Spare Me Your Empty Platitudes


Freedom Through Empowerment

Jeffrey Tucker of the Brownstone Institute has a great post on the hypocrisy of western leaders hyperventilating about Putin’s thuggish take over of Ukraine, while conveniently side stepping their own horribleness with authoritative COVID measures. As Tucker states:

“The “free world” has lost the moral high ground to preach to the “unfree” world about rights, liberties, and democracy. For two years, most every government in the West experimented with new forms of servitude in the name of public health. They showed how emergency powers can be deployed to lock people in their homes, shut businesses, cancel church, close parks, ban travel, censor speech – massive attacks on essential freedoms all justified simply because the people in power said it was justified.”

And he’s right, such glowing words we’ve been hearing lately about freedom, democracy and human rights from people who have at times trashed these same principles in their own…

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The Dream (8.) – Finally A Bright Side

That last Sunday when we told Pastor we’d be back Monday did have a bright side. During Pastor’s announcements he gleefully announced, “We have raised $150,000 for Into The Light Home. We’re half way there!” Clapping, hoots and hollers fill the sanctuary. “In three weeks we will have Into The Light Sunday and every offering goes to Into the Light Ministry.” Then he follows with a prayer starting our service.

The Lord whispers in my ear, “I want you to give your testimony next Sunday.” After the service I tell Pastor and he readily agrees.

Monday morning Gerri and I head to the house with several large black trash bags and my step ladder. We find the carport door left unlocked just as Pastor promised. Stepping into the house we stop, take a deep breath, shiver from the cold, and head into the kitchen.

We begin pulling dishes, cups, glasses, and bowls out. Gerri is on the step ladder and reaches to the far back corner of the cabinet for a bowl we didn’t see. She pulls out a small square bowl, “I found the keys!” she exclaims. Inside the bowl is a ring with 4 keys attached. We immediately start trying them on the doors to see if any fit. One does and we have no idea what the other three are for. She immediately texts Pastor telling him we found the keys.

“How were we supposed to find those clear in the back of a cabinet when the door was locked so no one could get in?” I ask. Gerri shrugs and continues to separate what we will trash and what can be donated. Gerri sets the “good stuff” we plan to donate onto the table. “We’ll box it up later.” she states.

Once cabinets and drawers are emptied and separated she turns to the refrigerator. “I can’t hold my nose and clear this crap out at the same time,” she states, and begins throwing old milk, bowls of yucky food, slices of what might have once been lunch meat, an opened carton of juice, and gradually she has everything in the garbage bag. Opening the freezer she doesn’t even bother to try to figure out what the frozen packages are and just shoves them in with the rest to go to the dump.

When finished with the frig she heads into the laundry room where we had found huge bags of who knows what. She finds boxes underneath the bags and is soon pulling stuff out of bags; old blankets, filthy pillows, and discolored sheets along with various clothes. She holds up a clear bag that has 2 brand new pillows inside. “Hey, we can use these, they’re brand new!” She exclaims while setting them aside.

When the wife had announced at church early on that certain items would be needed a very dear friend of mine gave me an almost new set of twelve dishes, saucers, and soup bowls. I had boxed them up and delivered them on that first visit to the house.

Once Gerri gets to the bottom of the bags we pull out a box. To my surprise and joy, its the dishes my friend donated! I had worried myself almost sick about them taking them with them or trashing them. More items are found in boxes and most goes into the trash bags for the dump.

While we’re buried in bags Pastor pulls in so we take a break. We’re walking through the house discussing what all needs to be done. My heart hurts just seeing all the work ahead but Pastor doesn’t seem to be fazed by it all. He’s upbeat, positive, and ready to get to work. “Now we can get it done!” He loads up the bags of trash in the back of his pickup and leaves, leaving us to finish up what we’ve started.

We have bags marked, “Donation” and a couple of bags marked “Keep.” The new pillows, a few twin size blankets that are in good shape, and one set of new sheets still in the clear plastic we’re saving. Dishes that will be donated are set aside. A few glasses and cups that are nice are set at one end of the table to be washed.

Finally getting through the bags and boxes we stand and look at what we’ve accomplished. “If you’ll clean the cabinet shelves I’ll come back tomorrow and put shelving paper in them.” I tell her. She agrees and while I sort through a few more things she cleans the cabinet shelves.

