Are Our Words Counting?

A Writer's Corner

So many times I have wondered if what I write really counts. Is anyone truly getting anything out of the words set before them?

I click on my blogs to respond to comments, to see how many have taken the time to read what I’ve written and am amazed when I see that others in many other countries have read my words.

This morning I saw 14 from United Arab Emirates. I don’t even know where that is! I’ve never heard of that place! Praise be to God that others, that I know nothing about, are hopefully being encouraged or maybe even introduced to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Germany, Australia, Nigeria, and India were also listed. I do know that in some of these countries Christians are being persecuted or banned from speaking their faith.

What an awesome discovery to learn that our words do count! We take…

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…As Unto the Lord

A Writer's Corner

Sunday when I was standing before the congregation giving examples of a few of the stories in I AM I was trying to tell them that the book is a compilation of true-to-life stories that we may have experienced.

I could not spit out the word, “compilation” for the life of me! My mind just went blank when I tried to use that word. Why I have a hard time remembering it is beyond me and I thought later, “I’m sure glad I write better than I speak.”

But isn’t that true of so many of us? We can pick up a pen or sit before the computer screen and type, and the right words just flow. But stand us before a group of people and suddenly the words leave us. Not all of us, there are those that have no problem with speaking before audiences and the words just…

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Praise God, I Survived!

A Writer's Corner


I hate going to a dentist! The first time I meet a new dentist I immediately tell them I am the biggest chicken they have ever had and as far as I am concerned they can hit me in the mouth with a sledge hammer, pop some dentures in, and I’ll never have to see them again.

Of course that shocks the daylights out of them but then the sympathy takes hold and they assure me that I’ll be fine and they’ll be as gentle as possible. Do I believe them? No!

Most of this day has been spent in that dentists chair getting two crowns done. With nerves on edge I won’t open my mouth until I’m in the twilight zone with “Happy gas” lifting me up and away and beyond.

During the procedure inspirational music is blasting in my ears to take the edge off…

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Perky Was Not on the Menu.

A Writer's Corner

The enemy lost again! For three days I have been lain up sick and depressed. I ate something that tore me inside out and upside down and from reading all the evils on Facebook, news articles, and the liberal media, I fell into a slight depression. Perky was not on the menu.

Saturday night I got in my whirly (jet tub) and cried out to the Lord. He informed me that it was the watching and reading that was pulling me down and led me to reread the story in IAM that I wrote called, “Sweet Aroma.”

In that story He tells the young child, “Listen with your heart…close out the sounds of anger, hate, and dissension.”

In other words, refocus! “Look to Me, not what the world is spewing.” That was pretty insightful, I think. 🙂 So I did. I turned the T.V. off, got off Facebook, and…

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More Good News

A Writer's Corner

I mentioned a few posts back that the Lord moved me to a different church. I’ve been worshiping at this one now for about 3-4 Sundays.

In speaking with the Pastor to learn a little about the church that first visit, I mentioned that I’m a writer which led to giving him Laying Down my Net and Seek My Face books.

Since then he has mentioned from the pulpit that, “Sue writes books.” I thought that was pretty nice. Free advertising. 🙂

Last Sunday he stopped by and we chatted a few minutes before the service started and he said, “Bring your new book next Sunday and I’ll let you tell the congregation a little about it and if anyone is interested to see you after the service.”

Wow! I was totally surprised and grateful. He has expressed that this church is very strong in missions, outreach, and acknowledging and…

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Good News-Bad News

A Writer's Corner

“Which would you like first?” is the common question asked when the title of this post has been stated. Previously I wrote about the timing of having book signing events. “Your will, Lord, not mine” definitely comes into play and He told me 3-4 days ago to call the book stores on my list. That kind of shot my advice right out the window. 🙂 God’s timing is always better than ours!

Okay, every day events have gotten in the way of doing that, plus procrastination on my part, but this morning I sucked in a breath, picked up the phone, and started calling.

One phone number for a book store has been disconnected, which means they no longer are in business. I ran into this many times when I went the route of calling book stores a few years ago. So I’m not surprised but a little disappointed because…

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A Little Boost

A Writer's Corner

The last post may have sounded like me having a pity party but I think there’s more to it than just going down the, “oh poor me” trail.

Yes, as a writer we are going to hit walls, so to speak, in our writing experiences. Not everyone is going to want to read our book or have the same interests that we do.

In my discouraged state I tried to come up with reasons why I felt so discouraged and I think I have come up with maybe two very possible ones.

We all know that when we are doing the Lord’s work, or making some kind of Godly impact on others, that the enemy, Satan, will try to destroy, interfere, or influence the results of our work. He will try everything to get us to quit and turn away. Discouragement is one of those ways.

The other reason I…

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