More Books to Help Survivors

Cyber Support Group


If Only – Moving Beyond Blame to Belief

David S. Seamands

Victor Books

The Search for Peace

Robert S. McGee & Donald W. Sapaugh

Servant Publications

Memory and Abuse – Remembering & Healing the effects of Trauma

Charles Whitfield, M.D.

Health Communications, Inc.

Haunted Memories – Healing the Pain of Childhood Abuse

Perry L. Draper

Fleming H. Revell/Baker Book House Co.

I Hate You! – Don’t Leave me. – Understanding the Borderline Personality

Jerold J. Kreisman, M.D. & Hal Straus

Avon Books

Childhood’s Thief

Rose Mary Evans, M.S.W.

Bantam Books

Repressed Memories

Renee Fredickson, Ph.D.

Fireside Publishers

Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse (and workbook)

Carolyn Ains & Kay Toon

Where Was God When I Cried

Kay Twombley

Treasure House & Imprint of Destiny Image Publishers

Growth Through the Pain – The Incest survivor’s companion

Catherine Bronson

Simon & Schuster Publishers

Making Therapy Work

Fredda Buckner-Gordon, Barbara Kuerer-Gamgi, & Geraldine Urbach Wallman

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2 thoughts on “More Books to Help Survivors

  1. dorothymaydekok

    Thanks for that. I am going to pass it along . . .


    • Hi Dorothy: I did an earlier post on the site that was also a list of books if you’re interested in that one, too. “Survivors need all the help we can get – Some books to help.” It was posted Oct.3, 2014 and can be found in my archives. I appreciate your support and in passing around the info. I’m grateful it’s helpful. Blessings to you and have a great week.

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