The Light of God Reaches Out

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“Darkness, no light, the horizon yet unseen. Black streaks permeate the darkness, only the howling wolves can be heard. Stillness fills the air. The smell of death lays heavily across the land.

One star appears in the distance, blackness surrounds it but the glory of its light penetrates the coldness, the everlasting darkness of hell. For only one light can shine through. Even darkness cannot hinder it. The light of God reaches out seeking a heart to enter.

Cold, black, un-relentless sin throughout the nation leaves the land, sea, sky black in sin. No one cares, no one reaches out through the pain of their own survival to seek those whose souls are buried in the travesties of life. To each his own is what they say and the howls and screams of death rise and echo across and beyond the oceans of life.

No one cares that people lie…

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