He who has Ears

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“He who has ears, listen to My words. I am about to bring My wrath upon this country. There are many who believe yet many who do not and the evil one is running rampant amongst you. It’s time to stop! It’s time to bow before Me and ask for forgiveness before others watch you rot. I am slow to anger but you have surpassed all that I am with your violence and debauchery.

Take heed you nations for your time is short. I am not making light on My words! Repent or face the wrath I have for you. I am the I Am. You shall not escape to the hillsides or beneath the walls of a cave. I am the Almighty and I see all. Repent now or forever hold your peace for your time is near.

Take up your swords My children. The war in heaven is…

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