We feel positive about the work we have accomplished in the time we’ve been here today. At least its a start and we’re happy to have gotten a good bit done. On the drive home we’re discussing what all we found, what needs to be done yet, and who gets to hit the shower first.

Things are looking up, but will they stay that way?

Stay tuned to find out. Blessings to you.

Into The Light Ministry

The Dream (7.)- OH My Gosh!

For many years my late husband was a Deputy Marshal and much of those years was not only serving criminal warrants and dodging bullets, but serving eviction notices to the people who took advantage of free first month rent offers and those who lacked the responsibility to meet their rental obligations. Invariably the night before the eviction crew would show up the tenants would throw what they could in their car and disappear under the cover of darkness, leaving a disaster behind for others to deal with.

The day Gerri and I went by the house to see if our “tenants” had moved was a Saturday. Sunday morning we talk to Pastor and learn he has also gone by the house. “They didn’t leave a key, so I broke in.” He states. I don’t ask any questions about how that was accomplished. “I left the door unlocked,” he adds and we tell him we’re going back tomorrow morning for a walk through.

Monday morning we take a clip board and legal pad ready to write down what we find that’s needed to be fixed. Opening the door and stepping inside we both stop in our tracks with gasps. The kitchen counters are buried under stuff, the living room still has several pieces of old furniture pieces that we initially was told was the couples when they moved in.

Gerri begins opening cabinets to discover dishes, spices, baking pans, and the drawers are filled with old silverware and items commonly found in a kitchen. Opening the door to the dishwasher, she gasps. The dishwasher is full of dirty dishes, glasses, infant sippy cups, plates, and silverware. She slams the door quickly.

“I can’t believe this!” We both exclaim as we open more drawers, cabinets and finally the refrigerator. The refrigerator is filled with rotten food and the door slammed shut quickly before we gag.

Gerri moves to the laundry room and opening the dryer she yells, “Oh my gosh! There’s still clothes in the dryer!” Reaching in she starts pulling out some of the clothes and finds baby clothes, men’s and women’s wear. Large black bags filled to the brim are stacked next to the dryer. We’re both stunned and questions begin to fly about the baby clothes, sippy cups, and car seats on the trash pile.

We have not gotten any further than the kitchen and laundry room and my mind is reverting back to the stories my husband had shared about the evictions. The power is on but not the gas, so we’re freezing as we head toward the bedrooms. We find so much more and begin taking notes on what needs repaired; windows with gaping openings where cold air freely flows in, one wall looks like someone used a scatter gun with large shot for target practice, light fixtures hanging by wires, shower door torn loose from the brackets, old furniture that needs a dumpster, doors busted as though kicked, paneling partially finished, and the list continues.

Finally walking back to the living room and looking around at the mess I turn to Gerri and state quite emphatically and angrily, “We’ve been scammed! This is exactly what my hubby described with evictions. They threw what they could in their pick-up and hauled ass in the dark!” Gerri texts Pastor and tells him we’ll be back tomorrow to start going through and clearing out.

Shaking our heads in disbelief and saddened by the state of things we’ve seen, I share with Gerri how for about ten years I had several rental properties. “I shouldn’t be surprised by this.” I state. “I had one house that was turned into a drug and prostitution home and my husband arrived just in time to stop the G.B.I. from ripping off the screened in porch because they couldn’t get in through the burglar bars.”

“I had a Condominium that cost me $5000 plus for repairs; Chandeliers ripped from the ceiling, feces smeared on the walls, rugs filled with human urine, and another house burned half way down because the tenants put hot coals from the wood burning stove into a cardboard box and set it in the laundry room and left for work. The stories I can tell, so this should not surprise me, yet it does!” Tears want to sneak down my cheeks but I check them and begin silently praying, thanking the Lord there isn’t more damage.

What’s in all those big closed bags? Or do we even want to know?

Stay tuned and blessings to you.

Into The Light Ministry

The Dream (6.)- Why Are We Working So Hard?

Having grown up in an abusive home with not only sexual abuse but physical, emotional, and psychological abuse, and then years of counseling to heal the emotional, physical, and spiritual damage that was done is overwhelming. Abuse steals not only the body, but the mind, soul, and spirit of the individual. I can barely comprehend what the victims of sex traffic have survived.

I don’t intend to go into the absolute horror and trauma these babies, young children, teens, and women have to endure, if that’s even possible, because even though I know some of it, there’s so much absolute unadulterated evil behind this that I can’t talk about it here. But you can research it on your own, if your stomach can take it.

