When the Credit Card Comes Due

Inspirational Christian Blogs When the Credit Card Comes DueRob Pue Aug 28
Our greatest enemies have become our so-called “public servants” who invariably become wealthy in office while we suffer
By Rob Pue, Publisher – Wisconsin Christian News 

Imagine with me, if you will, what it would be like to live next door to a family with the fanciest house in town.  In fact, the fanciest house in the country.  These next-door neighbors of yours have everything: they live in a mansion, drive the world’s most expensive cars, have a fleet of private jets and eat like kings.  Yet, they don’t really work.  On paper, they work less than half the days in a year, but even when they’re working, their performance is so poor that any employer paying any amount of attention would have fired them years ago.  Still, they continue to hold their so-called “jobs” and are never held accountable for failure after failure.

One day, these neighbors of yours, come begging at your door, hat in hand, with a very sad story about how they’re about to have their mortgage foreclosed.  They admit to you that they’re utterly broke and unless you help them, they’re going to lose their home and everything they own.  But they’re very sneaky in the way they present their plea.  In fact, before they leave, they have you convinced that they’ve actually come to HELP YOU!

You’re a conservative Christian and you work every day, from sun-up to sun-down.  You’ve been very fiscally responsible.  You work hard to pay your bills on time, you drive a 15-year-old car and you watch every penny, giving freely to Christian ministries and those in need.  As a result, you have a small “nest egg” put away for a rainy day when your family may run into trouble.  Being the most generous Christian on earth, you give your entire savings to this next-door family, which leaves your own savings account now at zero.  “I can always start over again,” you tell yourself. “This family is in need and I will help them.”

Immediately, however, you notice something amiss.  Your neighbors start throwing huge parties at their house.  Upon investigation, you find they haven’t spent a single penny you gave them toward their mortgage payments.  Instead, they’re spending it on parties, lavish vacations, prostitutes, drugs — and their giving much of the money to wicked organizations that you, as a Christian and a conservative, vehemently oppose.  They’re donating to Planned Parenthood, Marxist/Communist groups, the LGBTQP+ movement, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and they’re actively supporting a radical transgender curriculum in your local public school.

A month goes by and your neighbors are back at your front door, weeping openly about how they have no money.  They’re completely, utterly broke and deeply in debt.  But this time, they show up with a pre-approved credit card application, good for $100,000 and they’ve already filled it out and signed your name to it.  They just came to your door to show you what they’ve done, assuring you that they desperately need the money in order to keep their household running, and telling you they’re sending it in and the credit card will arrive in the next two weeks — to THEIR house, in their name — but the bills will be sent to you.  And somehow, once again, they convince you this is for your benefit.

Another month goes by, the same as the first time.  They’re still not paying their bills, but continue spending with reckless abandon and now you’re getting notices in the mail that the credit card has exceeded the limit and now you’re liable not only for the $100,000, but also for the 25% interest rate as well as the over-limit and late fees, accruing daily.

By now, it’s gotten to the point that YOU are bankrupt, yet your neighbors continue living their high lifestyle.  They still only bother to show up for work less than half the time; they’re still the worst employees imaginable, yet they still keep their jobs, for which they rake in more in one year than you would ever earn in ten.  But they’re still broke.  You then find out they’ve done the same thing to everyone else in your neighborhood, yet they’re not even attempting to pay so much as the interest on the debt they’ve racked up.

Then, you discover they’re actually traitors to our country, working hand in hand with our enemies and selling out our country.  Some in this family are even dealing drugs now, engaging in child sex trafficking and routinely sponsor or attend sadistic satanic rituals — all the while collecting huge sums of money, and lining their own pockets with it.  They still don’t have their financial house in order, they’re deeply in debt, beyond anything you could ever fathom, and they just don’t care.  You also learn they’ve been illegally printing counterfeit money, and every law enforcement agency in the country knows about all of their many crimes, but this family is “untouchable.”  There’s no longer a court in the land that would ever even consider their crimes, much less convict them.  They own everyone.

Because of that, they’re now emboldened to do whatever they wish, with no accountability to anyone.  There’s no limit to the evil they will do, and get away with.  Then one day, you wake up and find they’re at your door with a long list of rules which they say you must obey or go to prison.  Handing over most of your hard-earned paycheck is among the least of these rules.  They also announce, you will need to pay them for virtually everything you do.  If you drive your car, you’ll be forced to pay them for the privilege.  You were diligent in paying off your own mortgage, but you’ll still be forced to pay huge amounts of money each year to live there.

