny

Tens of thousands…

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