Take up Your Swords

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“Awake O’ people for your demise is at hand. You shall see the destruction of the land. The wolves shall howl, the jackals run with nose sniffing the blood stained land. Your sins shall bear only fruit of evil. Your mothers, fathers, children, all loved ones shall perish like a leaf in the hot wind of summer. Leave the land, take your swords and fight, your battles are in vain. God Almighty shall pour out His wrath and you cannot hide. Your sins are a beacon directing His light of wrath to your door. Let not your sins bring you to destruction.

Repent O’ leaders, repent O’ people. That is your only path through desolation and destruction. Bring your loved ones to their knees along side you at the foot of the cross. Confess your sins and seek forgiveness. Your heart shall be revealed.

Take up your swords O’ children…

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