The Lord Blesses

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“The Lord commends and blesses those who follow His footsteps. His grace goes throughout the world to all who believe. Follow your Lord Jesus Christ and you will be blessed in ways you will recognize as well as in ways you will only understand at later moments. For those who walk in His ways are His children and He will make your path clear and easy. Do not divert from His ways for the Lords return is immanent. In His Holy name walk in faith people of God and you will be rewarded in this life as well as heaven. Go in peace and walk in His ways. You are greatly loved.”

Given by the Holy Spirit 6-9-02

Scriptural ref.: Prov. 4:19 – Is. 30:21

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2 thoughts on “The Lord Blesses

  1. That is a beautiful line: “You are greatly loved.” ❤


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