If you buy food, clothing or anything else, you’ll be forced to pay for those privileges too.  When you take your dog out for a walk, you’re reminded that you’re being forced to pay for the privilege of having a dog in the first place, as well as for the sidewalk you’re walking on, and the shoes you’re wearing.Then one day, they call you up and tell you you’re not allowed to open the business you started from scratch and worked so hard over the years to build up.  Others in your family are no longer allowed to go to work either.  But it’s ok… they’re going to give you a small allowance to live on until you’re allowed to work again.  But if you’re a business owner and if the company you built goes under after being forcibly shut down, it’s not their problem.

The next day, they come over and tell you that now you’ll be forced to wear a dog muzzle in order to be allowed to go out in public.  If you don’t wear one, you have to stay home.  They’ve now partnered with just about every “privileged” company in the country as well, so those companies now take their orders from your next-door neighbors who have now become so rich and powerful, they literally control everything, from the food you eat to the home you live in, to the thoughts you are allowed to express in public.  Then, they declare that you to be stabbed with a shot that has a very good chance of permanently injuring you or killing you.  YOU have no choice.  These neighbors continue to tell you that everything they’ve been doing is for your own good, and most of the town believes them.  Oh, and not only do they control everything you do — they also openly spy on you, listen to your phone calls and private conversations and they even claim ownership of your DNA now.

But they’re not really rich.  In reality, they’re poor, blind and naked, but they don’t have the sense to realize it.  They’ve been living on credit all this time — in more ways than one.  But now, having spent all the money that you and others in your town once had, they’re now using the credit cards issued by our country’s worst enemies.  But our enemies are not so weak, and far from forgiving.  They’re demanding payment, but the neighbors are still broke.

So they make some backroom deals with our enemies.  They hand over control of massive amounts of farmland, ports of entry and then start selling off private homes — just to pay the interest on their debt.  They’re so desperate to keep the wolves away from their own front doors, they’re willing and eager to do whatever our enemies tell them to do — to US.  For now, they’re not suffering at all.  In fact, they’ve exempted themselves from all the rules they set for the rest of us.  What’s more, they’re piling up even more “monopoly money” given to them by our enemies — for themselves, off the books, of course — while the official balance sheet has been in the red since long before you were even born.

Then the people of the town begin to wake up and start to say “enough is enough.”  One day, they hold a massive rally to demand justice.  But now, it’s too late.  Hundreds are arrested and jailed — for daring to challenge the injustice.  Others are persecuted and prosecuted for thinking illegal thoughts or having illegal opinions.

And the house next door continues to host wild parties, the neighbors continue to eat and live like kings, thumbing their noses at the “law” while imposing new restrictions and unjust laws on not just your town, but the whole nation.  After all, they’ve learned they can easily get away with it, and now that they’ve tasted power, they’ll do literally anything to continue to imbibe.

In 1981, at Ronald Reagan’s inaugural address, he stated, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’”  Indeed.  Nothing the government does is efficient, cost effective or helpful to American citizens anymore.  Our greatest enemies have become our so-called “public servants” — who enter politics with a modest net worth but somehow become multi-millionaires or billionaires within a year or two of their so-called “service.”

Meanwhile, our country mourns.  I believe we’ve past the point of no return.  Short of a revolution in this nation, I see no way we’ll ever reclaim our God-given rights, enshrined in our country’s founding documents and engraved on the very walls of the chambers where our “servants” strip us of those rights and load us down with ever-increasing heavy, bone-crushing burdens.  Our servants have now become our masters, or perhaps better stated: the inmates are running the asylum.

Now we have the “Inflation Reduction Act” — with a price tag said to be $740 billion.  There’s no doubt that it will cost much, much more than that.  Analysts across the board have stated that this new move by Congress will do anything BUT reduce inflation.  Even those who imposed this monstrosity upon us are no longer talking about “inflation reduction.”  Instead, they’re referring to it as “climate change” and “healthcare” relief.  But friends, lies are lies.  Climate change and the whole agenda that goes with that is a lie, and so is our healthcare system.  Our “justice” system is equally beyond repair as the innocent are imprisoned while the worst of the worst criminals walk free and continue to party on.

Among the many things charged on this latest credit card are 87,000 new IRS agents.  And not just any IRS agents.  The new recruits are going to be hand-picked and they must be willing to undergo firearms training and be willing to use deadly force against US citizens in their new careers with the “SS.”  It was said these agents were only going to be looking at tax-cheaters who earn $400,000 or more a year.  But you don’t need 87,000 new agents to accomplish that.  They’re coming for you and me, friends.  And now, they’re planning to come armed…even as they work hard to remove all our defenses.

