Fool Proofing your Relationships

Cyber Support Group

Written by Kelley – Angels by Grace Pub.  March 1998

Recently I attended a ladies seminar. The speaker was Jan Silvious and the topic was fool proofing your relationships. Through it God showed me how I had been a fool in my own life, convicted me, and showed me areas of my life that needed to be dealt with.

Jan told us the characteristics of a fool. (1) A lost person (unrepentant),  (2) One who has been hurt in life and has knarls (hard areas) to cover up the wound so no one will see the hurt, (3) always right, (4) angry, (5) verbally abusive, and (6) can be physically violent and that when it gets to that point, abandon ship!

Jan also shared with us God’s way in scripture for us to deal with fools. They are; (1) Forgive them, (2) pray for them, (3) feed them with a…

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