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“May the hearts of all who are holy rejoice in the Lord. Let the hearts of all who claim  His glory rejoice in the Lord. He is good. He is Mighty, He is the love of the world. His people shall be free, freedom in spirit. Everlasting joy shall be theirs.

Woe unto the man who follow the decrees of darkness. Their hearts are stone, their eyes are blind. Those who hear let them hear, the King of kings reigns.

He who sits on the throne of heaven looks down with all knowledge. His people shall suffer the iniquities of the world but those who believe shall prosper.

Rejoice O’ My people for the Father in heaven has your hearts in His hand. Rejoice My lambs, My sheep of the field for your Shepard is near. His love expands the universe, like the stars across the sky. He shall make…

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