Couple this with the now fully compromised FBI — which has steadfastly looked the other way regarding the crimes of Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jeffery Epstein and the Biden Crime Cartel, to name just a few; our Department of Defense, which has now been authorized to use force to inject citizens with the Monkeypox stab — or any other stab of their choice; the CIA, which continues to perpetrate black ops and then roll out the “official narrative” to the public via the mainstream media, as they’ve been doing for years — and it’s obvious to anyone with eyes to see that our government is absolutely, totally and completely corrupt to the core.

How do we rescue ourselves from such despotism?  The answer is, we don’t.  God can, and maybe He will, if we will sincerely repent of our national hedonism and apathy and the lukewarmness among professing Christians.  But I believe we’re too stiff-necked as a people to ever bow the knee to the Almighty — until that Day when the “credit card” comes due and ALL knees will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.  

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Buffet Christianity

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Today, we live in the age of insatiable consumerism, where the ability to create and make our own choices is considered to be a right. It’s not ‘s surprising then that this attitude has crept into the church. The result is a demand for a ‘Buffet Christianity‘ in which the believer can choose or reject what’s being offered as the notion strikes them.  


This begs the question: “is this ‘build your own gospel’ really the smart thing to do? Are we somehow better off taking our Bibles and keeping what we like and tossing the rest? When it comes to matters of faith, do we really have the right to choose what we believe? And what would Jesus himself say about all of this?”

Well, Jesus actually did address this very subject. Let’s look at Matthew’s gospel, beginning in chapter four, where we find his account of Jesus…

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Face Masks-The Epitome of Stupid Government

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This may be hard to understand for those of you that live in sane parts of the country, but masks in blue state America are still very much a thing and are not going away, not in medical offices anyway. Those of us that live in them need to accept this and decide to either have continually uncomfortable conversations with receptionist gatekeepers, form our own underground network of providers, or move.

My dentist’s office has been fanatical about masks throughout Covid, but I was so hoping by now common sense had finally arrived and that they had ditched the state health department’s mask requirement. I walked in today smiling large and gave the receptionist a boisterous hello, naively hoping she’d pull down her mask and we’d smile and laugh like pre Covid times.

Nope, not even close. I was handed a mask as soon as I walked in. I feigned…

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Thinking About Evil

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Artaxes has an awesome post up featuring a 12 minute video by satirist/realist JP called, Why I Changed MY mind About Evil! (I Was WRONG). Because WordPress has absolutely butchered how shared posts are viewed, I’m going to cut and paste Artaxes commentary, along with the video below.

From Artaxes:

“JP is known for his funny videos and his political satire. He is no theologian but he gives a very useful working definition of evil. He gives also very good advice on how to recognize eivil and how to deal with it. Although not theologically accurate on some points, this video is much more useful than the stuff that comes from many theologians.”

My own perspective is that JP nails it. I’ve been thinking a lot about good and evil lately so his video was timely. Just how exactly does evil manifest in real life and in what areas am…

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The Dream – (48) Pictures are Worth…

It is sometimes difficult to visualize the changes that are being made unless we have a few pictures to help us along. I went over to the ministry home this morning and pulled weeds out of the front garden. I didn’t have enough “umph” left to tackle the ones where the front steps and walkway will be so try not to let those distract you. Obviously the front steps are another “to do” on the list but I was told cement guys, those that do that, are booked up, so we wait. We still have to install the shutters and I’m not sure when that will be done. But this is the progress we’ve made to the outside. I think, “you’ve come a long way baby” fits.

Remember back when we first started. Oh my.
The shrubs were up rooted and we were digging up the stumps. We did pressure wash the front to remove all the yuck from the shrubs.
Once I got the roots and “yuck” out I started planting.

Adding the birdbath, bird house, and fawn deer gave it just the right touch.
With the planting done, the mulch put down, the edging was then installed.

The garden being finished and the house painted, (transforming the red front door to a Teal and covering the natural brick with gray) we still have the shutters to do and installing steps, but other than that, we are pretty much finished outside.

And the Rose of Sharon has bloomed

Update: My energy levels are getting a little better after my “July from Hell.” I want to thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement. I’m doing a bit better and moving forward.

Until next time blessings to you.