I can tell you that these victims, and they are victims, are deceived and emotionally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually damaged. Babies that are stolen from their cribs, strollers, and grocery carts have no say and they are the most horrific victim. The young girl, or boy, that believe the pervert on the internet that is posing as a “friend”, have no clue what they are getting into when they sneak off to meet the pervert in a motel room.

And sadly there are grown women that in order to please “their man” will be used to recruit young ladies into a lifestyle they never dreamed of. And not just grown women, but young men; guys that are forced to recruit, middle aged men, people who care less about others and only see the end result in their own pockets and wallets or are being forced through drugs or brute force to comply.

Like all pedophiles, grooming takes place; gifts are given and promises made and then the reality strikes. Drugs are offered, encouraged, and even forced. Its imperative to make the victim subject to their now “master.”

Many are forced into prostitution and if they refuse they are beaten into compliance and used as an example to the others. If they get pregnant then killing the unborn child is forced upon them. Many become drug addicted and that is used as a means of control. Innocent lives are destroyed in a matter of minutes when the sex traffic demons take hold. Mind, body, and soul are now under the devil’s control.

And in my opinion, these are demons of the worst kind! They are demons posing as humans! The atrocities being done is nothing more than pure evil to its very core.

This is what INTO THE LIGHT MINISTRY is about. This is why we are working so hard to get the Into The Light Home renovated and ready for our women. We are helping women, no longer victims, but SURVIVORS, (18 yrs. and above) to transition back into society with pride and hope. They have been rescued out of the horrors of drug abuse, sex abuse, and prostitution and have gone through a year long program with drug rehab, counseling, etc.

They then come to us and live for a year in our Into The Light Home and find love, acceptance, safety, counseling, jobs, and how to make their own way in society with Christ’s help.

Having gone through the many years of abuse myself, my heart goes out to these women. They deserve so much more than what life has handed them! God has a purpose for each person, a destiny to be fulfilled. Into the Light Ministry wants to help them fulfill their God given destiny.

Will you help us to be the hands and feet of Christ in helping these survivors? Into the Light is a Christian non-profit 501c3 ministry sponsored through Abundant Life Church in Cumming, Ga.

If you are a business, large or small, and want to partner with us we will place your business on our website giving you free advertising and your donations are tax deductible.

For individuals, your prayers and financial support, be it large or small, is appreciated greatly. You too can become a partner and be proud to be a part of what God is doing.

To learn more or make a donation go to:

Stay tuned and I’ll get back to the work next time.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Blessings to you

Into The Light Ministry

The Dream (5.)- The Devil Shows up

There are many who do not believe the devil exists, much less is alive and well and his sole purpose is to cause havoc through lies and deceit. If someone turns to the Lord he will do all he can to reverse that desire to follow Christ. If a new ministry is being started you can bet he will show up at some point to try to put a stop to what the Lord is having someone do.

That’s what has happened. The devil has influenced the couple living in our ministry house. Jesus stated in the Bible that, “What satan means for evil, God will turn for good.” And boy howdy did He ever!

When the wife told me I would not be able to make a second visit I knew something was wrong. Her excuse just didn’t fly within my spirit but I let it go. Pastor had made a couple of visits and wasn’t pleased and the next time he went to check on things he was refused entrance into the home. During their encounter outside the home the wife finally tells pastor, “I’ll turn in my resignation in the morning.” Her resignation was accepted immediately and a date set for their departure.

I think all of us were in a bit of shock. There was no forewarning of their intent and yet due to the recent attitudes and lack of work I guess we should have expected it. When Pastor told me about it I knew the dream wasn’t dead but now what? We have to start from scratch once again! The house is torn to shreds, we have no one in mind that can do the net working, the boots on the ground for visiting churches, taking legal documents to the courthouse, visiting businesses to recruit supporters, campaigning to raise funds, and whatever else she was doing or was supposed to do. Plus finding someone to do the repairs.

“The devil has tried to knock us down. But he won’t succeed. This is just a bump in the road. We’ll get this done!” Pastor said when he told me what had transpired. You go Pastor! But this was another blow to my old heart. I know the Lord will come through, it is His ministry and He’s using us to do it! Buck up Cass and move on! Once again we regroup and will continue the endeavor knowing it might take a little longer.

