My God Box

This goes along with my previous post, “What Size Box do you Have God in?” (Jan 20, 2015)

Isaiah 43:1


I have put God in a box; I put limits on Him, on His power and His goodness.

But I think everyone has God in a box. It’s not necessarily on purpose or out of pride, but because our human minds cannot even begin to contemplate the unfathomable existence of God.

It bothers me a little when people say their reason for not believing in God is because He seems contradictory to them. The argument that God can’t be good and allow suffering at the same time is backed up with the statement, “I just can’t reconcile these two traits in my mind.”

Another argument is how a loving God can send people to hell. I know this pain acutely; three of my favorite people in the world do not know the Lord, as well as many of my own flesh and blood family members.

Does that mean God isn’t…

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