Bow at My feet

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“All ye who think you are wise, bow at My feet and your foolish wisdom shall be revealed. Man has no wisdom other than man’s wisdom which is filled with folly and foolishness. Bow at My feet and I will show you the errors of your deeds. Sin abounds like bricks stacked high. With the slightest touch they shall crumble about your feet.

Bow at My feet all you nations who think you are powerful, mighty, and strong. I will show you your power is no more than a slight breeze that stirs a withered flower. Only to be left weak and limp lying on the dirt with nothing to support it.

Bow at My feet ye people of Satan. For I shall show you fires of hell that will scorch your robes, that rob you of dignity and honor.

Bow at My feet ye who come against My children…

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