For the Trumpet Sound is Near

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“Tears shall fall, sobs shall be heard as a trumpet blare across the land. All who seek His Majesty shall bow in joy yet those who turn from Him shall not stop the tears of fear and regret. Sobs of sorrow for their loved ones lost. The pain and sorrow shall have no end for by His decree all shall die whose heart is dark with sin.

Lift your voices, shout with glee for the trumpet sound is near. Bend your knees, bow your heads for your King reigns. Look not to others for your salvation for their blood only drains their veins. It is the blood of the Most Holy One that will cleanse your sins away.

Reach out O’ children of the most High God. Capture His grace as a butterfly caught in a net. Let His beauty rise freeing it to spread its wings and reach the…

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One thought on “For the Trumpet Sound is Near

  1. We know not the time or day Jesus-Yeshua Christ will return, only HE does!!

    Love Always and Shalom, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann


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