The day the couple was to be moved out Gerri and I drive over to the house to make sure they are gone. Ohhh are they ever! The piles of trash in the front of the house, thankfully, is gone. We have no idea who hauled all that off but thankful that we don’t have to. The piles along the side of the house are not gone, it’s higher and larger. I can’t believe there is several baby items thrown on top. There are items that could have been donated to some charity, and more boxes filled with whatever and stuff that makes no sense. We shake our heads and head into the carport only to find more baby items, sacks of clothes, and children’s toys.

We aren’t able to find a key so we’re not able to enter to see what damage is left. Peeking through a broken blind I turn to Gerri and say, “I think we need has-mack suits!” A bit discouraged and many questions rattling around inside our heads, we drive home knowing our work is really just beginning.

Will we be able to get into the house without breaking a window or smashing a door in? What on earth will we find when we’re able to enter, and will we really need those suits?

Stay tuned for next time. I’m sure there’s more surprises coming.

Blessings to you.

Into The Light Ministry

The Dream (4.)- Generational Clashes

“Back when I was a kid we walked five miles through the snow to go to school.” How many of us have heard that statement more than once? I think the older generation has heard it more than once from grandparents or parents and gee, I wonder if we haven’t used it, or something similar, a time or two ourselves on our own kids.

Each generation has their own ways of thinking, their own attitudes about things, and of course the younger generation is “always right.” This is happening to a small degree between the Pastor’s generation and the wife’s generation. Wife wants things her way, how she wants it done, and her likes and dislikes. Pastor, having more experience with creating a Lord led ministry, wants things done the Lord’s way and through much prayer He’s following the guidance the Lord is giving him. Plus the fact that certain legalities must be followed and those are a priority.

Minor clashes arise and are handled but there seems to be a tension arising on the part of the couple who are being paid to do the work. The tearing apart, ripping off, and putting replacement panels up has slowed considerably. Excuses are being made for the work slowing and we’re not sure why and contacts and networking have slowed on the part of the wife. And sadly information is being withheld.

The wife has given a testimony at church letting us know how easily girls and women, even boys, can be suckered into the sex traffic trap without their realizing what is happening. It isn’t simply a teen being snatched off the street, which most definitely happens many times, but the sly boyfriend that entices the girl with his “love.” The promise of “being on your own and I’ll take care of you” is made to the young run away or on the internet by some pervert posing as someone he is not.

There are many ways women and young girls are caught up in the web of deceit and for some the years of entrapment goes by before they can be rescued out of the life they neither wanted, was lied to about, forced into, and definitely not deserved.

Thousands of babies, young children, teens, and adults are trapped into the underbelly of our society and many are lost forever. Evil abounds but through Christ some are saved by people or organizations that care and do something about it rather than just shake their head and click their tongues. That’s how the wife was rescued. Someone cared!

My visit to the home opened my eyes to the vast amount of work needed to be done and inquiring about a second visit some weeks later is turned down. I knew then something wasn’t on the up and up but let it go. Questioning Pastor I learn that he has made a couple of visits and isn’t entirely pleased with what he saw but he is the type of man that will show grace and work with the couple as much as possible without having to use a “heavy hand” very often.

I’m sorry to confess I’m more of the task master. If you’re being paid a handsome salary to work, then work! Enough with the excuses!

Our meetings have continued and more discussions are around my table. Pastor has been having meetings with others that have a similar ministry to learn more about the in’s and out’s of having a home for women such as what we are striving for. He’s gained much insight and has even gained a few supporters. Both are extremely necessary for this endeavor.

Slowly, very slowly, the work is being taken care of and our hope is to get the home ready and women moved in as soon as we can close.

Will that happen? Will more bumps in the road arise? Will it be a smooth ride, or gravel with pot holes?

Stick around, it gets more interesting.

Blessings to you.

Into The Light Ministry

The Dream (3.)- Is my Dream in Trouble?

As stated in the previous post we have hired a couple and they have moved into the home we are renting for three months with the goal of raising three hundred thousand dollars to purchase it in January of 2022. The couple has begun their work and pastor and I meet for more discussions. Gerri, pastor, and I meet for more updates, e-mails and texts are flying back and forth, and pastor is networking for all he’s worth. A website has been created, (bottom of the page) we’ve raised a few thousand dollars toward the purchase, we’re recruiting volunteers to help here and there, and things seem to be on track.