Into the Light Ministry

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Our Country, Apart From God

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Rob Pue Aug 14

The further America moves from God, the more we as a nation suffer, Biden and the Democrats prove this
By Rob Pue, Publisher – Wisconsin Christian News

As we continue to endure the tragic consequences in our nation of a country that has rejected God in favor of sin and “self,” the future of America has never been more bleak.  The bad news seems to be never-ending, and it’s blatantly obvious that everything our government officials are doing — and have been doing over the past several years — is designed to further a Leftist/Communist agenda that’s much, much bigger than most of us realize.  To say that those in power do not have the best interests of the country and our citizens in mind as they push their wicked plans forward, would be a most ridiculous understatement.

The United States is now controlled by the God-hating Left.  Perhaps, in their twisted, demented minds, they think they’re working toward an admirable goal.  Unfortunately, they are demonic — of their father, the devil — and it’s HIS  work they’re doing, and his goals they’re working toward, and achieving.

The current illegitimate occupant of our White House now has the lowest poll numbers of anyone in history.  A recent Gallup Poll showed that only 13% of Americans now approve of Biden’s performance.  Yet the destruction continues.  This is the man who took an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”  Unfortunately, he himself is Enemy Number One domestically and he’s in strong allegiance with all our foreign enemies as well.  More unfortunate yet, it seems just about every politician has violated their oath of office as well.

This is to be expected, as our country has steadily sought to push God out of every institution and area of life.  We’ve rejected God’s laws and replaced them with those of depraved men and women.  The satanist Aleister Crowley stated “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”  And so we have, and so we have what we have today.

God gave us His Holy law — the Ten Commandments — for our benefit.  If we were to base our national laws on these ten, or even if we were simply to keep the first two, we would not, today, be in such desperate turmoil.  Instead, we did away with God’s Ten and replaced them with countless thousands of others, which only us poor people are bound to follow.  Our political “masters” are above the law, never held accountable, even when they’re caught red-handed.  There will be a Day of reckoning for them when they stand before the Holy, Almighty God, their Creator.  Until then, though, we seem to be at their mercy.

Perhaps this is the “justice” we deserve.  Not the justice we seek, but the justice we deserve, for allowing them to get away with it all for so long.  The righteous in America ceded their God-given authority to evil dictators, and so we understand what Proverbs 29 means, first-hand: “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice, but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”

We’ve been moving steadily away from God and His Word for more than seventy years, and the further away we go the heavier the burden and the more we suffer as a nation.  And as we’ve left God behind, we’ve embraced all manner of sin and evil, selfish desires and lustful behaviors.  Perhaps you haven’t, but our nation has, as a whole, and so our whole nation will continue to suffer, unless and until there is national repentance.  But it’s going to take some serious repentance of Biblical proportions to stay the hand of God’s judgment now.

Abortion — the shedding of the most innocent of blood in the womb, has led to unbridled bloodshed in our streets.  Mass shootings, mob violence, and lawlessness.  As a youngster, I learned that “Jesus loves the little children.”  Indeed, and He’s serious about that.  For us to allow them to be murdered by the millions, under color of law for fifty years, seems unforgivable.  We’re also dealing with human trafficking, CHILD trafficking, pornography, drug and alcohol abuse, unprecedented mental illness and suicides, and now we’re not only pridefully embracing sodomy, we’re teaching young children to embrace and celebrate it as well.

Speaking of child murder, on August 2nd, voters in Kansas had an opportunity to pass what was called the “Value Them Both Amendment,” which would have ended any questions regarding the legality of killing one’s own child.  The amendment failed, as 86% voted to make abortion a constitutional right in Kansas.

The organization “Abolish Abortion Texas” recently shared a video posted on YouTube showing women how to build a “Do It Yourself Abortion Altar.”  This literally teaches women how to sacrifice their murdered unborn children on an ALTAR.  Yes, an altar.  The woman in the video built her abortion altar with crystals, candles, tarot cards and incense.  She adds her abortion pills to the altar to “bless” them before she takes them.  She also recommends that women place their murdered child’s body in a container on the altar to “save for later when we find a way to properly dispose of the fetal remains in a way that gives reverence and respect and support to this ‘sacred abortion experience.’”  This is sick stuff, friends.

Meanwhile, we’re still facing the largest economic crisis since the Great Depression.  Hyper-inflation has already begun.  The cost of essentials, like energy and food will soon be beyond most people’s reach.  Studies show that the majority of Americans are only nine meals away from starvation.  What happens when the food in the stores becomes too expensive to purchase — or stops showing up in the stores altogether?

