God’s not Happy!

It isn’t often the Lord has me don my prayer shawl to pray but when He does I know a serious message is about to come forth.

9- 3-14

I am the I Am and there is none more holy, none more powerful, none more loving. The United States is on the verge of collapse. Their morals are of Satan and I want to vomit them onto the curb of the streets in which they dwell. It has gone far beyond what My children should tolerate and yet they stand silent, moaning beneath their breath like a woman beginning labor. Enough! Stand up and be heard! I gave you back bones, I gave you the foundation made of Rock and yet you step aside and do nothing.

Repent – all of you!

You sinners who do the abominable acts that I abhor – repent! You child killing mothers and fathers have you no conscience? I gave you one. My anger is fire and My wrath shall be poured out. I do not lie! Repent for the day of reckoning is near.

You pray for peace yet My peace shall come only when you kneel before Me. You pray for others to wake up and yet you are blind. You sleep in your actionless laziness. Repent children of God for you are My light unto the world. Quit hiding beneath your sanctimonious skirts.

Am I angry? Yes, I am angry for you have My power within you and you are wasting it by doing nothing about the sins in your homes, neighborhoods, schools, or work places. You are playing church each Sunday morning and on Monday you return to your worldly ways and attitudes. Oh, what miracles are lost because of unbelief.

Come unto Me and I will join in your efforts of righteous deeds. Bow before Me and I will anoint you to do all I call you to do. Go forth in My power with My blessings and be the disciples I called you to be.

I am the I Am!


Thus sayeth the Lord.





Blessings to you.

5 thoughts on “God’s not Happy!

  1. My prayer of this last Wednesday concerns some of these very things. Thank you for writing about them!

    The True Light


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