As yet I have only seen a picture of the front of the house. It’s time to step inside and see what’s really there. Pulling into the driveway my mouth drops open. The entire front corner of the house, as well as the side of the house, is buried in ripped up paneling, pieces of wood, garbage, buckets of who knows what, and only the Lord knows what else, and its almost roof high! “I guess they have been working,” is my thought as I step gingerly through a narrow path into an open carport. (also filled with stuff).

Stepping inside, the place is an absolute mess. Oh yeah, they have been working alright. (Now don’t get me wrong. I’m more than familiar with renovations and the mess that entails.) The wife greets me and Gerri while she stands holding the baby and apologizes for the mess of dirty dishes. (You mean there’s a sink and counter buried under that?) I pick my way over and around ripped off molding, pieces of old furniture shoved here and there, sheet rock and paneling leaning against torn up walls, and make my way through the three bedrooms, living room, two baths, and finally to the large back yard with partial fences and two old sheds.

I ask a few questions of the wife as we stand near the kitchen, while Gerri does goo-goo’s with the baby and pets the dog. I had met the wife once previously and my spirit was not feeling peace about her but she had come with good recommendations so who am I to judge? I left the home with a brain going wild with all sorts of unanswered questions and a very unsettled spirit.

Pastor had set a goal date for when he wanted the women to move in and after seeing all the work that needs to be done to make this place a livable home there is no way that goal could or would be met. In yet another meeting Pastor revealed that a good bit of material is being donated which is saving us boo-koodles of money. Praise God and thank you Jesus, the work is being continued and gradually the donations are coming in.

In church Pastor is always “on fire” and this morning he excitedly shared with all of us that someone had handed him a sizable check. “I just heard about what you’re doing and wanted to donate,” the person told him. (Hallelujah!) “Then the next day,” he added, “Someone else handed him a chunk of money.” Praise God, He is working behind the scenes! You go God!

After seeing the tearing down of panels and sheet rock, witnessing the destruction and repairs to be made I have to let go that this isn’t going to be the log lodge of my long time dream. I haven’t given up hope because this is just the beginning. We’re starting small and will someday, maybe in my lifetime, build the log lodge. So the beginning of the dream isn’t dead, but will it stay on track? Will the work continue and meet our new move-in goal?

Stay tuned and see you next time.

Blessings to you.


Into The Light Ministry

The Dream (2.)-The Dream Continues

Throughout many nights my mind seems to take a path of its own. I don’t want to let go of my dream lodge but practicality has to take the forefront. We three; Pastor, me, and Gerri, begin discussing what is needed, the particulars of what we need to do to start this new ministry. Pastor is very familiar with starting a new ministry since he started a school and orphanage in Africa some years earlier and it has not only been a great success but a blessing to so many. Pastors are opening churches, the school is growing in grade levels and students, and people are being saved.

But, we are in the USA and there is much red tape to go through. But first our discussions begin with what to name the ministry, will it be a non-profit 501c3 separate from the church? How many women do we want to minister to at first? What age group should we set? So many questions and ideas to bounce around. All important questions before we can really sink our teeth into getting a “boot on the ground.”

Gerri had been a foster Mom for several years so her knowledge of the Georgia laws regarding under aged kids is valuable. We’ve decided we can not, without much state red tape, social workers, and the parental rights, minister to under age girls. So a decision is made we will accept eighteen year old and above.

That is a relief! (I’m not a kid person)

Sex traffic is the number one scourge on our society. Due to my background in sexual abuse, having been a victim and several years of ministering to victims, and the extensive research Gerri did (and still does) on what sex traffic entails, we’ve decided to minister to women who have been rescued from the horrors of having been sex slaves to a bunch of evil perverts. Learning that most are forcibly drugged as well as being forced into prostitution we know we need a safe place for healing, and more discussions.

Pastor, through the many connections he has, has learned there are few homes for these women to transition out of hell into normal life again. He also learned there are very few ministries that offer help, but there are a few programs, very few, that women can be a part of for a year. They go through counseling, rehabilitation, drug programs and are looked after and nourished emotionally and physically throughout the year program. When they have completed the year they are then sent, if they desire, to a “transition” home. That’s what we want to offer. A safe transition home to help them adjust back into society as whole, productive women.

Ohhh but there is so much to do before any of that happens on our part. I don’t know all the ins and outs of what Pastor is doing behind the scenes but I do know he is making darn sure all the legal T’s are crossed and the I’s dotted.

