7 thoughts on “The Third Harbinger

  1. I hate to even mark “Like” on this. This is horrible!!
    Lord, help this country!! Turn hearts back to You!!


    • I know. When I saw the image I wanted to vomit. The Lord is screaming “Repent” and they aren’t listening.


      • Sue, that is the exact word that came to me when I saw it on ChristianBlessings. “Repent! Repent! Repent!” was what I got. It is serious. I join you in prayer, Sue, for our country. God bless you, my sister!


  2. Sorry Sue I can’t hear this YouTube, not sure why it’s OK with others, perhaps you could share with me what the image you saw was.

    Christian Love – Anne


    • Hi Anne: The image that was lit up on the Empire State Building is of a foreign god called Collie. It is the god of darkness. This image took up the whole side of the building. They put it up there as “the defender of the world.” They used light to show darkness! “Woe to those who use light for darkness.” I don’t know off hand the scripture #. I really wish you could hear this short video and see the image. It is no wonder Americas is in such trouble. Christ is screaming “repent” and we’re putting demonic images on our buildings.


  3. Thank you Sue, I was able to see the image later and yes we are not to call good what is evil but sadly we see this happening all over the World today and yes Jesus prophesied that in the very end times it will be just like it was in the time of Noah when evil was also excepted as good by all but a few. Another sign of this will be Homosexuality accepted as good even by Churches and also Woman’s Ordination which means Woman will be in Authority over Men in the Church and Teach them, which is something forbidden by God (1Timothy2:12-15) We have One Teacher who is Jesus Christ as confirmed in Scripture and we have His wisdom and knowledge through the empowering of The Holy Spirit when we ask for them.

    Isaiah 5:20-21 Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil that put darkness for Light and Light for darkness that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes and prudent in their own sight!

    Blessings – Anne.


    • Oh good. I’m glad you were able to view it. Our country is in big trouble and I’m afraid it isn’t going to get better. Pray, pray, pray “Lord, save us.”


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