God doesn’t do that!

imagesCAZD7MBFSure He does! Several years ago the Lord had me sell my home and move to a tiny town in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming. During the time I was digging my way out of the blizzards and snow and freezing my fanny off,  I had the opportunity to speak at a gathering of various churches for a Thanksgiving Day service.

I was telling how the Lord gave me a dream in which I was marrying a cowboy, (Wyoming is the Cowboy State) how He told me the realtor I would use for selling my home, and how I came to be a resident of this small town. A lady popped up, after I stepped from the podium, and emphatically announced, “God doesn’t do that!” My response was that she needed a bigger box. The box she has God in is way to small.

For some reason many of us place God in a box with the size being of our own choosing. Some boxes are larger than others and some are almost the size of a ring box. My usual thought is that if God can take a hand full of dirt and create a human being or created the whole flippin’ universe, He can certainly do anything He wants!

He literally blows my mind on several occasions with what He does. It’s absolutely amazing! Take my pen for instance. I never dreamed that I could hold a pen and the darn thing would start skirting across the page filling it with words that come together producing a book, a short story, or even a blog! The reason I always pray first is because the enemy, the devil, also knows how to write! I want the Lord’s blessings on my writing not the devil’s! And believe me the devil will take whatever opportunity he can to control what our pen will write if at all possible! There’s lots of “trash” books out there if you need proof of that statement. I’m not discounting the fact that our soul, (mind, will, and emotions), can influence our writing. That’s why I always ask the Lord to also move my soul aside so I don’t interfere or influence what He wants written.

I’m never really sure when the Lord will prompt me to pick up my pen. Here’s just one example. I came into my office feeling rather bored one day and sat down at my computer to play a few games of Bingo. I no more sat down when the Lord said, “Are you ready to write another book?” Needless to say I was shocked but said, “Yes, I guess so.”

No, folks, I don’t sit around and think about what I’d like to write a book about. I don’t have stories going through my head and trying to figure out how I’ll pull all those thoughts together to make a viable story that people might like to enjoy. The Lord asked if I was ready to write another book, I said “yes”, prayed His will be done, picked up my pen and started writing. I had NO idea what the story was going to be!

As a result of that obedience, the TRUST I have in Him, “Dawn’s Light” was produced. During the writing I was much like you the reader, anxious to see what happens next. I was “turning the pages” with  great anticipation and cheered when something I thought should happen did. Felt anger when “Missy” was scared and laughed at some of her pranks. Several times my shouts of “oh that’s cool!” could be heard outside my window. Yeah, I get really excited while writing.

God doesn’t do that? Excuse me, but if He can create a man from a handful of dirt and a woman from a single rib, create an entire universe – I think He can write a book! Now go! Go pick up your pen, ask the Lord what He wants you to write and be surprised.

“For He spoke, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast.” Ps. 33:9

“For I am the Lord, that is My name; and My glory I will not give to another…” Is. 42:8

Author  Sue Cass- “Dawn’s Light”“Pursuit”“Laying Down my Net-A Walk of Faith”“Sacrifices of a Saint”“Seek My Face.”




Blessings to you.

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  1. You are very welcome.


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