At yet another meeting Pastor tells us he is going to purchase the home he had found, the “not a lodge by any stretch” home. The owner will rent it to him for three months and we have to raise three hundred thousand dollars in those three months in order to purchase the home.

Okay, my heart did a flip flop and landed in my feet! Oh dear Lord I know you are in control and this is your ministry. Help!

With much prayer we’ve decided to remain under the churches 501c3 for now so as to be able to get the ministry going without having to go through all the red tape. We will have our own 501c3 at a later date.

A young couple was referred to Pastor. (I call mid to late twenties, young) The wife will be an “executive director” sort, and the husband will do the needed repairs to get the house in shape. The wife has gone through the program that I mentioned earlier as well as a transition home, and has many contacts and knowledge of what is needed to get things rolling. She and her husband is hired with the church boards approval and the couple moves in with their infant son.

We’ve had several more meetings along with e-mails, phone calls, and snatches of what’s happening before and after church on Sunday and it seems things are moving along. May I suggest that Sundays are not a good time to try to talk business. 🙂

On Sunday morning Pastor stops by our seats and announces, “We’ll call the ministry, ‘Into the Light.’ These women are coming “Out of Darkness” (A program I mentioned above) and we’ll be God’s light.”

“I love it!” both Gerri and I exclaim at the same time, as Pastor heads for the pulpit.

My heart begins to rise back toward my chest. Little do I know what is coming.

Stay tuned and I’ll see you next time.

Blessings to you.


Into The Light Ministry

The Beginning of a Dream (1.)

I have written previously how the Lord put on my heart to minister to women that have been sexually abused as children, some 28 years ago. I started support groups, wrote a small publication whereby survivors wrote the articles, have had 9 books published, the Lord brought various women to live with me as a way to minister to them. During those early years the Lord gave me a vision of building a large log cabin style home for survivors of sexual abuse.

He wanted to provide a place where women could heal, a place to feel safe, and to get on their feet; physically and emotionally, and overcome the atrocities that had been done to them. He wanted them to be able to walk out of our “healing home” with their heads held high without the guilt, shame, unforgiveness, and all the issues that render them prisoners to their past. He wanted to help women become whole again.

That has been my dream for many years but it takes a lot of money to do something like that. First the cost of land, and for the size of the home He wanted me to build, well, I just didn’t have it. I didn’t have the money for building or for land, so the dream lie dormant for many years.

Several months ago my pastor and I were talking and low and behold he has had the same dream of reaching out to hurting women. The more we talked the more we got on fire to do something about it and the vision we both have began to take hold. Just bits and pieces but it was there and alive.

I admit, in our enthusiasm we got ahead of the Lord. Of course we were praying about all of this but we just let the thrill of starting take over. We looked at land, I made drawings of the lodge the Lord had showed me so many years ago, found a picture of almost the exact vision of the log building from long ago, and the more we looked the more we realized we were going to have to stop and take a breath, back up, and get real.

Land prices have sky rocketed, available land in the number of acres we felt we needed was snatched off the market by developers before we could even see it. The price of lumber more than doubled almost over night and even builders were having a tough time getting what they needed to finish their projects. The realities of what we were facing were hitting us right between the eyes.

Several months went by and we did our normal everyday things; he preparing his sermons, visiting sick patients, presiding over funerals, weddings, all the duties of a lead pastor. And I kept dreaming, granted a little disappointment played on the edges of my vision but I gave it to the Lord. The dream wasn’t dead yet.

Then suddenly one day Pastor came to me and my roommate, Gerri, “I found a house! I think we should start small. If we can raise the money then we can start small with just a few women.” My heart beat much faster and many nights was spent planning and hoping and praying, “Lord is this what we are supposed to do?” I didn’t want to get ahead of Him again!

Gerri lives in my basement guest house and very soon the Lord laid it on her heart to be a part of our vision. She has a heart for children and her dream has been the same, only a safe place for abused children.

Soon the ball was beginning to roll. I saw a picture of the outside of the house Pastor found for sale. It is no log cabin, definitely not a log lodge, by any stretch of the imagination. My heart sunk looking at that picture, but not all the way to the bottom. “Its a start” is what I kept telling myself. Over and over, “Its a start.” But my lodge isn’t going away. The images still dance and flicker in and out of my dreams. Will I have to surrender my dream lodge or will it become reality?

Stay tuned for more as our vision becomes more and more a reality.

See you next time and blessings to you.


Into The Light Ministry

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