Repent My Children

My children have many questions and they go to their pastors and they read articles written by those who deem themselves as wise. My children, come to Me for your answers for I am the I Am and have what you need to not only feed your soul but to fill your hearts and minds with truth.

Stop looking to others for those things that only I can give.

The enemy is toying with the minds of many, causing confusion and fear. Have I not stated over and over in My Word, “Fear not for I am with you?” Let not the enemy of God and mankind turn your minds to useless mush. For it is the mind that is his playground and that playground is filled with deadly bombs. Step wrong and he will blow you into hell.

My daughter has asked how many can quickly become so deceived when only a few years ago they seemed to be intelligent and have common sense? My answer to her was, “Satan is expanding his territories.” Think about that My children. Think about how in a very short time those who vehemently opposed abortion now keep quiet. Think about how those who opposed homosexuality are making excuses for the abomination of others. Think about, My children, those who have had long marriages are suddenly finding a Jezebel taunting, tantalizing, and drawing them away from family, children, and friends. How easy it is to say, “It’s so sad” but the enemy is rejoicing. He is at work in the hearts and minds of many and unless mankind fends him off it shall only get worse.

Repent My children, and as has been pointed out, My children are those who believe in God’s Son, Jesus Christ. Non-believers are their own gods so they must look to themselves for the answers, for salvation is not theirs.

My children, you are living in difficult times and yes, it is not going to get better unless My children repent. Bring your sorrows, your joys, your troubles to the foot of the throne. There they shall be forgiven and you are set free from the fears that plague your hearts and minds.

Lead others to the foot of the throne. If they refuse, dust the sand off your feet and move on for there are still many that need to hear My truth. Go in peace, My loved ones. Let not what is happening around you bring you down. Bow down before Me and I will set you free. My peace I give to you for you are the apple of My eye.

Given by the Holy Spirit – 4-20-16

4 thoughts on “Repent My Children

  1. Amen!! Yes, we must repent!


  2. We need a church on fire, so let the fire begin in me, Amen.


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