Election 2016-Candidate Review: Bernie Sanders

With elections not far off there is much to consider. Austin Coons is helping us to be more informed by putting forth a series about the candidates which may be helpful to many.

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This will begin a series of posts that examines each major candidate in the 2016 Presidential race. I plan on doing a post over Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, and Bernie Sanders. I may do others if time permits. My goal is to educate voters on what each candidate stands for. I won’t even come close to covering all the issues, but I want to provide a basic idea of some big ones. I will provide my opinion, of course. But ultimately, the choice of who you vote for is up to you. With that I will begin with Bernie Sanders.


“Governmental programs are often faceless and unsustainable. Handouts create more dependency in the populace, decreasing overall societal productivity and depleting the resources of the agencies providing the handouts. The taxpayer base decreases, the dependent population increases, and taxpayer money runs out. Historically, when…

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