Was Your Name by Accident?



Each of us has been given a name by our parents; some before birth, some after. I have often wondered why a certain name was given. Was it chosen because of an ancestor, an entertainer Mama liked, or just something that popped into Mama and Daddy’s head?

As it turns out each name has a a hidden meaning, a deeper Biblical meaning. Here are some of the more common names we have been given according to the book, “What’s in a Name?” by Linda Francis, John Hartzel, and Al Palmquist.

Name                                                     Literal Meaning                          Godly Characteristic

Adam                                                   A man of the earth                       God’s creation

Adeline                                                Nobleness                                      Woman of Esteem

Adrian                                                 “Black earth” – Latin                    Creative Heart

Al                                                          Cheerful                                         Cheerful one

Alice                                                     Truthful one                                  Truth

Amanda                                               Worthy of Love                             Beloved

Anne                                                     Gracious one                                 Gracious one

April                                                     Opening; Born in April                New in Faith

Arthur                                                  Noble one or Bear man                Man of Integrity

Benjamin                                             Son of the right hand                   Favored son

Carol                                                     Womanly; Song                             Song of joy

Charlotte                                              Little womanly one                      Full of Grace

Cheryl                                                   The epitome of femininity          Womanly

Daniel                                                   God is my judge                             God is Judge

David                                                     Beloved one                                    Beloved

Debra                                                    The bee                                            Seeking one

Diane                                                     Divine one                                     In God’s glory

Elizabeth                                              Consecrated to God                      Consecrated one

Ellen                                                      Bright one                                      Bright one

Frank                                                     Free man                                       Living in freedom

Gregory                                                 Watchman; watchful one          Watchful one

Jack                                                        The supplanter                            Truthful

John                                                       God is gracious                            God’s gracious gift

Judy                                                        Praised of God                             Praised of God

Kay                                                          Pure one                                        Pure one

Kristi                                                      Christian                                        Follower of Christ

Linda                                                      Pretty one                                      Beauty

Margaret                                                A pearl                                           A pearl

Martha                                                   A lady                                             Woman of discretion

Mary                                                       Myrrh                                             Living fragrance

Mia                                                         Mine                                               Belonging to God

Nancy                                                     Grace                                              Gracious one

Paul                                                        Little                                              Dependent on God

Peter                                                       Rock                                              Strong in Spirit

Robert                                                   Shining with fame                       Excellent worth

Ruth                                                       Compassionate. Beautiful         Compassionate

Sharon                                                   A princess                                    A princess

Stan                                                        Dweller at the Rocky Meadow   Sturdy spirit

Steve                                                       Crowned one                               Crowned one

Sue & Susan                                         Lily or graceful Lily                     Full of grace

Teresa                                                   Reaper                                            Industrious

Thomas                                                 A twin                                             Seeker of truth

Vanessa                                              No literal meaning                         Walks with God

Wanda                                                 Wanderer                                         Walks with God

Wayne                                                  Wagoner or wagonmaker             Lifter of cares

William                                                 Resolute protector                        Great protector

Zachary                                                 Jehovah has remembered           The Lord remembers


I’m sorry if your name isn’t here. Too many to list. Just put it in the comment section and I’ll look it up.




Blessings to you.



Time is Running Out

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 “O’ children of God Almighty the time is near that He who is the Most Holy shall gather His flock together in the heavenlies. Be prepared for the Lamb of God shall return in the clouds with trumpets blowing and His heavenly angels about Him.

Ye of little faith stand up for Christ for His judgment day is coming. Those who walk in darkness shall remain in darkness unless your hearts are changed.

Events of today are warnings of a time yet to come. God has spoken and His will shall be done. Do not fear children of God for your Savior is near. He who loves all will show His magnificent mercy.

But ye children of God speak out, stand up, and if need be, be a martyr for the Lord your God. Time is running out. Be in prayer for those who are lost. Be in prayer for…

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The MOST IMPORTANT Presidential Election in American History: What Kind of American Will You Vote For?

The MOST IMPORTANT Presidential Election in American History: What Kind of America Will You Vote for?


For those who have read my previous articles, you will know that this writer is no fan of Donald Trump. Yet I will say it again, anyone who votes for Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States may as well be standing in the streets of America shouting, “death to the US!”

