Now what, Lord?



Over a period of time I finally realized that I was not crazy and the voice in my head was the Lord Himself speaking to me. He drew me closer and closer to Him and gradually I formed a close relationship with Him. That’s what He wants, not for us to just believe in Him, but to have a relationship with Him. He was transforming my life even when I went kicking and screaming. He was teaching me to trust Him and the big tests were yet to come.

The Lord led me through a mess of emotional stuff from the abusive childhood I lived. Emotional baggage can stand in our way of a loving relationship with our Father. In my case I couldn’t even call Him “Father.” He took care of that problem by constantly reminding me that He is not like my earthly father.

In 1994 he told me to start a support group for women that were sexually abused as children. You must be kidding! I’ve never even been to a support group! Oh, have no doubts my friends, when the Lord calls us to do something He’s always faithful to provide what we need along the way and not just what we need, but guide us step by step if we allow Him to.

I was the facilitator of the support group for eleven years and the healing that so many attained was remarkable. All the glory goes to the Lord for I was gaining added healing through the support group as well.

What does that have to do with my eventual writing books, you ask? One morning I was awakened by a loud demanding voice. “Get up! We have work to do.” I shot straight up to a sitting position from a dead sleep thinking someone had broken into my house and was standing by my bed. When I saw no one standing in the room I flopped back down and thought I had dreamed it.

“Get up, we have work to do” was repeated and with a groan I recognized the Lord’s voice.  “You’re going to create a magazine” He explained. Now I couldn’t help it but the thought, “One of us has to be crazy” made its way through my mind. The magazine, “Angels by Grace” was born that day.

He showed me every step and it is one of the most cherished memories I have in my early walk with the Lord. The ladies in the support group wrote short testimonies and in no time people from several different states were submitting their testimonies, prayer requests, and confessions. The magazine was for survivors and by survivors and God’s blessings were pouring out. I published “Angels by Grace” for four years. Of course I had my own testimonies in there at times, too. The Lord continued to give me opportunities to write.

Have you ever thought what an amazing invention the pen is? Holding this skinny cylinder with a point with lead sticking out the end or a tiny rolling ball that spills ink on the paper, it can be a chew toy through deep thought or produce words that can be seen on a blank sheet of paper. Okay some use computers but still, the pen is a most fascinating creation. I pick up a pen, look at it, and ask the Lord, “What do You want to write, Lord?” It’s absolutely amazing! The darn pen starts skirting across the paper as though it has a mind of its own.

Ahhh, and you thought I write this stuff. Fooled you.

Author Sue Cass : “Dawn’s Light” (to be released Feb.) – “Pursuit” – “Laying Down my Net-A Walk of Faith” – “Sacrifices of a Saint” – “Seek My Face” – “Grace Defined”

Blessings to you.

4 thoughts on “Now what, Lord?

  1. Just read the two entries, and enjoyed them very much. Thanks! I’m looking forward to following entries.


  2. I love to hear your stories Sue. It is nice to see them written down!


    • I know you always seem to enjoy them. Join my “followers” and you’ll get an e-mail each time I post. I don’t know how you do that but I know you can. Thanks, Erin.


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