The housing market is crashing and burning even as mortgage interest rates continue to rise, making it impossible for first-time home buyers to qualify.  And as the economy slows to a snail’s pace, people lose jobs and credit cards are maxed out, it will be impossible for most to refinance their homes, so they’ll be out on the street.  We already have more homelessness in America than we had during the Great Depression.

Many places of business are no longer accepting cash for payment and the US dollar is poised to be phased out in favor of a World Digital Currency.  Meanwhile, Klous Schwab of the World Economic Forum recently stated that people should not be allowed to own their own cars any longer — cars should be shared with others or “rotated” between groups of people — but people should not be allowed to own their own cars.  This is their “build back better” plan.  It’s just the start of “you will own nothing and you’ll like it.”

Most are not aware that the Chinese military has been training in Mexico and Canada for several years now.  There are military bases in both those countries with thousands of Chinese troops.  Multiple high-level Chinese officials have stated openly that the purpose of these bases is for the coming invasion of the United States.  They’re not even trying to hide their intentions any longer.

Videos have shown ships owned by China loaded with weapons already nearby.  We’ve all seen the footage of all those container ships off our coastlines, backed up by the supply chain seige, waiting to unload their cargo to trucks and trains which can’t move anything because there’s no diesel to run them.  But embedded among those cargo ships are highly sophisticated weapons systems built into the containers on the ships themselves.  Those containers actually contain high-powered missile launchers and we’ve seen live video footage of them being tested.  At the same time, even as China owns and operates multiple ports in Mexico, not to mention the Panama Canal, cruise ships have been converted into troop and weapons carriers.  They still look like normal cruise ships, but they’re loaded with Chinese tanks and troops.

But what are our politicians and so-called “leaders” now most concerned with?  Besides depopulating the earth of white Christian males, I mean…   Homosexual rights, “transgender” indoctrination, and brainwashing our children from the youngest of ages.  If you still don’t take this seriously, consider the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  They’re now claiming that children as young as three can identify as “transgender,” and the website for that department advises teachers to ask students before assuming what a student’s preferred pronouns might be.  According to Breitbart, “The department also advocates for teachers to celebrate a ‘gender-neutral day’ in which students are asked to pick ‘two to three ways they will reject gender stereotypes for the day.’”

Meanwhile, the San Diego Unified School District has just adopted a new K-12 “queer” curriculum.  It’s stated goal is “dismantling heteronormativity and promoting a constellation of new sexual identities such as ‘gender-queer,’ ‘non-binary,’ ‘pan-sexual’ and ‘two-spirit.’”  The curriculum vilifies straight people, especially straight WHITE people and especially straight WHITE MALES.  If you think this is just the state of Pennsylvania or the city of San Diego, you’d be absolutely, completely, totally wrong.  This stuff is being forced into every public school system, large and small and even charter and private schools are embracing it.

Remember when homosexuals said they just wanted to be treated “equally?”  I’ve dealt with these militant monsters on the streets, face to face, and they’re the most mean-spirited, violent, wicked people I’ve ever encountered.  It’s not equality they want.  They want our blood, they want supremacy, and they especially want kids.

Their “lobby” is so all-encompassing and powerful, they now direct public discourse in everything from public schools to professional sports.  On July 19th the House of Representatives passed H.R. 8404, also known as the “Respect For Marriage Act.”  This codifies sodomite so-called “marriage” into federal law and forever smashes the Defense of Marriage Act.  The measure passed the House on a vote of 267-157 and now heads to the Senate, where it’s predicted to pass — if the Leftists can get just ten Republicans to vote “yes.”  You’d probably be stunned to know the Republicans who’ve said they’ll likely vote for it.  Our Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is among them, just so you’re aware.

And even as the veil is slowly being lifted on the scam-demic of the COVID STAB, we’re now being led by the rings in our noses into the “world-wide health emergency” known as Monkeypox.  This is a pestilence in which 98% of those who have caught it are men who have sex with other men, or bi-sexual men who have sex with men and then with women.  In a handful of reported cases, children have contracted Monkeypox — but in EVERY ONE of those cases, they were children who lived in sodomite homes.  I shudder to think what is going on behind those closed doors.  Even worse, if facts were brought to bear proving these poor children were being raped and sodomized, I doubt any court in the land would ever convict the perpetrators.

So now, even as we head into fall, and the November elections, we have another “world-wide health emergency” and a ready-made vaccine STAB that can easily be made mandatory.  The US Department of Defense already has the power to force it.  It’s not enough that fewer Americans than ever still trust the election system — now there will be a new thing for the sheeple to fear, new dictatorial powers within the health establishment, government and military, to keep the running joke of the elites running.  Now that they’ve tasted “power” they’re not giving it up without a fight, no matter how many of us die.

