I confess, I slept with Elvis.


Tennessee was hot and humid. The air conditioning felt wonderful but I had cabin fever and couldn’t stand it any longer. I rose early and hopped in my car and headed out. The typed directions lay on the seat beside me. As I drove along the highway my mind went back to the

Elvis Presley was my idol and just hearing him sing would leave my knees weak and eyes filled with tears. I wasn’t one of the those screaming little girls. I would just faint with adoration. I didn’t care if he sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star it would leave me panting for more.

I had his name written all over my gym clothes, I had my hair styled like his, and my bedroom walls were plastered with his pictures. I was a real number one fan, and still am, minus the pictures on my walls, hair style, and gym clothes. I still have his albums though.

Ah, but I regress.

Elvis Presly's Graceland - 8-9-09 I stayed here

Pulling into the hotel parking lot my pulse is speeding out of control. Elvis’s music is playing through loudspeakers and can be heard throughout the parking lot. Graceland, Elvis’s home, is across the street. I check in and throw my suitcase on the bed. I’m tired but I’ve got to get across the street! Hurry, hurry, Elvis is waiting.

Gathering with other Elvis fans it blows my mind! Elvis is alive! Not at McDonald’s, not in George Town, but right here! Entering the museum my eyes bug out. I need a neck brace to keep my chin from hitting the floor.

Elvis Presly's Graceland - 8-9-09 Holly cow the records!

An entire room, all four walls, are covered from top to bottom with Elvis’s gold, silver, and platinum records. It’s almost overwhelming.

The men look but the women ooooh, awe, and whisper as we look at Pricilla’s wedding gown. I can only envy her.  Elvis Presly's Graceland - 8-9-09 009

“Oh my gosh!” I almost scream. Elvis had a car exactly like my very first car! I can’t believe I had a car like Elvis and can barely pull myself away to look at other things. I want to jump in it and shout, “varoom, varoom.” Memories flood my mind. Elvis Presly's Graceland - 8-9-09 Just like my white one


Elvis Presly's Graceland - 8-9-09 006 me-cadillac   His infamous pink Cadillac.

Lisa Marie had her own jet. All the comforts of home. Elvis Presly's Graceland - 8-9-09 019 Lisa's jet

Having a full tour of Elvis’s home, the grounds, and Lisa’s jet I slowly walk across the street back to my hotel. Elvis’s voice sings out, “I’m so lonesome tonight.”

The elevator doors close leaving Elvis singing in the lobby. “Come on Elvis, lets go to bed.” I whisper entering my room.

Sitting on the edge of my bed, I gaze at him for a long moment, as he softly sings in my head, then snuggle down into the blankets.  “Night Elvis” I whisper. 

Elvis Presly's Graceland - 8-9-09 I never dreamed I'd sleep with Elvis

Oh come on, you didn’t really think…………….? Shame on you.

Elvis Presly's Graceland - 8-9-09 013 grave -teddybears


“… bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.” 2Cor. 10:5





Blessings to you.





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