God Bless Our Veterans

A Writer's Corner

The day is sunny but on the chilly side. Driving home from the doctor’s office to try to get this sinus infection that has now turned into wanting to be bronchitis I see our beautiful flags waving in the breeze and think of the many who are serving to protect our country from all sorts of enemies, and those who sacrificed their lives for us. A mere thank you doesn’t seem enough, but thank you to our military and their families for all they have done and all that they still do. God bless and keep each and every one of you.

The last couple of days have been busy with one thing after another but thankfully I have been able to add another three or four chapters to my new book. Cold days are the best because I hibernate like an old grizzly bear and that’s conducive for writing…

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Our Day Trip

A Writer's Corner

The drive going up to Helen was beautiful. The news had been saying that the colors were at peak in the mountains and as I stated before we planned to go.

I was so glad I was feeling better, and off we went for a fun day in the North Georgia mountains. Yes, it was pretty chilly but with a couple of layers of clothing on we were fine. Well, make that 3 layers for me. Get above 70 and I’ll take a layer off.

The town of course is surrounded by trees and a major river (Chattahoochee) and we were able to enjoy all of it. Had the sun been shining brightly I think the colors would have stood out more but I’m sure not complaining.

Spending the day shopping and having real German food for lunch was a treat we both needed. Yes, its a tourist spot, but…

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Playing Tourist

A Writer's Corner

This picture was taken a couple of years ago when I had a friend visiting from another state. There’s a small tourist town in the North Georgia mountains called Helen, Ga. I love going there regardless of visitors or not.

As you can see in the background the stores are all built in the German, Swiss, etc. style. Many of the shops have articles from those foreign countries. Its quite the quaint little town and with the Fall leaves in full color my roommate and I are headed up there today. Me, with camera ready.

We were going to go yesterday but I woke up with my head all stopped up and a sore throat and now I’m dealing with a sinus infection. I guess its that time of year. Yuck!

Needless to say, I haven’t written much the last few days. I started a new chapter in my new…

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Moving Forward Regardless

A Writer's Corner

Wow, what a week-end! I hope you all had a great one. It’s been cold which means I hibernate and when I hibernate I need to be doing something besides hiding in my cave sleeping.

I have spent most of the week-end writing. Yaaay me, but I have also experienced a good bit of frustration in doing so. But frustration or not I must move forward regardless. We can’t just throw up our hands and yell, “I quit!”

One of my characters in my new novel is named Casey. She’s a nine year old girl and for some unknown reason I keep typing Corey.

I didn’t realize I was doing that and being quite pleased with myself after completing three more chapters it suddenly hits me like a bomb that I’ve been calling the girl Corey. Grrrrr

That means going back through the past three chapters to make all the…

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A Gloomy Day in Georgia

A Writer's Corner

Having taken a couple of days of rest and trying to get my head screwed on right for writing a novel that I have no idea where it is going or how it will end I think today will be a good day for digging back into it. I hope so anyway.

We’ve had two days of rainy, gloomy weather and today is at least dry so far but a gloomy kind of overcast. I guess that’s good for all those who celebrate Halloween. I don’t! In my opinion it is satan’s day and in no way will I celebrate the dark side. We are to be light not depict darkness with witches costumes and little devil’s running from door to door. But that’s just my opinion.

With our temperatures dropping down to 34 degrees tonight I have a couple of plants, big plants, in big pots, that I need…

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Suspense Growing

A Writer's Corner

After spending a quiet day of rest and relaxation I decided to begin the next chapter in the new book while it was quiet and peaceful last night with no interruptions. Reading the last chapter, so as to be sure to start where that one left off, ideas began to form in my mind.

A lot of ideas. “Okay Lord. Get me out of your way so I will write what you want written.” I sat praying and then started typing and things seemed to be going pretty smoothly but…

A new twist in the story began appearing. I’ve been told by past publishers and editors that if a story has too many twists and turns, several characters, and various events that it can become confusing to the reader. Its almost like trying to put an invisible jigsaw puzzle together and the reader will lose interest.

I finished the chapter…

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