Wise as Serpents — Stop Being ‘Nice’ (Part 22 of sermon series)

A Cry For Justice

So many of these modern preachers are much nicer people than the Apostle Paul!  They never say a word against anyone at all, they praise everybody, and they are praised by everybody.  They are never “negative”!  They never define what they believe and what they do not believe.  They are said to be “full of love.”  I am not misjudging them when I say that that is not the explanation.  The explanation is that they do not “contend for the truth,” they are innocent (ignorant) concerning the “wiles of the devil.”  It is not for us (pastors) to decide what to leave out and what to drop for the sake of unity.  My business is to expound this truth, to declare it — come what may!  We must not be interested primarily in numbers, we must be interested in the truth of God.
D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, The Christian Warfare: An…

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5 thoughts on “Wise as Serpents — Stop Being ‘Nice’ (Part 22 of sermon series)

  1. Thank you Sue for sharing this message, it is indeed Truth we all need to hear and understand as part of God’s plan to keep His Church pure.

    Blessings – Anne.


  2. The True Light!

    And here in lies the sin of total “inclusiveness!” When we have a bunch of different points of view, they cannot all be right. This is especially true where the gospel is concerned. There is one Lord one faith one baptism. One God who is in all and through all, (Eph. 4:5-6).

    He never said everything is okay to do, think, and say. He never okay’ed every action that every person wants to take. And He never will! It may not be popular with the people, but Christianity is not chasing the goal of being “politically correct” as the world views it.

    Yet God’s laws are perfect, just, and for our own good. His heart is full of love for us. His burden is easy and yoke is light. To know the One Living God is to love Him back. He who has ears, let him hear!



    • Amen, Steve. We go by what God says, not what man says and we must discern everything with His Word. Politically correct is FAR from what God says.

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      • The True Light!

        Man has always sought his own ways above God’s. And that will not change even a bit if “preachers” of the “word”keep sugarcoating everything that people do in an attempt to gain their favor…


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