The Real Terror Behind Terrorists

If this doesn’t make you mad nothing will!

“Today the world is appalled…”  and takes in yet another political punch…

In a recent televised speech, Obama voiced his condolences to the family of American journalist, James Foley.   Obama went on to explain that his heart is broken, and “No just God would stand for what they did and what they do every single day.”  (click here to see his full speech).

Foley, who risked his life to report on the humanitarian violations in the middle east, was captured and held hostage for two years in Syria, before being beheaded by the militant ISIS group.  It has been reported that U.S. officials were aware of his capture.  The announcement of Foley’s death came by a video posted by a  jihadist ISIS Terrorist.  The date of Foley’s death remains unknown.  The video, once viral on youtube, has since been banned due to its graphic content.

I watched and I listened to the speech of Obama.  I prayed for the family of…

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