The Future is not Child’s Play

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“My children, My children, there are times when society sees the future as sweet and blissful – as a child playing with no cares or insecurities.

The future is not in the hands of man. The future is not child’s play. My coming is sooner than many expect and it will not be a time of joy and games for those who do not believe.

My children have their security through My promises. Be ready. Light your candles and stand ready. Be blessed in knowing that the Lord your God shall be with you in times that are difficult for all.

Lean not on your own understanding for the future is in My hands, not mans. Go in My peace and filled with My joy. My return shall bring you home.”

Given by the Holy Spirit – 12-14-08

Scriptural references: Ex. 20:5 – Duet. 4:24, 6:15

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