Is God Displeased?

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“The penalty of sin is death. Those who are promoting, agree with, supplementing the great sins of the world shall die a death that none want.

The Lord your God is displeased with how the nations are ignoring His words. How the people are thumbing their noses at the Most Holy One. His wrath shall reach the east, west, north, and south for the wind does not go in one direction.

Fear Me says the Lord Almighty for My power is great. The power of My love can penetrate all walls and My power can also destroy the universe. It is mans choice which it shall be.

Those who follow Me shall inherit the earth. Those who follow their false gods shall lay at the feet of their gods. None shall see the glory of the Lord for their eyes are blinded by the jumbled deceit of their god.


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4 thoughts on “Is God Displeased?

  1. The True Light!

    How true this post is Sue! God is surely grieved at the things which are happening in this world…



    • I ask the Lord all the time, “How do you stand it?” We only see a fraction and He sees it all. Thanks Steve.

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      • The True Light!

        He is patient beyond understanding. Remember God loves at a measure we can’t ever attain. But He grieves at the sin of man…He always has.

        I believe it when the scriptures say “God loves us and is not willing that any should perish.” Sadly, I also believe the word when it says “the path to death is long and wide, and many will find it.”

        He loves, He calls for us, but He also must punish all sin. This is a lesson too many will learn too late.

        Have a good weekend, Sue, and thank you for your support here!



  2. You’re absolutely right! And have a blessed week-end, too, Steve. Thank you for your interaction and support.


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