Do we dare get mad at God?


Sitting at the head of the long table with women gathered around, I hear anger being voiced. I hear cries that are fearful of shaking their fist at the God who created them. “But we can’t get angry at God!” one woman exclaims.  “Why not?” I softly ask.

God created us with all sorts of emotions and anger is one of those emotions. We get angry about a lot of things and we express it in many different ways. There is righteous anger and there is unrighteous anger.  In Dr. Harold Bloomfield and Robert Kory book, “Inner Joy” they list four types of non-constructive anger. I call it “self righteous” anger.

Some of us “stuff it” inside and do a slow sizzle. It’s called passive anger. We may try to make others feel guilty in the process. Hubby wants to go play golf. The wife wanted to do something together.  “Ohhh, you go ahead, I’ll just sit here all alone.”  The person doesn’t admit to even being angry like they are some saint and nothing bothers them yet they sit and burn a slow burn on the inside.

Some of us scream, yell, call names, stomp, hit the wall or others, throw things. That’s aggressive anger. This is the type of anger that can land people in prison. It is the anger that causes emotional damage that can take years to overcome. It is the type of anger that sends wives and children crying and bruised to their bedrooms to hide.

Hinting, placating, and avoiding responsibility is a type of anger where we express our anger indirectly. Instead of going to the person we are angry at we go behind their back to someone else. This type of anger is common in divorces.  Sadly, the children are usually the one that suffer because they’ve been used as the pawns for this type of anger. Or we go to a friend and drag him/her into the fight.

Overspending, lateness, “accidently” burning the dinner, are a few examples of the passive-aggressive anger. This person appears to be passive but in fact is aggressive. The anger is expressed in hidden ways and almost always causes hurt and humiliation. It’s a “I’ll show you” type of anger.

Righteous anger is when we get angry about a wrong being done. We see a child being beaten and step in, we hear gossip being spread about someone and know it’s wrong and a pack of lies.

But what about if we get angry at God? Can we get angry at God? Of course we can! There are several examples in the Bible where followers of Christ got angry. “Why do you treat your servant so badly?…Why are you so displeased with me that you burden me with all these people? Was it I who conceived all this people?…” (Numbers 11:11-12) Moses cried out to God.

Martha wasn’t a happy camper when Jesus waited four days to show up when Lazarus died and she let Him know. “If you had been here, my brother would never have died.” (John 11:21)

Even Jesus got angry! “You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?” (Matt.23:33)

Yes, we can and do get angry with God. Whether we admit it or not. He’s a big enough God to handle our anger. I have stated many times to the Lord, “I am really mad at you right now so I better shut up before I say something I will regret.” If we have a relationship with Christ we can be open and honest. He knows even before we do that we are angry. He understands it, accepts, and will help us through it if we turn that anger to prayer.

Instead of letting our anger simmer and turn to depression, anxiety, or even become a bitter root we can turn it over to God. If we lay it before Him in honesty it rids us of deep inner turmoil. When we voice our pain to Him He is faithful to take it upon His shoulders with love and compassion. He can use your anger, rage, outrage to build your faith and move you in directions you never dreamed possible.


“Be angry, and do not sin”‘, ‘”do not let the sun go down on your wrath, nor give place to the devil.” Eph. 4:25-26

Blessings to you.

14 thoughts on “Do we dare get mad at God?

  1. We may as well be honest with Him. He already knows our hearts and feelings. Great post Sue Hope all is well!!


  2. Take your anger to God…..I like that Sue. At times I forget to take my anger to God and try to deal with it on my own…
    He is big enough to handle all of my anger. Great post Sue!


  3. […] Do we dare get mad at God? […]


  4. So often underneath our anger is fear, disappointment, pride, or other such things. When I take my anger to God, He can uncover hidden hurts or sin and deal with the real issues going on inside of me. I so appreciate your honesty and encouragement to be real with God and others.


    • Good morning Debbie. Yes, there usually is much more going on other than just anger. I was mad at God for years and didn’t realize it. I just knew I didn’t want to hear about Him and it all stemmed from hurt from childhood. Once the issues were exposed He healed them. We have to be willing to allow Him to do His work in us though. Thank you and it’s good to hear from you.


  5. I like it that you deal with anger in such a rational way, admitting that Jesus was angry, not saying it’s a sin, not implying that we should never get angry with anyone about anything unless we’re sure we’re more righteously angry than they are. This allows a person to have a real personality as opposed to the “car salesman” type of personality that sometimes plagues folks who take their religion seriously. Nice post. Thank you!


    • Thank you! I like to think I have a “real personality.” I’m told all the time, “You’re just so real!.” Praise be to God. Thank you for reading my post and becoming a new follower. I really appreciate that. I enjoyed a couple of your posts, too. I haven’t gotten to the others yet.


  6. Thank you. Have a great night.


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