Trump wants to put a stop to Muslim immigration and stop immigration from countries that have terrorism issues as well. Hillary on the other hand desires to up immigration levels by well over 100%. Can the U.S. really afford to have so many more un-vetted immigrants coming here especially from the Middle East? The bottom line here is that immigration should benefit the host nation, not place said nation at serious risk.

Donald Trump speaks of building a wall on the border between Mexico and the U.S. Hillary on the other hand wants to open the borders even further. Hillary Clinton has naively stated that our Southern border is secure! – even going so far as to say this according to The Washington Times:

Improvements under President George W. Bush and President Obama, including several hundred miles of fencing, have cut net illegal immigration from Mexico to zero.

Here is the reality: The FBI further documented gangs in Southwestern border regions consisting of up to 80 percent illegal aliens were committing a multitude of crimes in America, “including drug-related crimes, weapons trafficking, alien smuggling, human trafficking, prostitution, extortion, robbery, auto theft, assault, homicide, racketeering, and money laundering.”

A Mexican cartel cut a hole through the fence in Arizona and drove into the U.S.

How about severed human heads being delivered to police stations in Southern border-states to “get the message” across not to mess with the Mexican cartels? If you really want to know what goes on at our Southern border, watch this video – be warned it is graphic and unpleasant.

Does this strike you as a secure Southern U.S. border?

Open U.S. borders lead the way to the possibility of the North American Union; a plan to turn Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. into one big happy family. It’s not a conspiracy when there is plenty of evidence to support the possibility of this happening. Hillary Clinton supports this – do you? Trump on the other hand is firmly against this kind of idiocy.

Can America really afford to have such a blatant liar like Hillary Clinton installed in the highest office in the land? Read this story by WND on the Clintons, it’s an eye opener if you are not familiar with all the scandals and criminal activity the Clintons have gotten away with.

Donald Trump may be brash, un-presidential in some respects, and need some work on some of his ideas – but do we really want, or more the point, can the U.S. really afford to have a lying criminal as president? Yes all politicians tell lies or half-truths, but if Satan is the Father of lies, then Hillary is most definitely the offspring of lies.

Anyone who thinks that this country has deteriorated markedly since Obama took office is correct – but if Hillary wins the election things will get even worse. Hillary supports Obama’s failed and dangerous policies and will seek to broaden them even more. The Clintons are all about lining their pockets and amassing power, while at the same time pushing the U.S. towards a One World Government, which begins, with the North American Union mentioned above.

This writer believes that Donald Trump’s heart is in the right place, desiring the good of this country. There is a bit of tarnish on the brass I admit, but the brass can be cleaned and polished. On the other side of the isle, well, late blight cannot be cured – it is always deadly.

Call it what you will – a vote for anyone other than Donald Trump is a vote for Hillary Clinton. Not voting whatever the reason will only serve to give the win to Hillary.

The voter’s choices this election year are pretty cut and dried:

If you desire to see the status quo maintained, the political corruption, if you are in favor of Americans NOT having guns, if you like open U.S. borders, approve of unfair trade deals, are ok with the Iran nuke deal, if you think the degradation of the U.S. military is fine, are ok with the U.S. not being respected on the international stage, and like Obama-care – then vote for Hillary Clinton.

If on the other hand you: want the U.S. military restored to it’s fighting best, want to see the U.S. Southern border made secure, trade deals that are fair to the U.S., the Iran nuke deal revised or eliminated, the economy strengthened, Obama-care repealed, Americans able to KEEP their guns, Christians protected instead of thrown to the wolves, immigration problems addressed, political corruption addressed instead of swept under the table – then vote for Donald Trump.

Originally published on Eagle Rising

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Presidential elections are always important, yet this one is the most important election America has ever seen. America is at a crossroads, a choice between two contenders – one that promises to restore America to her former greatness, and one who will continue the blatant criminality that is the legacy of the Clintons.

Does all Creation Observe the Sabbath? Hmmmm

So God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it God rested from all his work that he had done in creation. Gen. 2:3

Getting up early and watching a couple of my favorite T.V. preachers while waking up and eating a bowl of my favorite cereal I start my usual Sunday morning routine. Yawning a final yawn I throw off the nightie and don some clothes for church. It’s hot outside already so a comfortable sundress will do. Don’t forget to take a sweater, the church is always cold is my thought as I grab my Bible and head out the door.

