I’m fed with…

I love good mystery and suspense novels. I devour them but I get so fed up with buying a novel that I think will be a pleasure to read only to find it filled with filthy language and saucy sex scenes! In the trash it goes within minutes and only a few pages read!

Throwing the book in the trash and feeling great frustration at what the world is offering its readers I said to the Lord, “Lord? Can we write a novel that does not have the garbage in it!? That would be fun and there aren’t that many.”

I had never written a novel and this would be a new experience. I had written two non-fiction and one fiction but as yet no novel and I really had no idea for a story but I knew if it was the Lord’s will He would come up with something. He did.

In no time my pen started skirting across the paper and “Pursuit” was in the making. Cover Tate did-Pursuit

I’ve lived in Georgia for many years and my favorite place for relaxation is Tybee Island, Georgia. Hence the beach scene on the cover. Actually Hawaii is at the top of the list but Tybee Island is the closest and most convenient for me.    images[2]        Tybee is only a 5 hour drive from me and as I drive along I can barely wait to smell the salt air, visit the many gifts shops, imagesCARPAYU4   and have sea gulls swooping low across the blue waters.      imagesCAY33A8G

Visions of laying on the sandy beach relax my grip on the steering wheel


as I make the drive and thinking about the fresh seafood I shall devour gets the taste buds flowing. imagesCADY6XRB

My mind wanders from food to walking the length of the pier.

 imagesCA8QFSSK        and feeling the ocean

waves crash over my back. I finally I pull into the hotel parking lot.

As my pen writes the story of two totally different sisters these memories flow easily. Other memories of vacations and places visited come to mind and the pen continues to write as it incorporates these places in the story.

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California. imagesCAVGX29J

Hollywood’s walk of fame,     imagesCA410QWW


and the diversity of Venice Beach.    imagesCAMIB3KH


Using my experiences and places I have been has been a fun and exciting part of writing. It adds validity to the story as well as adding character. My late husband was a high ranking deputy marshal so of course being involved in a law enforcement environment the pen included court scenes as one of my characters tries cases in Atlanta courtrooms as a prosecuting attorney.

When the pen finally drops to the table I expel a long sigh and feel a great sense of gratitude to the Lord for His inspiration and I’m humbled that He would use me to bring forth His message through a fictional story that hopefully will entertain as well as glorify Him.


Author Sue Cass – “Dawn’s Light” – “Pursuit” – “Laying Down my Net-A Walk of Faith” – “Sacrifices of a Saint” – “Seek My Face.”




Blessings to you. 🙂

2 thoughts on “I’m fed with…

  1. you do so well at telling a story Sue…I am so happy the Lord has blessed you with all of your talent…..love reading your stuff…


  2. Thank you. With the Lord’s help there will be more.


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