This is our country apart from God.  This is our country following Satan’s decree of “do what thou wilt.”  This is our country — once blessed by God as we reverenced and honored Him and His laws, established for our benefit; now cursed by God and given over to our depraved minds.

If there’s any hope left, it’s only in a true, deep repentance and humble return to Christ.  A return to the biblical precepts on which this nation was established so long ago, if such a thing is even possible at this late hour.  May we all grab ahold of the hem of His garment and beg His mercy — and may all who will go to Him, go to Him now.
© 2022 Rob Pue
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Audio CDs and text versions of this message are available when you call me at Wisconsin Christian News, (715) 486-8066. Or email Rob@WisconsinChristianNews.com. Ask for message number 368.By Rob Pue, Publisher – Wisconsin Christian News

Hope for the Human Race


Mitch Teemley

Last week I posted a snarky photoblog entitledNo Hope for the Human Race! but promised a counter-blog this week. Here it is. In the world of rhetoric, anecdotes are not considered sufficiently pursuasive to prove a point — unless there are enough to show a trend. Is there hope for the human race? Hard to say. Just to be sure, we should probably start a trend!

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I’m Back -Temporarily

Can I say that the “taking a break” turned into a July from Hell. Without going into a whole lot of boring details, I was hospitalized twice last month for 4-5 days each time. I give all the glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus for my now being home and recovering. The gash on my head that required 5 staples is healing nicely and I’m regaining some strength.

Okay, I know you’re just dying to know how I split my head open. In a simple explanation, my Blood Pressure took a major nose dive and I blacked out slamming my head into a solid wooden wall. (I’m sure glad I didn’t feel it!) That’s what landed me in the back of an ambulance and from there things just took on a mind of their own, so to speak. Being released from one hospital didn’t do the trick so a week later I was admitted to another hospital. My 2 insurance cards and Drivers License that were stolen at the first hospital still haven’t been found. But the Lord has His hand on me and I’m healing.

Obviously I haven’t been able to keep up with all that has taken place at the ministry house. I did manage to go by to stake up the Rose of Sharon I had planted. Isn’t it funny how something other than what is going on will just bug the tar out of you? Through all the hospital, Dr’s, etc. I kept thinking how I needed to stake the Rose of Sharon because the last storm we had, had it all bent over and I want it to grow straight and tall.

I managed to do that and I noticed when I pulled into the driveway the house had been painted. I was against painting over the bricks but it happened anyway. Its a dark gray and does look nice. The front door has been painted a blue and I noticed that before the gray. It almost slaps you in the face. 🙂

I wish I had taken my camera but I did get the Rose of Sharon staked up and it looks so pretty! It has 4-5 large purple flowers on it and really stands out against the gray background and I’m thrilled about that. I pulled a few weeds that popped up and then went inside.

One of the men from church was changing some of the light fixtures, the new sofa looks fantastic in the living room and is very comfortable. (I know because I rested on it for a few minutes) and there’s 2 beds set up in one bedroom. (same “Psych. beds”) It’s my understanding that Pastor has now decided to have 5 women; 2 in 2 of the bedrooms and one in the master bedroom.

Other than that I didn’t notice any major changes inside. I don’t know if windows have been repaired yet, it didn’t look like it, or if the attic has been insulated. Two major repairs that were yet to be done.

One other thing I forgot to mention (back tract) is that the carport has been cleared out on the most part of the saw horses that were piled with wood and edging and a lot of junk removed. The old plywood panels that were nailed up to close in one side of the carport have been removed. Wow, what a difference and with the new paint it looks great!

I didn’t stay very long since I had just gotten out of the hospital the day before. I just HAD to stake that Rose of Sharon or go nuts thinking about it, but the energy level was dropping fast and I still had to drive home.

I’m not sure how often I will be able to do any updates due to recovering and my own plate that seems to be running over right now. The ministry home is still being renovated and hopes are high that inside will be completed soon and outside can be started. The old shed needs to come down, a couple of trees taken out, and a back yard cleaned up.

But for now the Lord is still blessing us.

Until next time, blessings to you.

Into the Light Ministry

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Seek the Old Paths

Site logo imageInspirational Christian BlogsSeek the Old PathsRob PueAug 7It’s time to seek out the old paths, as peculiar people, set apart from the profane ways of this world 
By Rob Pue, Publisher – Wisconsin Christian News 

Just about every week, I’m contacted by folks who are desperately searching for a church body in their area to be a part of, with a pastor who is unafraid and unashamed of preaching the whole counsel of God, regardless of who it may offend.  Unfortunately, I can offer little hope to them.  Churches like this seem to have gone the way of the horse and buggy.

