We Remember Our Soldiers

God bless our hero’s.



Today 25-4-2016 is Anzac Day in Australia and we remember the Sacrifice our Soldiers made for our freedom but I would also like to remember the Sacrifice all our Soldiers have made or are making regardless of their Nationality and to also give Thanks as we remember what they go without  that we freely enjoy.

A Soldiers life

We may have to stay up for 16 hours if needed but can still rest, “give thanks”…

2SHe stays up for days on end without complaining.

We can take a warm shower to help us wake up and feel clean “give thanks”…

11SHe goes days or weeks without running water.

We can complain of a ‘headache’, call in sick and take time off “give thanks”…

3SHe gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward.

We can contact others on our phone or cell phone if needed and pray…

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3 thoughts on “We Remember Our Soldiers

  1. Thank you again Sue for your faithfulness, may you be greatly blessed for your rememberance.

    “Christ’ian Love Always – Anne.


  2. God bless freedom loving defenders – aka troops everywhere.


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