Another first.

Books 4 Less 4-6-13

I’m sitting here wondering what, if anything, I should write that will be encouraging and draw people closer to the Lord. My pen sits idle as I stare at it. “Lord what do You want to write or is this my soul jumping up and just wanting to write something, anything?” I answer my own question and bow my head. As crazy as it may seem, or am I hallucinating, the pen seems to wiggle as if to say, “pick me up, pick me up.” Again I ask the Lord to give me the words. I learned some time back that because the pen writes not everyone wants to read what has been written. I’ve spent several hours gathering material for my first book signing event. I’ve made a small sign stating that all proceeds from my books support Elah Ministries, Inc. I’ve gathered together my books, table cloth, pens, and had book marks made to hand to all my customers. I’m ready! With excitement and some nervousness I lug my box of books into the bookstore. The manager is very nice and understands this is a first for me and encourages me. With my table set up I’m ready to greet all that walk through the door for the next few hours. My expectations are high. I have this wonderful masterpiece that I’ve worked hard on, I’ve waited almost a year for it’s debut, and now it’s time! Of course my friends have bought my book and with shaking hands I’ve autographed them. I’m still nervous and overwhelmed that anyone would want my autograph!  A lady enters the book store, I greet her with a broad smile and think, “Wow my first customer.”  She picks up my book and stands reading the back cover. She looks at me, then again at the back cover, and says, “You wrote this?” “Yes, me and the Lord” I reply. “Well I guess, but you wrote it!” I smile and ask her if she enjoys true stories. She glances off toward the back of the store and gently lays the book back on the table and walks away. Of course I’m a little disappointed but as the hours pass I have more opportunities to chat with customers, and most are very nice; encouraging and supportive when they learn this is my first book. Much to my delight I have actually sold some books and with my hand slightly shaking, I’ve signed them.

5 books (2)

The one thing that seems to amaze me, even now with five books “under my belt,” is how some people want to give all the credit to the person whose name appears under the title. Yes, people say I’m an author because I have a published book but the credit, if given properly, is to the Lord. “I am the vine, you are the branches, He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for WITHOUT ME YOU CAN DO NOTHING.” John 15:5 (emphasis mine)

Author Sue Cass- “Dawn’s Light”“Pursuit”“Laying Down my Net-A Walk of Faith”“Sacrifices of a Saint”“Seek My Face.”

Blessings to you and I welcome your comments. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Another first.

  1. I have been blessed to be called a friend and have watched and helped, when asked, as Sue has entered the path to writing and continued in growth both with Him and her experiences with the pen. If there are those of you who have not read what Father and Sue have compiled in these first 5 books, I so urge you to become one of their readers. Life with the Lord is one where we learn from not only the Word itself but from each other. We all have a story to tell and a life to share. Sue has written from her heart and she has been led each and every step of the way to write in a manner that allows us to ride along and to share and to cry sometimes and to learn that hope is never something that is left out of life circumstances. With Him there is always hope. You will be blessed.


  2. I have very lazy visual processors. Paragraphs would make your lovely writing so much easier to visually consume.


  3. Have you written about your experience with the publishing process? I would love top read your thoughts.


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