Some time ago, a friend shared with me his experience in visiting a new church, that he had hoped would be a good fit.  His experience went something like this: Upon entering the church, he was greeted by a coffee shop, replete with soft, cushiony couches, secular magazines, cable television and internet access.  Nearby was the “auditorium” where the band was playing Bon Jovi on the “stage.”  The auditorium was almost completely dark; only the stage was illuminated with theatrical lighting.

They passed the offering “bucket” not once, but twice, and then, just before the pastor dismissed the “crowd,” he had the ushers pass out his personal “wish list” of things he would like people to buy for him.  When the “service” was over, the “pastor” didn’t greet people as they filed out, but instead, he sat in a corner and joked with a friend, completely ignoring his congregation.

Sadly, more churches than ever are now following this format in the misguided attempt to be more “seeker friendly.”  Another friend told me a similar story of a church they had visited while out of town.  The style and format was very similar, and my friend’s response was the same — they left with an empty feeling, wondering what had just happened, and what the purpose of the whole thing was supposed to be.

Often times, well meaning readers of Wisconsin Christian News ask for copies of our newspaper to place in their church.  Unfortunately, after 23 years of publishing, I must inform them that our newspaper is absolutely NOT welcome in 99% of churches.  You see, our newspaper takes a firm stand opposing abortion, we favor traditional marriage and family, and we work to uphold conservative Christian values — not to mention a literal interpretation of the Scriptures, with a simple belief that the Bible is actually true.  (What a concept!)  These churches could not take the chance that someone in their midst might take offense at such things, so even if the pastor will accept a few copies of the paper from one of his members, he throws them all in the trash the minute they walk out the door.  The church leadership in these places walk on eggshells, being ever so careful to make sure everyone remains comfortably numb, everything is accepted and no lifestyle is perceived as wrong.

Much was made of the statistics, released a few years ago, that showed equal numbers of Christian marriages ending in divorce as non-Christian marriages.  But this was just the tip of the iceberg.  Today, “Christians” look so much like the “world,” that the two are virtually identical, and divorces among “Christian” couples now outnumber those of non-Christian couples.  Even worse, when last I checked, 76% of regular church going evangelicals now approve of so-called “same-sex marriage.”  One lost soul put it this way: “Christians are the same as we are, except Christians have a bunch of rules to follow, they live in guilt because they don’t keep the rules, can’t do anything ‘fun,’ and think they’re better than us.  They’re a bunch of hypocrites.”

When you cater to the world, this is the result you end up with.  Cowardly church leadership has tried so hard to be “seeker friendly” and look “cool” to the unsaved world, that they have now become as worldly as the world their forefathers once tried to reach with the Gospel.  Some are simply misguided.  Others are more guilty, because they’ve actively turned the faith into a money-making venture.  “Seeker-friendly,” to them, is not a method of winning souls to Christ.  It’s a business plan.

Repeatedly, Scripture tells us to sanctify ourselves, to be separate from the world, to not compromise, but rather to be set apart.  In the Old Testament, we see that as the Israelites entered the Promised Land, the Lord told them NOT to compromise with the heathen inhabitants there.  He did NOT say, “act like they act, be like them, and they will like you.  Then you can teach them about Me.”  No, they were not to imitate them in any way.  To do so would mean certain destruction.

In the New Testament, John tells us, “Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For everything in the world — the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes and the boasting of what he has and does — comes not from the Father but from the world.” (1 John 2:17).  We’re to be in the world, (as salt and light) but not OF the world.  So why are more and more Christian leaders teaching that it’s ok to look like the world if, by doing so, we can add more people to the church?

To find the answer, we need to ask a deeper question: who are we building the church for?  It’s obviously not for Christ and the Kingdom of God, because in compromising with the world, we negate the teaching of Scripture.  Maybe we can get more people through the doors, but what is the purpose of that?  Are we really trying to save souls?  Or are we simply trying to increase our “market share?”

One pastor I spoke to boasted about the size of his church.  “Yeah,” he said, “we worship about 3,000 people on a weekend here.”  Oh, really?  You “worship” about 3,000 people?  And what is the result?  How many of those 3,000 know Christ as their Savior?  How many have fruitful, changed lives?  Are they drawing closer to God?  Or are they coming for the rock band, the comedian, the gourmet coffee?  You call that worship of the Living God?