The praise songs are rocking and the worship songs bring tears to my eyes. Pastor has given another sermon that is uplifting and filled with Biblical information that I can chew on in more depth when I get home.

We Christians, as soon as the service is over, there’s a stampede out the double doors for the nearest fast food place or a local restaurant. Like bees to honey we fast track out of the parking lot and let nothing get in our way. Our focus has shifted from the eternal to the present growling within the confines of our stomach. Gluttony is non-existent, at least until we hold our full stomach and groan.

After a good meal some go home and take naps, some turn on a ball game, and some just sit out on their deck with the overhead fan whipping the hot air around and watching other creations of God enjoying the Sabbath. Like me!

God said we should rest and reflect on Him on the Sabbath. Sitting on my deck I realize as my furry friends show up for their daily dinner of corn kernels that God must not have been talking about just humans when He said it is a day of rest.

I’m sure “Daisy Mae,” “Bonnie,” and the others have had a busy week dodging traffic, staying clear of snakes and out-of-season hunters, foraging for food, and just staying clear of the general population of humans.

Like Christians after church rushing to beat the crowd at the local eatery, my furry friends seem to enjoy Sue’s place. It’s peaceful, the food is good, she’s non-threatening, and unless the neighbor let’s his dogs out, they seem quite comfortable enjoying their Sabbath.

Breakfast for Daisy

A fine lunch of fresh corn kernels

Part of Daisy Mae's family 7-24-16

A  quick nap after lunch

2 of my furry friends

and time to head home and get ready for the hustle and bustle of a new week.

Maybe they aren’t that much different from us,  or……………..wow………… maybe these are Christian deer! 



Blessings to you.

Jesus on a Stage Coach


Imagine it. The horses are tethered, they stomp their feet in anticipation of a long trek and snort their disapproval of having to wait. John and Thomas crawl up onto the driver’s seat as Jesus throws open the stage door and takes his seat on the hard wooden bench. John gives a loud whistle as he cracks the whip above the horses and the coach jerks forward.

The day is hot even though the sun has just risen. Jesus leans back against the hard wooden seat. It will be a long ride along the dusty path. The wind blows his hair and reaching up He moves it out of His eyes. He can hear John and Thomas talking and occasionally laughter fills the air. He smiles and closes His eyes and is soon asleep.

A sudden jolt and dangerous tilting of the coach startles Jesus awake throwing Him against the wall. One side of the coach has collapsed and the coach suddenly stops. John and Thomas jump down from their perch and Thomas wrings his hands while groaning loudly. “What are we going to do?” He shouts while pacing back and forth in front of the broken wheel. “Where’s Jesus?” he shouts and spins around to see Jesus carefully maneuvering His way out of the coach.

Thomas runs to Him, “The wheel is broken, Lord, what are we to do? We don’t have a spare. We’re stuck out here!” Sweat pours down his face and he quickly swipes it out of his eyes. Fear has gripped him and Jesus gently places His hand on Thomas’s shoulder, “Fear not, Thomas, I am with you.”

Jesus walks to the side of the stage-coach. He stands studiously peering at the good wheel with John and Thomas close behind Him.


“Sit!” Jesus says to the two disciples. “I want to tell you something.” They sit down on the ground in front of Jesus. “He’s going to tell us a story in the midst of this crisis?” Thomas thinks. John sits quietly waiting.

“Do you see this wheel?” Jesus asks, pointing to the stage-coach wheel. Both nod yes. “This wheel represents the body of Christ.” Thomas whispers, “Huh?” Jesus smiles then continues. “The spokes are My children.” Thomas moves his hat aside and scratches his head. John nods. “Pay attention, Thomas!” Jesus states. “Each spoke is equal but each has been given a divine purpose. One has a gift of prophecy, another has the gift of exhortation, another is a teacher, another a home maker, another a preacher. All work together to make the wheel, the church, strong.”

Jesus reaches over and takes hold of one of the spokes and gives it a good jerk. “As long as these spokes cling tightly to the hub the wheel will remain strong and sturdy. I tell you the truth, I am the hub that holds it all together.”

“Okay.” Thomas states and glances up at the hot sun shining down on them. “Now let’s go look at the broken wheel.” Jesus states and they stand and walk to the broken wheel.


