Thus Sayeth the Lord

“There is much to be said and many shall not listen for they have plugs in their ears and stones for hearts. The evil within your world shall not abate until I have brought My new earth. Those in paradise shall mount up behind Me and we shall do the battle of all battles.

Listen to Me My children. Hard times are near. You must cling to Me through prayer and supplication for the enemy knows he shall win over many who now profess belief. He wears his prey down until they are so weak they cannot stand. His purpose is to rob, steal, and kill! He will attack any whose faith is weak and there are many with weak faith.

My warriors are guarding My children who are faithful and stand firm. Those with little faith need strength yet do not turn to He who is Strength. Be on guard My children. Keep your armor on. Let not the enemy find you lacking in righteousness or perseverance for he will zero in as an arrow for the bulls eye.

Keep your faith strong by reading My Word, speaking truth, praising, and worshipping. Let your voices be heard as the trumpet blows. Be at peace with others but do not compromise My Word. All shall stand before Me and your words and actions will testify.

Go in My love for it is My peace I give you.”



The Lord woke me at 2:00 a.m. to give this to me. I can testify to what the Lord said about having His warriors guarding us. I have been under severe attack this past week and crying out to the Lord. As the beating continued I cried, “The enemy is beating me down Lord. I can’t take much more. Do something!” I stepped out the door yesterday and a big warrior was standing there in full armor.  I’ve been fine ever since! Thank you Jesus and Praise be to God.

Blessings to you.

9 thoughts on “Thus Sayeth the Lord

  1. Are you at peace now Sue? Praying for you dear girl. Get some rest. 🙂


    • Thank you for your prayers Levi. This past week has been hell but when the Lord’s warrior showed up Satan scattered in a big hurry. Yes, I am fine now. I even went Christmas shopping yesterday which I never do after Thanksgiving. Have a great week-end my friend.

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  2. Have a safe trip and may God give you His words as you speak to others. be safe Levi, N.Y. is dangerous. 🙂


  3. I hope you are doing much better Sue!
    The enemy will not have the last say in your life!!!
    I will pray for you!



  4. Thank you, Sue, for sharing this word with us. God bless you and guard over you!


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