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That “Encyclopedia Britannica” that got thrown in the trash so long ago was written out of hurt, anger, and revenge for all those who had hurt me. Thinking back on it, I think the Lord used that sarcastic and rude man on the other end of the line to stop me from my sinful intentions of hurting others. I’m grateful now, even though it stopped me from writing for many years.

This leads me to the question – why do you want to write a book, a magazine article, a devotional, or even a blog? Is there an ulterior motive hidden down deep behind that desire? We all must think long and hard about that question because our answer determines what we write and how we write it.

As I’ve stated before, I had no intention of writing a book after my “book” hit the bottom of the trash can…

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The Donut Shop

A Writer's Corner

Is your mouth watering? Can you smell the enticing aroma of fresh brewed coffee and all those luscious, succulent, aromas of fresh baked, right out of the oven, donuts through the open door?

Well so could I. A friend of mine owns a doughnut shop and I decided it would be such a fantastic idea to ask him if I could do a book signing in his shop. He agreed and one morning early, when I knew he would have plenty of customers, I set up my display at the front of the store and to the left of the entrance door. They’d be sure to see me there and I wouldn’t be in anyone’s way when they stopped to chat and buy one of my books.

What a nice way to enjoy their morning coffee and a fresh doughnut or pastry, don’t you think? Kicked back, reading, sipping hot…

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Flash Drives,Disc’s, and Printed Copies

A Writer's Corner

Back when I was using the old typewriter and even the word processor there was no such thing as flash drives or C.D.s and D.V.D. disc’s. Everything I wrote was printed on regular typewriter paper so nothing could be saved in other ways.

When computers hit the scene then we had more options for security back up for our manuscripts. That was the case with “Seek My Face” book. I had a printed paper copy, I had the entire manuscript on a disc plus on a flash drive. My back-up, just in case I needed one, was secure.

Remember in the other post I said “You get what you pay for?” This is the publisher that charged absolutely nothing to publish my book. They are the one’s who chose the cover without my being able to approve it or choose what I wanted on the cover.

They are the ones…

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You What!?

A Writer's Corner

That’s exactly how I felt! (And still do at times) The Lord bugged me for I don’t know how long about getting a computer now that they had been out for a while. I kept refusing and stated more than once, like about a hundred times, “I do not want a computer!”

It does no good to try to change the Lord’s mind when He has made it up. I relented and being as dumb as a rock with technology, I used an awful lot of non-Christian language and had to continually ask for forgiveness.

I would stomp away from the confounded thing ranting and raving. With the patience of Job He would say, “If you’ll just settle down, I’ll help you.” And He did. I’d be talking to someone on the phone, usually a close friend, and the first thing out of my mouth was complaining about this new…

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My Apologies

This is a time when I REALLY want to shoot this computer!

I went into my spam folder to check to see if a reply to something might have been accidentally dropped in there. I found over 300 of blog notices and comments plus even my reblogs in there!

I am so sorry I have been missing some of your posts and comments. I’ve spent the last 4 hours with wordpress and A.T.& T. trying to fix it. Hopefully its taken care of but I will be checking spam every time now.

If some of you have wanted the free book I offered on my SuesPen2Paper blog or my Awritterscorner blog and e-mailed me with no response back from me please e-mail me again.

My apologies again and I will check the spam folder!

Another One?

A Writer's Corner

Participating in the book signing events gave me several opportunities to meet a variety of people and by now I was becoming pretty familiar with how it goes and kind of what to expect.

But, as the saying goes, “it takes all kinds to make a world.” Usually the women were the ones buying the books and the men sort of tagged along, like those we see in the dress shops with a bored expression while Mama tries on dozens of dresses.

Occasionally a man would show an interest but mostly it would be women and the teens were the ones that were rather interesting. I think they were more interested in what flavors candy I had in the candy dish than the books. Except those who stood in awe. But I did have interesting conversations along the way.

After putting the table cloth, vase of fake flowers, books, business…

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Ghost Writer

A Writer's Corner

Holding my first published book in my hand I stand gazing at it in awe. It isn’t as though a long awaited dream has come true. It’s more amazement and awe at what the Lord has done. When He said, “You’ll see,” when I sat down with the pen and paper, or later at the word processor, I had no idea what we were going to write.

Typing along I began to see part of where He was going and would try to fill in what I thought He wanted. Wrong move! That’s how the book became so big that cutting much out was necessary. I learned through that experience to totally turn whatever is written over to Him and just type what He places in my head. And okay, I can understand if you crinkle an eyebrow when I say, “He takes control of my fingers on the keyboard.”…

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