“What do you see?” Jesus asks. Thomas is quick to reply, “A broken, crushed wheel and we’re stuck out here in this heat.” “Oh ye of little faith.” Jesus states. “Look at it! I tell you the truth, the body of Christ is broken!”

“Huh?” Thomas says. John nods in understanding.

“My shepherds are not teaching My Word. They are following the dictates of what the people want to hear. They are accepting evil as good and turning good into evil! Instead of loving one another as I love them they are divided. They are accepting the ploys of the enemy to destroy their faith. When one falls away the others are quick to condemn.”

Thomas sits quietly and John asks, “I’m not sure I fully understand. How does this relate to this broken wheel and the circumstances we are in, Lord?”

“Do you not yet understand, John? When one spoke is broken the wheel can still turn, the others offer support. It keeps the wheel from completely falling apart. But when several spokes break it weakens the whole wheel until eventually the wheel can not move forward. It lies dead in the sand.” Jesus points to the broken stage-coach wheel, “Just like that! What good is that wheel?”

Thomas states dejectedly, “Good for nothing.”

“That’s where my church is heading unless the body repents and comes together in unity. If My children will turn back to Me I will hear their prayers and heal their land but they must stop being weak in their faith, silent in the face of evil, and stand up to the sins in the world or the church will be as weak and damaged and useless as this wheel.”

Thomas shifts uncomfortably. He still doesn’t get it and asks, “But what are we to do?” and thinks,  We’re still stuck out here.  

Jesus turns and points to a large stick in the distance. “Have faith! Thomas, go get that long stick over there.”

“What for?” Thomas asks.

“You’ll see. Just trust Me.”

Thomas retrieves the long stick. “Now what?”

“Strike that broken wheel three times with it.”

“Huh? What good is that going to do?”

“Just do it, Thomas!” Jesus states emphatically.

Shaking his head in bewilderment Thomas strikes the broken wheel.

Jesus leans back in His seat as the dust from the spinning coach wheels and the horses hooves billows through the open window, When are they going to trust Me!? He thinks and closes His eyes.



Blessings to you.

Every Knee Shall Bow

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“Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me.”

Heads up children of God for stormy seas are on the horizon. Many will perish, much will be laid to waste. Families torn from rooted homes, devastation wide spread. God’s wrath shall come to all who do not believe. Quakes will split the earth, mountains shall fall. Those who think they are above the Almighty will fall as toothpicks in the wind.

Every, every knee shall bow and the glory of the Lord shall reign forever more.”

Given by the Holy Spirit 5-10-06

Scripture ref’s: Is. 45:23 -Ro.14:11 – Phil. 2:10







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A Harvest Reeped

There’s an old fairy tale story of Jack and the Bean Stalk. Something about a giant and a huge bean stalk that grew up from a seed he planted. I’m not good with fairy tales so let’s get to the point.

Last year I hung a bird feeder in my yard and thoroughly enjoyed watching the various types of birds enjoying it and I was constantly chasing the squirrels away from it to no avail. Then suddenly I noticed the five pounds of seed that filled the feeder would mysteriously disappear over night. Now squirrels don’t eat that much in a short time! They will enjoy tipping up the feeder and scampering away to bury some of the seeds. The mystery deepened until one day….

Tipping the feeder 8-11-15

The mystery was solved!

Breakfast for Daisy

I named the deer “Daisy.” She continued to return for her fill of bird seed,  so I decided to make her a “dinner plate” after learning she likes corn kernels…


and so do the squirrels.


“Sparky” (I name all my friends) made haste and with great pleasure upon discovering Daisy’s dinner he would have his fill and then carry some off to bury for a later snack.

Luke 8:11 says,  “…The seed is the word of God.” Watching the squirrel dig a small hole and bury a corn kernel made me think of how we are to plant seeds of faith. I know for me it is sometimes discouraging when I don’t see any results from the seeds I plant in non-believers. “They just don’t get it” is often my thought but on the other hand we just never know what that planted seed might produce.

Of course we have to be careful of the type of seed we are planting. If it is a seed of discouragement the fruit will be “rotten.” If we plant seeds of hope and love the harvest could bring a sweet aroma glorifying the Lord. Sometimes we just have no idea what that seed will or will not produce.


While Daisy and her fawns enjoy their free meal and the squirrel is busy planting his seeds for future nourishment…


I shall enjoy the harvest from Sparky’s faithful endeavor.



Blessings to you.