I’ve seen these churches, and the people there learn nothing of God.  They come to church wearing T-shirts with vulgar sayings on them, because they truly don’t know any better.  They couldn’t locate a Scripture reference if their lives depended on it (and, by the way, they do), and they cannot even explain the plan of salvation, much less tell you why Christ is the only way to heaven.  There’s no reverence for God, no respect, just a feel-good pep rally.

The Christian life is not one of cushy comfort and ease.  We’re specifically called to leave our personal comfort zones and impact the world.  Somehow in America today, we’ve managed to get it completely backwards.  Satan delights in his success as he sees one church after another trying to out-entertain the next one.  It’s a circus sideshow, described in Ephesians 4:18-19, “They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts. Having lost all sensitivity, they have given themselves over to sensuality so as to indulge in every kind of impurity, with a continual lust for more.”

Isn’t it time we get past the entertainment culture, and embrace something more wholesome and spiritually nutritious?  It’s time we put away these foolish, childish things and embrace the substantial, the Holy.  We can never “out-entertain” the secular entertainment world, nor should we ever try to.

Ephesians 5:15-17, “Be very careful, then, how you live – not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore, do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.”

Have some respect for God.  Have some respect for His house.  Worship Him properly, with reverence and awe.  Study His Word to learn His ways and His will for you.  The Christian life is not restrictive and certainly not boring.  But it is a higher path and a narrow gate, and it calls for godliness, righteousness, self control and self-denial.  Those are just a few of the basics — and it’s time we get back to them.

Now, I realize it’s nearly impossible today to find a church body that even remotely attempts to follow the ways of the early Church that Christ built.  The Institutional Church is in the midst of the Great Falling Away.  But there’s nothing stopping you from starting your own Home Church.  This is the biblical model of the early disciples.  Maybe it’s just your own family at first, but as you take the responsibility of building yourself up for the work of the ministry, you’ll be emboldened by the Holy Spirit to invite others.  What an amazing opportunity to make disciples — and then train THEM up for the work of the ministry as well.

I also have a deep and great respect for the Mennonite people.  Perhaps you think you could never join such a serious and strict community.  They look different and they act different and you’re not used to that.  But let me remind you of 1 Peter 2:9, “But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, that you should show forth the praises of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.”

Yes, the Mennonites ARE a peculiar people — in a world gone insane with the Institutional Church leading the way.  Let’s also read a portion of 2 Corinthians 6, “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness? And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? For you are the temple of the living God; as God has said, I will dwell in them and walk in them, and I will be their God and they shall be My people. Wherefore, come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you.”Also from Jeremiah, 6:16, “Thus said the LORD, Stand in the ways, and see, and seek the old paths, where is the good way and walk therein, and you shall find rest for your souls. But the people said, ‘We will not walk therein.’”

God’s calling us to be different from the carnal world around us. He’s calling us to be a “peculiar people.”  He’s promised us rest for our souls if we follow the old paths.  Yet just as in Jeremiah’s day, the people still say, “We will not walk therein.”Friends, I’ve learned that the Mennonite people do not crave the lustful things of this world.  Their clothing is plain and modest, rather than gaudy and shameful.  Their children are raised in loving homes where God is reverenced, their father is the “priest” in the home and together with their mother, the children are trained up in the way they should go.  They seek to walk in the “old paths” that our Creator designed for our benefit.

They also follow in the footsteps of the early disciples in that each learns a trade to provide for their families.  They’re not corrupted by the wicked public schools and colleges but still, most own their own businesses.  Young men begin as apprentices and eventually begin a business of their own.  There are Mennonite builders and construction workers and the craftsmanship of their work is unrivaled.  Some are dentists or doctors.  Some own grocery stores.  Some are welders, mechanics or bakers.  They know how to raise their own food and don’t rely on government handouts.  And do you know why Mennonites were not so fearful of the ravages of COVID?  Because they don’t watch television!  But they ARE informed and very aware of current events — and they do read Wisconsin Christian News!

We can learn a lot from them.  Their church meetings are filled with reverence for God.  No rock bands — not even a church organ.  They sing acappella and if you’ve ever heard a Mennonite choir, you know it’s a truly awe-inspiring taste of heaven.  Many today are hurting in their souls and our modern churches and preachers are not helping, as they try to mix the carnal, worldly, lustful things of Satan with the Holy things of God.  It’s time to seek out the old paths, as peculiar people, set apart from the profane ways of this world.  There we WILL find rest for our souls. 

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